The next morning, the submarine was further than before. Ricky, Floop, and Zoboo went to open the window. Once the window was opened, the lemurs saw what the sea monster was!

It was Giant Sea Lemur! Of course, they had never seen one. Then all the lemurs made an escape plan while Captain Lemo was fighting the sea lemur. All the lemurs inside knew that there was a lifeboat hooked up.

After the lemurs got in the boat, they noticed the boat wasn't only tied with rope, but CHAIN! Zoboo had a pocket chain cutter. He used it until they heard a voice. It was shouting "whirlpool!"

So when the submarine was caught, Zoboo kept cutting until the boat broke off. The boat sailed on until the next morning, when it beached somewhere. They woke up, and realized they were now back home. Each lemur went back to their houses but DIDN'T tell about the Giant Sea Lemur. Every day on, they took care of the garden. The end.