Buffy Summers checks her reflection in the mirror she had to go patrol but that does not mean she had to look like a totally spaz. Especially since Angel might stop by the cemetery. She smiled as she thought about him and put on some more lip gross before walking out.

Her mother was away for the week so Buffy had the option to do pretty much what she wanted. She was so used to using the window ton sneak in and out that she took the window causing Willow to ask Buffy why not use the door. Your mother is not here. Xander's ears perk up at the question. Buffy says out of habit I guess and begins to walk toward the cemetery. Xander asks Buffy if she needs any company tonight and she says well I was hoping a sort of mysterious man would offer to hang out. He looks upset and glances at Willow. Buffy is twirling Mr. pointy, her stake when Willow says if he does not show how about we watch some movies. The other two agree and decide to watch a comedy since they were dealing with horror on a regular base.

As soon as they reach the cemetery Buffy begins to look around for villains. Xander and Willow decide to sit down and eat a bag of chips causing Buffy to look back and say really guys. They each take one big handful before closer the bag. Xander pops a coke, Buffy says oh well give me one and they sit, talk, and drink.

The Scooby gang did not notice but a vampire was watching them and thought about who to charge first. The slayer was the obvious choice but if he was staked before he could bite her than one of the others would have to do. As he advances he is staked from behind.

Angel walks up to the Scooby gang and when Buffy turns because she has a feeling that Angel is close; she jumps along with the rest of the gang who seems to never notice Angel until either he speaks or they turn around. Angel tells Buffy to be more careful because a vampire was approaching them and Buffy blushes then hands the coke to Xander before she stands up. She smooth's out her shirt and dusts her pants for leaves.

Buffy says so you showed up and he tells her well I had nothing better to do and I knew you were coming so I showed. Buffy asks is there any evil I should know about and he tells her that a new big bad is in town and she should be on guard. She nods and says anything else. She was hoping for a date but he says the big evil is not something to be taken lightly. She rolls her eyes and says I can handle it. Xander says yes Buffy will slay and we will party. Willow says yes party and looks at Xander with longing in her eyes. He is too caught up in looking at Buffy to notice. Buffy says will you come to the party and Angel puts on a mysterious smile and says maybe but the evil being has a small army that can grow at any time so be careful. Buffy looks over at her friends and says let's call Giles but when she turns around to ask Angel more facts about the evil, he is gone. Xander says I will put a bell on that guy's neck so when he comes or leaves we will know. Willow states I would like to see you try, right Buffy but Buffy is staring were Angel was and thinking oh he is so hot.