Fire burned in my veins as I collasped to the ground in to much pain to make a sound. When I did, it was a dreadful sound. My legs buckled beneath me and I rolled onto my back, my vision clouding. I began choking, merely because of the pain I was going through. My breath came in broken gasps. His face wavered above mine.


I could have purred.

"Honeyfern, it's ok. Leafpool will help you." He tried to comfort me, but I knew what was happening. I knew no amount of herbs in the forest would heal me. My body began to burn soon after he said that, and I started to wail in pain, pain that I couldn't describe even if I wanted too.

"I'm sorry, I can't heal her." Leafpool's voice broke through my pain, jarring me back to reality. I knew she couldn't do anything. I decided to welcome death, knowing Poppyfrost loved Berrynose. They would be happy together. That thought practicly cracked my heart in too. I looked up at the stars as my gasping countinued, they twinkled back at me, coldly, as if they didn't care I was about to join them. Berrynose pressed his head against hers.

"You would have been a great mother of our kits, I'll see you in Starclan."

I would have been...

Honeyfern stopped gasping, gazing back at him one last time before she let the black wave of death wash over her.