Sometime during sophomore year,

Long after we'd watched the original,

B-Dunk said she'd seen the


Over the weekend,

And that it was crap.

Junior year, sometime in


I came home from school

And it was on one of the

Cable movie channels,

Though technically it was

Mostly over.

From what I could tell then,

"Viggo Mortensen? Yay!"

"Pink?! Mother's dress isn't

Supposed to be


And what's with her hair?

Why's she surrounded by living


EW. She's UGLY!"

"Wow. That really was awful,

Like B-Dunk said."

Late the following August,

Maybe a week and a half

Before school started up again,

We cleaned out some

Old stuff from Spare Oom

On a Friday morning,

And I Facebook-stalked

One of my old friends

From first grade,

And played "Country Story."

After cleaning stuff up,

Mother and I went to


For some storage tubs to

Put in there.

We went to the Burger King

Outside the mall

For lunch.

And then we went to the

Used book store

A couple blocks away,

Over near the Staples office store.

I got

The Name of This Book Is


And the first

Septimus Heap book.

That night, sis and I

Watched Ghost Adventures again,

And I let her borrow

Septimus Heap

While I read the other book.

As sis went to bed,

I stayed up

Through early Saturday


As I watched the

Whole remake, I

Recorded it.

I thought it ironic

That Norman spying

Through the peephole

Ended up being raunchier

On his part,

Since there were several

Ads for male enhancement


During the commercials.

I laughed, because

One of the

Satisfied customers

Looked like

Mr. Chacey.

In the time since

The VCR stopped working,

I've wanted to get

The DVD of

The remake,

Since it's one of those movies

I love to hate.