"Alright guys nothing is popping out of a coffin tonight so let's get out of here before Giles tracks us down and makes us hunt the new evil now." Buffy stands up.

"Yeah I say we go to the Bronze." Xander helps Willow up.

"I am down for the Bronze," Willow eagerly agrees.

"Do you guys think Angel will be at the Bronze?"

"Hum let's see a dark, crowded area; yea I bet he shows." Xander is hoping Buffy will believe him and come to the Bronze.

"Good than let's go." Buffy smoothed her hair before walking with the others.

An hour later Buffy does not mind that Angel has not shown up yet. "Ah just what I needed a little dance break but if Giles asks we were at the cemetery for another then we went back to my house for television and snacks."

"Oh I like deceiving Giles; especially when he finds out that we lied to him." "Remember when we took that trip to LA when we told him we were going to the magic shop?"

"I did go to the magic shop." "What; do not look at me like that someone had to go to the magic shop." Willow pretends to shake her head at them.

"Yeah but the magic shop was in LA Willow." Xander grabs Buffy's hand. "Dance with me."

Buffy let's Xander lead her to the dance floor. "Come on Willow; come join us."

Willow joins her friends and does not see Angel stepping out of the shadows. He watches Buffy dance wishing he had enough nerve to go up to her and begin dancing with her.