It was raining the next week, so Zoboo, Ricky, and Floop were bored. They wanted so much to be in their secret garden. Ricky was looking in his home library, and he found a book on a locked-up garden. He read so far into it, he actually figured out that the garden in the book was the one he had been in with his friends.

When Zoboomafoo and Floop heard this, they were too excited to go in there, and were very surprised. When the lemurs went in the garden, they wanted to go further. Today, they went so far, they saw a playground! It had slides, fire poles, swings, monkey bars, and anything that could be on a playground! Then they knew this was the best garden a bunch of lemurs could have.

Ricky said they have to go even farther. So Zoboomafoo, Ricky, and Floop went farther than they just were. When they were, they saw a fountain, gold and purple flowers, and a vine-covered gazebo. Floop was getting hungry, so the three lemurs went in the gazebo and had lunch. This time, lunch wasn't forgotten.

There were other plants around, too. It was so pretty. Ricky wanted to give the garden a name. Name after name, Zoboo thought of the best. He called it the Lemur Garden. The other lemurs thought it fit. So, from the first day it was found and on, it was the best kept secret. The end.