On October 23rd, I saw Frankenstein, presented by Prince William Little Theatre at the Hylton Performing Arts Center at the Prince William campus. The first thing I noticed was that the stage was similar to the TheaterSpace in the way that it was mostly just on a floor that was close to the audience. One thing that bothered me before the show even started was that the house lights constantly flickered while the audience was coming in to the theater and being seated. My mom and I confused because weren't sure if whoever was operating was doing it too early or if the lights weren't working well in a basically brand new theater.

The sets and the use of the stage worked well. The main stage floor was rather small, so a small balcony that wrapped around the back of the stage was used. I found this effective in scenes such as the introduction, when Victor Frankenstein was narrating on the main floor, because the Monster was lit for a few seconds while standing on the balcony. Some set props were hung from the balcony, such as a painting that was prominent in the parlor scenes. The sets and props worked well to make it look realistic to the time period and places. The costumes also added to this effect. One problem I had was that the stage area was small and there were no curtains to block off the sets when they were moved offstage during scene changes or when they were sitting offstage when not being used. A problem I had with the lights was the "lighting" used to bring the Monster to life was positioned right over top of the audience and it occasionally blinded me where the light fixtures were positioned across my field of vision.