I got into the bus after waiting for it almost half an hour to get here. The Volvo was at the mechanic's.

I couldn't believe it didn't work!


But I had to get to Esme and Carlisle's place, if not they would send the army itself to take me home to dinner.

At that exact instant, I saw three beautiful girls waiting in the next bus stop. They were different in all the senses, but the girl that left me breathless was the last one to climb in.

I was so distracted, looking at her, that the other two girls walked past me and took a seat.

The girl, a beautiful brunette girl with curly hair, long and dark, like the mahogany shook her head, laughing, and the smell of strawberries attacked my senses. Her eyes were shining with naughtiness, the same way she was smiling. Her skin was white, almost like the snow, but shiny; the sun falling down on her through the windows, making her look like an angel.

Unfortunately, she walked past me, and from the corner of my eye, the most subtly I could, I turned around to see her. Sitting three seats behind me.

I wished I knew her name. That any of the other two girls called her out, or yelled at her to be able to put a name to such beauty.

I sighed.

I heard them laughing, but I didn't manage to hear what caused such joy in the group of girls. I could watch the men – if they could be called that way, maybe it was more apt to call them perverts – turning shamelessly towards them and look at them, or leering at them, almost salivating like dogs in heat.

I wasn't going to say I was best, but… Hey! I wasn't leering at them.

I only had in mind that beautiful brunette.

The bus stopped again, and a small old lady, hunched, and carrying several bags that looked like they were heavy for her fragile appearance was getting up; or trying to, I should say.

All the other "men" were too busy to notice it. So I immediately got on my feet, realizing that there were no free seats, to walk towards the adorable granny, who were trying to get enough coins to pay the driver.

I took out my wallet, and before the old lady had time to react, I paid to the driver, and stretched out my arms to her.

"Allow me, ma'am," I told her softly, taking the bags from her hands.

The old lady raised her eyes to me, and smiled gratefully.

"Thank you so much, young man," she whispered in a tone so gentle, that I couldn't do nothing but answering with a smile.

I walked behind her, "This way," I told her, pointing to the now empty seat I had been in.

I raised my eyes for barely a second, to find myself with a pair of chocolate brown eyes that were looking straight to me, a corner of her lips were up in a crooked smile that wasn't gentle at all, but purely flirty.

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