Okay, I was watching Beauty and the Beast the Disney movie, and shortly after Lumiere comes on, I go "HOLY CRAP IT'S KURT!" Really, go watch Be Our Guest andimagine Kurt in the costume from Broadway, saying the lines and singing. Seriously, he would be PERFECT. Anyhow, this is the second one-shot in a challenge I gave myself. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see my story "Abandoned." And if you do, I'm still not sure whether to continue it or not. Just remember, if there's any one-shot from the challenge you want continued, let me know. If I get enough requests for one, I will. And I'm rambling. So enjoy! And this is my first Brittana fic, even if it's depressing.

Theme: Abuse

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It had happened again. It hadn't for a while, and she had started to begin believing it had ended for good. But now it was back with a vengeance, and it seemed worse then ever, because there was an even greater chance of people finding out.

Because of Brittany. Her sweet angel, who could sometimes be clueless, but always adorable. But now someone might find out. And that could never happen.

She had dealt with it for years, always powering through every time, no matter what. She never broke down, never told anyone, never cut or hurt herself. She was stronger then that. But now Brittany was there. Brittany changed her when they were alone, made her weak. She could find out.

But she couldn't. If Brittany found out, she wouldn't believe her to be the tough girl she was.

So when her father had come home drunk again and slammed her right in the face giving her a black eye, along with other marks on her body, she was worried more then ever.

The abuse was back.

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"Sanny, come cuddle with me." Brittany pleaded, as Santana arrived back from the kitchen with plenty of popcorn.

"Sure, Britt." Santana plopped down next to the blonde and put her arms around her. Brittany stroked her face, tracing her fingers down her face, when she realized something.

Santana was wearing make-up, and not her normal make-up she always wore.

"Sanny, why are you wearing more make-up then usual? Your face is so pretty, you don't need that icky stuff." Brittany whispered, furrowing her brow. She rubbed more of the foundation away as Santana struggled to get her to stop.

"When did you get a black eye? Did you fall off of the pyramid?" Brittany asked, wondering how her girlfriend had gotten hurt.

"Um, no. I… I just got hit in the face with a baseball, when the guys were playing. No big deal."

"Yes, a big deal? And why are you lying? Sanny, lying is bad. Please tell me the truth." Brittany begged.

And in that moment, with the combination of the worried face and voice of Brittany, and her warm touch, Santana lost it.

She broke down crying, everything she had been holding in for the last ten years came flooding back, pouring out into her tears.

"Oh Britt. I'm so sorry. Please don't leave me." She managed to choke out through her sobs.

"Why would I leave you? I love you, Santana. Please tell me what's wrong, I don't like it when you're sad, because then I'm sad."

And Santana confessed.

"It's my dad. He's been hurting me for a long time."

"Why? Mommies and Daddies are supposed to love their babies. And you're his baby, right?" Brittany was confused. Why would anyone want to hurt her Sanny?

"I don't know Britt. But he would drink a lot of alcohol and it made him mean. And he would come home and hit me." Santana said, still crying.

"Sanny, that's horrible. But I love you, okay? Know that I love you and I'll never hurt you ever. And when we're done with school we can move far away and live happily ever after, and dance and sing forever. Okay?" Brittany spieled.

"That sounds perfect Britt."

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Sorry it's short, but hopefully sweet.