Chapter 17

Stranger One

"Cali, what the heck are you doing here?" asked Spyro, astonished by what she had just done.

"I'm here because I thought that you guys might need some help," she explained. "I brought some help with me, too."

Stealth Elf stirred, then put her hand to her head to stop the bleeding. She picked up one of her dragon fang daggers. One of them was not there.

"Where's my other dagger?" she grumbled.

Cali held it up. "Here you go," she said. "I guess this guy must've thrown it over there."

"Thanks," Stealth Elf said. "But how or who brought you here?"

"Gurglefin brought us here. It's nearing the third day, and you said that you should be picked up by the third day, so we decided to come today instead."

Then there was another grumble. Spyro looked down and saw the stranger stirring.

How is that even possible? Cali and Skylanders present thought to themselves. After all, Cali had thrust a dagger into the vital part of his chest. He shouldn't even be moving after that! In fact, he should be dead!

He got to his feet. There was a bloody hole in the middle of his chest. The hood around his head had slipped off a little bit, revealing a bit off black fur, meaning that the strangers were animals.

"How the heck are you still alive?" asked Spyro.

"Only a stab through the heart can kill me, Skylander," answered the stranger. "You really are not the most intelligent of your kind, even though you are a purple dragon."

Sunburn ran forward. "You need to shut up," he said. "Spyro is better than any of us, and that can be proved by the fact that he has not lost hope while on the quest to find the dragoness he loves, Cynder."

"She will forever rot under the darkest influences, hybrid," the stranger evilly rasped.

"What the heck does that mean?"

"You will probably never know, because I will never tell you of my master's plans, hybrid!"

"Who the heck is your master?" interrupted Spyro. "You've mentioned him so much, and I just want to know who this master really is! Why don't you just spill your secrets!"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The stranger roared with laughter. "Oh, Skylander, you are so delusional. Will you ever realize that I won't give up my secrets without a fight?"

"Then why don't you and I just battle it out, then?" said Sunburn.

"Well, that won't work, hybrid. You know that you will lose in a fight like that. No one person or creature has been able to defeat me, except for my brother and my master."

"Is your brother the other stranger?" Spyro inquired.

"Yes, he is," answered the stranger. "It will be amazing if you can beat either of us, hybrid."

"Then so be it." Sunburn leapt at the stranger, but unlike Spyro, his eyes betrayed where he was going and the stranger moved away. The stranger stabbed down, then missed as Sunburn used his phoenix dash to get away from the stranger.

Sunburn spit flames at the stranger, but the stranger caught the blasts in his hand.

"How did you do that?" gasped Sonic Boom, astonished.

"I was taught by my master to do so. What else can you try on me, hybrid, eh?"

"How 'bout this!" Sonic Boom snarled. She jumped at the stranger and let out a blast of soundwaves. The stranger covered his ears and screamed like a banshee. The scream was high and cold, and sounded like claws scraping across the surface of a blackboard.

Soon enough, even Sonic Boom had to cover her ears due to the combined force of her and the stranger's screams.

The stranger stopped screaming. He took his hands off his head. Spyro could see blood glistening on his hands.

Sonic Boom stopped screaming, too, then circled the stranger. Sunburn and Spyro could see that her eyes were wide open and fearful, as if she were afraid of what was about to happen.

"Sonic Boom, what's wrong?" Sunburn asked, concerned for her.

"It's like there's a spell that's been put on me. It's like, while I had courage a second ago, I have fear all of a sudden and I can't get rid of my fear."

Spyro knew what kind of feeling that was. The stranger had an ability to get into an opponent's head. He had gone through it himself with Dark Spyro, and Cynder had gone through it with the Dark Master.

No, I won't think of that, Spyro thought again.

The stranger moved forward, his sword pointing at Sonic Boom's chest. He raised his sword again, but Sonic Boom dodged the blow.

Sonic Boom screamed again, the soundwaves strong enough to rip bits of clothing off the stranger's cloak.

"AHHHHH!" the stranger roared in agony.

"Take that, you two-faced freak!" Sonic Boom said.

Sunburn dashed to the other side of the stranger and clawed the stranger's side, leaving bloody marks in the stranger's body.

The stranger couldn't stop screaming as Sunburn tore at him even more and Sonic Boom heightened the frequency of her screams.

Cali took out her own dagger and began moving towards the stranger and Sunburn and Sonic Boom. But every time she stepped toward the stranger, she moved back.

"Cali, what's going on?" Spyro inquired her.

"The screams are too loud for my ears," she told him.

Spyro nodded and moved toward the fight. The stranger was bleeding terribly, and luckily, neither Sunburn or Sonic Boom were injured.

Sonic Boom stopped in mid-scream. She panted as if she had just flown a hundred miles. The stranger fell to his knees, the blood flowing from underneath his cloak at a fast pace, pouring onto the ground.

Cali found her chance, raised the dagger, and moved toward the stranger, who cowered in fear.

"Please, do not kill me," pleaded the stranger. "I do not deserve to die, so please, do not kill me."

Spyro stepped up. "If you tell us what's happening to Cynder, then we may reconsider killing you."

The stranger began laughing again. "I can't reveal anything like that, Skylander. Please do not kill me."

Cali raised the dagger, took hold of the stranger's robe, and forced the dagger right through his heart. The stranger sputtered a little, then fell onto the ground, now and forever, once and for all, dead.