Five: Robin

When she agreed to 'death do us part', he knew she wouldn't let him go without a fight.

He had pulled the Friar to the side early that morning and they had gone for a walk. "I have a feeling that the Sheriff is going to pull something soon and I want you to do something for me."

"Anything, what is it?" Tuck asked.

"I want you to marry Hermione and me. If there's a chance that one of is killed, I want us to be married." Robin stated.

"Were you not married before?" Tuck asked. "To Marian?"

Robin shook his head. "She died before we could. I was in love with both of them but Hermione always pushed me towards Marian and I loved Marian longer. But Hermione is here, she is with me now and I think she has waited long enough for me."

Tuck smiled and nodded. "Very well, shall we do this soon?"

Robin smirked. "They're ready back at camp if you are." He led the Friar back to camp to see Hermione and everyone there.

Tuck stood between them and started. "We have gathered together today to unite these two peopleā€¦" The service was short and Robin rushed to kiss Hermione when it was time. Holding her close to him, he didn't want to let her go. They only pulled away because of the need for air, but he still held her in his arms. They smiled as their friends laughed and littered them with flowers.

A few days later, Robin and Guy were fighting in the cellar and Guy was killed. Robin had been stabbed with a poison knife. When they had gotten everyone out of Nottingham, the castle destroy, Robin turn towards Hermione, seeing her helping people. "Hermione." He called his wife, she quickly ran towards him. "I don't think I have much time." He told her about the fight and the wound in a short whisper.

"To hell that you are getting away from me that easily." She growled and pulled out an assortment of potions. "Do you not think I wasn't ready for this day to come?" She handed him a potion and ordered him to drink it. "And keep it down, you're not going to like it."

"My wife is so mean to me." He grumbled as they walked into the forest, she was holding him up as they walked to somewhere safe. He had taken the potion and was waiting for it to take affect. "I will I know if it's working?"

"Trust me, you'll know." She told him as she sat him down on a tree stump, near a small ditch. She watched him as she got out more potions to heal his wounds. His face paled and he rolled over and started to vomit into the ditch, She winced as she listened to him. "It's working." She told him and after a few minutes he rolled back over and leaned up against the tree. "Drink this." She handed him another one.

"I don't like your potions." He told her.

"It'll get the bad taste out of your mouth." She explained as she got a good look at his knife wound. She cleaned it up with a scrap of clothing and dripped a few drops of another potion on the wound. He hissed as the wound closed up. "Sorry, should warn you it would hurt."

He drank the new potion and the cool minty taste was much better than the other one. He finished the potion and handed it back to her. His stomach felt instantly better and he smiled. "I love your potions."

She smiled and shook her head. "That better not be all that you love, Husband." He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her close. "I wasn't going to lose you again." She told him, serious again as she stared at him.

"You fought for me after all." He joked, kissing her lightly. "No, I wasn't gonna leave you, we have children to raise and years together before I leave this earth."

"Good." She kissed him deeply. She pulled away and laid her head against his chest. "To death do us part."

"To death do us part." He restated, holding her close.