"Who is that boy over there?" my best friend, Kiley Pearlthorn, said. "He keeps staring at you."

"Which boy?" I asked her. I glanced over to where Kiley was pointing. I continued, "Oh. I think that's one of the new Wizard students, James Dawnheart. He's been following me around for a few days."

My other best friend, Kane Willowsong, said, "A not-so-secret admirer, maybe?"

"More like stalker," I said.

The three of us laughed, so hard that we got kicked out of the library. So much for our study group.

"Seriously, though," Kiley said. "You really are a good Wizard. And you're pretty. And kind. Everybody loves you."

"Maybe," I said. I turned to my red-and-orange dragon, Baby Nala. "What do you think, Nal?"

She growled, then coughed out a little bit of smoke.