Perhaps dinner would seem to her tastier than fooling around tasting people's asses while they were careless, or more expressly, my ass.

She, Bella, had done it. I was still shocked. But I had to accept, that I liked it a lot that she had been the one who bit me, because now I had the perfect excuse to ask her out.

If Miss. I-like-to-bite-your-ass had dared to such thing, that gave me courage and confidence.

"Sure," she answered, her eyes shining while she spoke. What did she want?

God, those eyes.

I believed, without a doubt – and though the idea scared me a bit, I wouldn't think about it twice – I would do anything this girl, Bella, asked me to.

"But, tell me your name first," her tone turned a little bit flirtatious, the expression on her face made my blood boil…

She was so beautiful! She made her name justice completely, and more.

I leaned down over her. She had already invaded my personal space, she had tasted it and it seemed she had liked it what she'd found there, so I didn't feel guilty by tempting her a bit by doing it, and by invading her personal space. I thought she'd thank for it.

I breathed on her neck, almost reaching her ear. I felt as much as I saw, the skin of her neck having goose bumps when she felt my breathing on her. I smiled to myself.

"My name is…" now there were not only goose bumps on her skin, but I looked the way her body shivered when she heard me so close to her. Oh, and I wanted to be closer still. "Edward."

"I hope you've enjoyed dessert," I continued with a tone I had all the intentions of making her sweat, of causing her heart to beat uncontrollably, that her body shivered. "Because the next one tasting will be me."

"Oh, yes," Bella whispered with her eyes closed. "Do it…"

"Believe me," I answered her, while I straightened up slowly. "I will, Bella."

Her eyes snapped open, surprise reflected from them.

"How do you know my name?"

I shook my head slowly. "That you'll know on Friday, while we have dinner," I told her, smirking.

I longed for Friday night.

Bella looked at me with certain fascination. I only smiled at her. "I think I'll need your phone number."

But Bella didn't move.

"Here it is," her friend, who I now knew was named Alice, answered, handing me over a little card with Bella's name and her phone number.

I caught a look at the street where my parents lived, and surely were waiting for me and dinner already, so I took the card and whispered. "It was a pleasure girls, and Bella, I'll see you on Friday night."

I smiled at her, I pushed the button of the timbre, and rushed to get off the bus.

Yes, it was going to be two very long days.


And the end has finally come.

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