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Chapter 1: You Must First End Before Beginning Anew

Misaki Takahashi, age 20, has just experienced his first break up and now he sat on a bench in the local park. He and his landlord/lover had been together for almost two years. Living together, loving together and – of course – sleeping together. But this morning... Misaki almost didn't want to remember.

It had been a normal day for the most part. Misaki had woken up, a strong, warm arm wrapped around his bare stomach, like usual. He didn't wanna wake up Usagi-san – his ex – so he just slipped out of bed, laying his arm back down on the bed sheets and got ready for school.

However, after school, when he returned to the home they shared, Usagi-san was waiting for him, shirt off and beer in hand while he sat on the couch. Misaki had vaguely recalled Isaka-san saying something about taking him out to drink, but Usagi-san was stoned! He had got up, a feral grin on his face, and pushed Misaki against the wall, dropping his beer as he pinned the brunette's arms against the wall. But when Misaki looked up, half expecting the older man to kiss him – which always lead to many other things – but instead, upon looking up, his right arm was released and the hand that had been holding it made contact with his right cheek with a sharp 'SLAP!'

Immediately Misaki's hands, which were now both released, flew up to his face, that was stinging like crazy. After a few fast seconds to realize what had happened, he had looked up to his drunk lover with a deathly glare.

"What the hell was that for?" he had demanded, starting to shake in anger.

"What do ya thin' it was fer?" Usagi-san retorted, slurring his words horribly. "I know wha' you were out doin'! You were ch" -hic- "cheatin' on meh, weren't cha?"

"What are you talking about?" Misaki demanded again. He'd love to know how Usagi-san got this conclusion

"Oooooh, you know! With tha' senpai o' yours!" -hic- "I mean ya were gone fer hours, Misahi!"

"I was at school, you moron."

"Yeah, like I wou' believe tha'!" he laughed. "Ya know, Takahir...o wouldn' cheat on me! If I ha' confesshed when I had the chance I wouldn' be in tis mesh!"

This got Misaki mad. He knew he was drunk, but still! "Maybe you should have confessed then!"

"I guess I shoulda!"

Ooh, this guy wasn't gettin' away with this. He was gonna get an ear-load when he wakes up! Misaki had thought, gritting his teeth. "Go soak your head, you drunkard."

He then grabbed Misaki again with his left hand and his face dropped down to Misaki's level. "Not til ya tell me what cha were doin' with 'im."

"I wasn't even with him! Now let me go!"

"Tell me!"


"Then get out!"

Misaki froze at this. Was he being kicked out? "What?"

"I don' wan' no cheatin' whores in meh house so 'et out!" he rumbled, picking up the beer bottle that was now empty.

"You can't be serious..." Misaki muttered, completely consumed with shock and disbelief.

Just then Usagi-san chucked the bottle in his direction and it hit the wall next to Misaki's head, shattering into shards. "GE' OUT! GE' OUT AN' DON'T COME BACK!"

With one last glare at his lov- ex-boyfriend, he chucked the key that was still in his hand at Usami and turned, running to the door.

And with that all he had was gone. He had his bag which meant he had some money. He'd ask someone – his brother or something – to get his stuff sometime in the future from Usami's house and he'd forget all about him. Until then he had to find a place to stay. Sumi-senpai was out of town and he didn't really have very many friends to go to other than that. The option he really had was to get on the next train out to his brother's place and tell him that he was kicked out of Usami-san's house.

Realizing this, he sighed again and sunk even lower into the bench he was sitting on.

Shinobu's situation was similar.

Young Shinobu Takatsuki was storming back to his sister's house after his first break up.

He had just returned home from shopping, his arms full of cabbages, when he entered Miyagi's house to see him making out with another man! That professor who had walked in on them when they were still together. He had said he was only comforting him, but their faces were a little to close for comfort. When Shinobu tried to get him to let go of the man, Miyagi simply said, "Get lost." and pulled the man out the door.

Obviously he got tired of me... Shinobu thought as he stopped to wipe away a few tears that had leaked out. But like I give a damn. That professor can go ahead and have that good-for-nothing old man! I don't... I don't... He stopped his mental rant as his face fell into the palms of his hands and he leaned against a tree in the park to start sobbing. He'd stop here for a few minutes before continuing on to his sister's house.

A shaky finger tapped Shinobu on the shoulder. "Um... excuse me... are you okay?"

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