On November 20th, I saw Charlotte's Web, presented by Pied Piper Theatre, a local children's group. I found the costumes were interesting and worked well. The humans wore traditional farm outfits, like long dresses for the girls and overalls for the boys. For Charlotte the Spider and her three daughters, the actresses wore all black and had spider puppets. The rest of the animals wore more stylizes costumes. They wore mostly human clothes, but the actors and actresses had to make the costume choices relate to the type of animal they were playing.

For the most part, there was only one set, since most of the play took place in the barn at the farm. I think the barn set was effective because there were two levels to it. The ground level was used for the humans and the animals, and the upper level was where Charlotte acted. On the second level, there was a projection screen for the words that Charlotte wrote in her web. The lighting seemed simple in some ways. I thought the most interesting part of the lights was the projector used for the words on the web. The main stage lights really only showed the changes from night to day. The song lyrics, more than the lights and costumes, gave clues to the passage of the seasons.