Missed chances

Five years have passed. Everyone has gone their own way and taken different paths but there is something that seems to make them go back to that creek. A different take on the series finale of Dawson's Creek. Pacey and Joey are unable to catch a break and Dawson has always regretted not having the guts to face his feelings.

"At What time is he coming?" Christopher asked Joey as she finished watching an all new episode of The Creek. A biographical take on her life that she got to relieve every week.

"Who?" Joey asked clearly absentminded. Christopher left the kitchen and made his way back to the couch, a disgust smirk on his face which made Joey roll her eyes. "It's over, okay? See, I'm turning it off"

"Thank god, I just felt like my brain got fried" Christopher said. He was so annoying when it came to what type of shows they should watch, but Joey still loved him for being such and amazing and clever soul.

"Ha, ha very funny" Joey smiled leaning to kiss him.

"Why do you see it anyway?" Her boyfriend asked rising and eyebrow. "It's so dramatic and teen-like, I feel sick only thinking about it"

"Calm down already" Joey smiled "It's over"

"So what time is he coming?" Christopher asked once again, clearly not wanting to drop the subject.

"Friday, just before we leave for the cabin" Joey said "I just talked to him yesterday"

"Are you sure?" Christopher asked emphasizing on the fact that he wasn't much of a time person "I don't want to have to the airport like last time"

"Relax" Joey kissed her boyfriend on the cheek "it'll be fine" she truly didn't know but she had to believe he would make his best effort to be on time so she could go on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend without worrying. She still felt sorry for the fact that she was missing the wedding, Capeside had been such a big part of her life, still was and everyone she ever knew was going to be there celebrating, while she would be… loud screams brought her back from her thoughts. She stood up from the couch while Christopher rolled his eyes "Be right back" she made her way to the small bedroom and the end of the apartment. Opened the door slightly. A small body was on the bed in fetal position, clearly scared of what seemed like a nightmare. He was having a lot of those lately. She shouldn't have let Christopher take him to the movies, it had been a kid's movie, but still he had not taken it so well.

"Sammy?" Joey asked as she approached the bed "What's wrong?" The boy looked at her with teary eyes. His eyes.

I have been having this idea in my head for a while! Hope you like it! Please review! We'll find more about Sammy next chapter! First Dawson's Creek fanfic!