Once upon a time, there was a lemur named Floop. There was another lemur named Ricky. They were two adventurous lemur friends. This adventure in store for them had changed their lives, and there will be no other one like it. Also, it's one they'll never forget.

Their adventure started like this: One day, Floop was leaping along a brick wall covered with vines. Suddenly, he saw a wooden door that didn't have vines! Along came Ricky, and he saw the door, too! At the same time, they asked each other where the key was. Floop suggested that they should dig for it, because he knew it was buried. They dug and dug until Ricky found it. But it was time for lunch. They ran back home and ate two leaf sandwiches each, and drank a huge glass of water. Then they ran all the way back to the door.

When they got to the door, they each put a paw on the key and opened the door. They couldn't wait to go inside!

When they got inside, they saw many plants. Floop was the first to feel a drop of rain. So he told Ricky, and they ran all the way home, after locking the door.