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A loud banging was heard on Lucas's cabin door, startling the occupants. They breathed a sigh of relief when a voice was heard.

"Krieg, open the door," demanded Chief Crocker as Ben obeyed and moved to open the door.

"Chief, what is our plan?" Ben asked, wanting this whole situation to end quickly.

"We need to get access to the bridge, but going right through the doors won't work; got any ideas?' Antonio asked, thinking reasonably.

"We need to get Lucas to med bay so that I can stitch up his shoulder," Levin put in before the men were too consumed in planning.

"We will take him there first, and you can lock yourselves in; then we will move to the bridge," Crocker explained as he handed Krieg a gun.

"Air duct," Ben said as he checked the gun. "What if a couple of us crawled through the air ducts to the bridge? The rest could come in through the doors as a distraction."

"That could work. You and Antonio can go through the ducts while we cause some distractions to lure a few more men out," Crocker said. "But first, let's move to medbay so that Lucas and the doctor are safe. Move out."

Ben gently picked up the sleeping Lucas; his pain medication always made him dead to the world. He carried him while they all moved to medbay. They got lucky and did not run into any of the intruders and quickly made it to medbay without incident. Ben put Lucas on one of the beds and security left.

Ben and Anthony made their way through the ducts closest to the bridge. Crocker and the rest of security moved toward the bridge doors to draw out some of the men. Antonio used his radio to signal the leader once they were all in position.

"Melanie, I have some information for you; open the doors to let me in," Antonio said, giving Crocker his way onto the bridge.

Melanie signaled for her men to open the door, giving a smug look at her hostages. It quickly disappeared as twenty seaQuest security men flooded though the door, quickly taking out the startled men on the bridge. All froze when Melanie pulled her gun, aiming at Robert's head.

"Freeze or I will put a bullet in his head," Melanie shouted as her finger slowly clamped the trigger of her gun.

A shot rang out, and Melanie dropped her gun and fell to the floor. Many turned to see where the shot had come from when Ben followed by Antonio dropped out of the ducts. Nathan moved forward and untied Robert and Cynthia and then turned to Antonio.

"Where is my son?" Nathan asked, recognizing the man as one of the men who had left the bridge with Lucas.

"He is in medbay with Dr. Levin. I am Special Agent Antonio Garcia I work for UEO; I was working undercover to take down Melanie and could not reveal myself until she made her move," Antonio said, handing over his gun as a sign of good faith.

"How many more men are on the seaQuest?" Nathan asked.

"I am surprised she had them all on the bridge. All the other men are still on the sub," he informed them.

"Okay, Commander Ford, you are in charge I will be in medbay if you have any major problems," Nathan said, moving toward the doors, closely followed by Robert, Kristin, and Cynthia.

Nathan and the group made their way cautiously to medbay, double checking that there were no other people in the hallway. Nathan moved to open the door, only to find it locked. He knocked on the door, signaling his arrival to the occupants.

"Lucas, its Dad; open the door," Nathan said, hoping to hear an immediate reply. Nathan heard the lock unclick, and a voice came in reply a moment later.

"Enter slowly."

The group walked in to face Dr. Levin standing in front of the bed where Lucas was asleep with a gun drawn. He immediately lowered the gun as he saw it really was the captain.

"How's Lucas?" Nathan asked, moving over to his son.

"He tore a few stitches in his shoulder that I re-stitched. He took some more pain medication, and he has been asleep ever since," Levin informed Nathan.

"Thank you," Nathan said, "We are all going to stay here until all the intruders have been locked in the brig. As soon as Lucas wakes, we need to get the password he used to lock the computers so we can get to our original destination."

"Dad?" they heard Lucas murmur.

"I'm here, Lucas," Nathan said, moving right next to Lucas's bed. "How are you feeling, kiddo?"

"Like hell," Lucas said.

"Watch it," Bridger warned. Then, more gently, he said, "I need to know the password to unlock the bridge."

"It is 'I'm smarter than you, bitch' with no spaces. All you have to do is type it in I lied about the rest," Lucas said.

"Okay, kiddo, you rest," Bridger said with a chuckle and left to return to the bridge with the password since communications were still down.

"Status report," Bridger said as he entered the bridge.

"We have all the intruders from the bridge moved down to the brig; half of security is securing the sub, and the rest are conducting a deck by deck search," the commander informed the captain.

The captain nodded, and then moved over to the computer consult to enter the password. Shortly thereafter, all the systems came back on. The crew on the bridge all turned to the captain.

"Lucas informed me of the password and said he had lied about the rest. Now get to work," Nathan said, "I will be in medbay. Call me if I am needed."

"Captain, how is Lucas?" Tim asked the captain as he headed for the door.

"He is tired, but he will be okay with a little time," Nathan said as he headed out the door.

Over the next six months, the seaQuest had gone back to normal. Lucas was healed from the bear attack and no longer had tremors. He was just Lucas again. He was now taking online courses to obtain a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence with his thesis paper being about his work on seaQuest. Robert had decided to help Cynthia with her orphanage. He loved the kids and spending time with her. He and Cynthia had been dating nearly the whole time. They were planning a visit to the seaQuest soon with some news.

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