Me: *hands hover unmoving above the key board and stares at screen*

Hiroki: *walks past, then pauses and turns around* Hey, I don't see any typing.

Me: Hm? *takes headphones off and looks at Hiroki lazily* What did you say?

Hiroki: I said, why aren't you working?

Me: *looks back to the computer screen and frowns* I don't wanna end the story...

Hiroki: What are you talking about? We aren't ending the story, we're just concluding the first part of it. Remember? We got a continuation after this ends.

Me: *sigh* I know, but... but... I don't wanna end this one! What if the peoples who read this don't see that I continued it? And what if they don't read the next one because I may add smut? Or what if I get scared and chicken out of writing the smut? Gah, Hiroki-kun, what am I gonna do? *grabs Hiroki around the waist*

Hiroki: Well, first you're gonna let me go before I unlock the door and let a still-very-angry Akihiko in here.

Me: *lets go immediately*

Hiroki: Now you're gonna finish the story and make it good! If you wuss out of writing smut then you'll just have to make your story ten times better than it was before in order to make up for letting your readers down! If people like this fan fiction that much they'll figure out how to click the damn Author Alerts button! And for the issue with people who read this perhaps not liking smut, well, that's their own loss.

Me: But what if th-

Hiroki: Stop worrying and get to work, Kyoto-lynn!

Me: *frown* Okaaay~

Chapter 14: Stay with Me?

Misaki and Shinobu walked down their street, on their way home from their date. It had taken them a good while to get home, but now they walked down the sidewalk, holding one another's hand, and Misaki's head once again resting peacefully on Shinobu's shoulder, leaning against the slightly taller boy a little.

They didn't talk. The had already discussed plenty on their date. Now they just silently walked, blissfully enjoying each other's presence at their side.

It was sweet. It was something that neither boy had ever experienced before. And they both very much enjoyed it.

They finally came within ten feet of their apartment building when Misaki froze completely, all happiness he had been feeling before washing away immediately, replaced by a thick sense of fear and anger.

There, setting in the parking lot of his apartment complex, was a shiny, red, foreign sports car. One that only one person Misaki knew of owned. The owner of the car being the last person on Earth that Misaki wanted to see right now.

Shinobu frowned, noticing Misaki's sudden mood change and following the boy's gaze to the parking lot, not sure exactly what he was supposed to be looking for – though one particularly shiny red car caught his eye, but didn't hold his interest very long, since he was trying to figure out what was disturbing his friend so much.

Suddenly, Misaki grabbed Shinobu's arm, yanking slightly at the fabric of his coat. "Can we go somewhere else for a few hours?" he asked, urgently.

"What? But we just got home." He took one look at Misaki's face and saw desperation written all over it. "What's wrong?"

Misaki looked away, trying to pull Shinobu in the opposite direction of their apartment, only managing to tug the dirty-blond a few inches. "Nothing, I just don't wanna go home yet."

Shinobu frowned, pulling Misaki back with a tug of his arm and grabbing the boy around the waist. "While I'm flattered you want to spend more time out with me, I think we should get back to our apartment. It's getting late and I doubt you really like the idea of being out in this town at night." Shinobu started heading up the stairs, tugging Misaki along with him. Misaki made a small noise in protest and struggled to get away.

As soon as they got up the flight of stairs, Shinobu and Misaki found themselves face-to-face with a desperate and frustrated looking Usagi-san.

As soon as Usagi-san's eyes lied on Misaki, they brightened slightly, then shown with determination.

It took Shinobu a few minutes, but he recognized the man who had stood outside of Misaki's school the day he had picked said brunette up after detention.

Shinobu stepped forward, Misaki quivering and slightly hiding behind the younger boy. "What do you want, Usagi-san?" Shinobu asked, feeling odd addressing the grown man as 'Mr. Rabbit'.

Usagi-san looked at Shinobu questioningly, not quite remembering him, but quickly ignoring his question and looking behind him to Misaki.


"Go away, Usagi-san!" Misaki whined, trying to seem as big as he could.

"No. When are you coming home?" the man asked, taking a step forward.

"I-I... I'm not going back to your house." Misaki whispered, not meeting the man's gaze at all, and instead looking at the wall next to him.

"But, Misaki...," The man took another step closer, reaching out to touch the boy's cheek.

Shinobu immediately stepped in between the tall man and Misaki, smacking his hand away. "Don't touch Misaki-kun!" he hissed.

Usagi-san frowned, anger clearly rising in his eyes. "Who are you?"

"I'm Shinobu Takatsuki, Misaki's new roommate and... friend." Shinobu answered, stalling slightly, not sure if 'boyfriend' or 'friend' was the right term.

"Well, Shinobu-san, this is between me and Misaki. You have no right to get in the middle of our conversation." Usagi-san stated, glaring daggers down at Shinobu.

Shinobu flinched slightly under the strong glare, but held his ground. "Misaki... Misaki obviously doesn't want to talk to you, so why don't you leave him alone...?" Shinobu muttered, coming out more of a request then a demand.

Usagi-san just frowned, looking at Misaki behind Shinobu. "Misaki, I want to talk to you. Now. Tell your friend," – he spat the word like he didn't believe it – "to leave us alone."

Misaki frowned, but Shinobu replied, yelling, "What is it that you have to say that can't be said with me right here?"

Usagi-san glared at the boy again, a low growl rising in his throat. "Fine." he hissed. He looked back to Misaki, face softening as he attempted to ignore the hot head in front of him. "Misaki, I want you to come home with me. I'm sorry about what happened before, when you left. I didn't know what I was doing. I swear it'll never happen again. I know it shouldn't have happened in the first place, but I... I'm sorry. I was just scared. Jealous probably. Please forgive me, Misaki."

Misaki starred at the man. He really just gave a whole-hearted apology to him. Misaki didn't know how to respond.

"He's not going back with you!" Shinobu yelled. Misaki instantly looked at Shinobu. He couldn't see his expression since he was facing away from him and his head was down. "He's not going anywhere with you! He's staying here! He's staying with me!" Shinobu yelled, voice cracking as he looked up to glare at the man, tears in his eyes and his hands balled into fists.

Usagi-san looked at the boy, eyes slightly wider, but didn't say anything.

Misaki just watched this, eyes widening in shock. Finally after Shinobu sobbed a little he placed a hand on the crying man's shoulder. Shinobu looked at him, eyes over-flowing with tears that were streaming down his cheeks.

"Please wait inside, Shinobu-san." Misaki whispered, a sad smile crossing his face.

Shinobu kept his gaze locked with Misaki's for a minute before he nodded and turned, vanishing inside the house and shutting the door silently behind him.

After he had left, Usagi-san looked at Misaki. "So... you're going to come home right?"

Misaki starred at the street at his side for a minute, not looking the older man in the eyes for a few moments before shaking his head. "No, I'm not."

"What?" Usagi-san lurched forward, gripping Misaki by the shoulders and forcing the green-eyed boy to look at him. "But you belong there!"

"No I don't, Usagi-san! I... I belong here." he whispered.

Usagi-san scowled, shaking his head. "No! You belong to me! We're going home!" He started dragging Misaki towards his car, but for the first time ever, Misaki managed to escape the blonde man's grip, taking a few steps away. "I'm sorry, Usami-san. I can't... I don't love you anymore." Misaki whispered.

Usagi-san instantly froze, processing Misaki's statement a few times, before he attempted to grab the boy.

Misaki managed to dodge, opening his door quickly and entered, pulling it closed behind him and quickly locking it. Usagi-san was instantly at the door, pounding and yelling. Misaki just stood there holding the door in case the lock failed until the banging finally stopped. Misaki heard Usagi-san quickly yelled a promise that he wouldn't give up before he heard the man's steps retreat in a different direction.

Once the sounds of footsteps had fully faded away, Misaki turned around, only to see Shinobu – now mostly composed, face slightly flushed and worry showing on his face despite his somewhat angry expression – standing in the doorway.

Shinobu let out a sort of strangled chuckled, looking away. "Thought you said your previous partner was a girl..." he muttered.

Misaki looked down. "Sorry..."

Shinobu sighed, looking back to Misaki. "Well..., now you've got to decide."

The brunette looked up again, meeting Shinobu's gaze, confused. "What?"

"Are you going to leave with that Usagi-san person... or...," Shinobu stepped forward and wrapped his arm around Misaki's waist and reaching the other up to cup the shocked boy's cheek with his hand, "are you going to stay with me?"

Misaki stared at Shinbou, shocked by his action, but before he could choke out his answer, Shinobu leaned his head down on his shoulder, the hand that had been on his cheek moved down and behind his back to wrap the still-shocked man in a tight hug. "Please

...," he whispered, "please, stay with me."

Misaki slowly reached up, wrapping his arms around Shinobu's back and squeezing lightly. "Of course I will, Shinobu-san..." he whispered, stroking the other's back comfortingly.

"Thank you..." Shinobu whispered, head turning slightly so that his lips were near Misaki's neck. He slowly pulled away, staring deeply into Misaki's eyes. "Thank you." he whispered one more time, leaning into Misaki, pulling him into a sweet kiss.

Misaki closed his eyes, allowing Shinobu to kiss him and even kissing back.

This is where Misaki had to be. Right by Shinobu's side.

And by Shinobu's side is right where Misaki was going to stay.

~To be continued...~

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