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Chapter 7


"Lindsey, Angel loves you and he probably always has..."

Lorne's words hung in the room and was met by total silence.

"It's Eliot now."

Really, it was the first thing that came to Eliot's mind, because he couldn't comprehend what Lorne had just told him, but he had to break the silence somehow or he'd go crazy. Then Eliot's eyes traveled to Angel and he waited for the vampire to star laughing at what Lorne had just said, but the mocking laugh never came. And when Eliot really looked at Angel, who avoided looking directly at Eliot, he felt some irrational anger at the vampire.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and tried to be threatening, well, as threatening as possible given his current situation.

"You can't be serious about that, Lorne. All Angel has ever felt towards me is hate and definitely not love... maybe lust at some point, even though I highly doubt that too, but definitely not love," he spat and at his words Angel's head finally snapped up.


The vampire looked at Angel and shook his head vehemently.

"I never hated you," he denied, but Eliot just snorted at that.

"Well, if it wasn't hate, then it was in the very least contempt," Eliot said and stared at the vampire, his eyes wide and his arms still crossed tightly in front of his chest, but now more as some sort of shield from Angel's dark eyes and Lorne's inquisitive ones.

The demon was it, who shook his head this time.

"Sugar, even though Angel did everything to push you away and convince himself and everybody around him, including you, that he hated and loathed you, it never really worked that well. The sexual tension between you two was evident almost every encounter the two of you have had in the past. And we wouldn't have been surprised if, instead of beating each other up, you had jumped each other." There was a slight trace of humor in Lorne's voice when he said those last words, but the rest of it was said completely serious.

Eliot once again wanted to protest, well, except that yeah, he had come close to kiss Angel once or twice when the vampire had pressed him against a wall or a door. But then he took one look in the master vampire's eyes and after Eliot thought about everything that had happened between them in the past, everything made perfect sense.


"I need to sit down," he murmured and sat down on the bed behind him, still a little uncomfortable, but the last thing he needed, was to collapse again. That would only give Angel the chance to vamp out on him again and Eliot so didn't want and need that either.

"Lindsey... I..." Angel started, but Eliot quickly stopped him.

"Don't, Angel... just don't..." he spat angrily, furious when he thought about how much better his life could have been if Angel had just admitted how he felt and would have helped him to get out from Wolfram and Hart. Then Lindsey wouldn't have been forced to run, to disappear and to become the monster Eliot Spencer that was a feared retrieval specialist all over the world and who had done some things that Eliot would never be free of.

But then Eliot quickly rid himself of those thoughts. He had a new life with a new sort-of-family now and he had Nate, who he was slowly falling in love with, if he wasn't in love with the older man already.

So what he might have felt for Angel in the past was totally irrelevant now.


And besides, there were more important things than his feelings to discuss. Sure, Angel had made it pretty clear that he wanted to mate with Eliot and that he would, without Eliot's consent if necessary. So whatever Lorne had seen when the Hitter had sung must have been pretty bad, because Angel would never mate with him willingly, but only if it meant he'd save the world if he did. He had a hero-complex like that. So Eliot really needed to find out what he was up against.

"And what in hell do Angel's messed up feelings for me have to do with Wolfram & Hart wanting me back all of a sudden? They haven't cared about me in the past five years after I killed the last of their retrieval demons. And don't tell me it's because Angel loves me, because I still refuse to believe that this is true. The only reason I can see for Angel to want to mate with me is to save the world," the Hitter said between gritted teeth and looked at the demon and the vampire.

Both of them shared a look that made Eliot feel quite uneasy and he shifted a little, his eyes going to the door, wondering if he could make a run for it, but giving the look on Angel's face, probably not.

But right now he really wanted to go and talk to Nate about all of this. So he really wanted to get to the bottom of this whole mess, because the faster he did, the faster he'd be able to go back to his team.


Lorne finally broke that new silence, shuffling a little on his feet.

"Well, see sugar, there's this prophecy that involves you and Angel here... together..." the demon started, but when he saw the look on Eliot's face, he stopped and scratched the back of his head.

"Don't look at me like that, sugar. It's not my fault. I only tell you what I see," he added and sighed, honest regret in his voice.

Eliot ran a wary hand over his face and nodded slowly.

"I know that, Lorne, but that doesn't make things much better," the Hitter answered and gave the demon a slight smile, totally ignoring Angel, who had started pacing the room.

"And what exactly does this prophecy say?" Eliot asked, because he still hadn't gotten a definite answer.

Lorne was about to answer, but suddenly the door burst open and Nate, Wesley and Parker nearly tumbled into the room. Angel whirled around, looking angrily at Wesley.

"How on Earth did you get in here? I used a spell," he snarled, clearly not happy with the intrusion and he knew that one of his team had to have helped them, because he was pretty sure that none of the Leverage team knew how to use magic, well except Lindsey, but he couldn't have done it.

Wesley quickly hid the little scroll he had used to break Angel's charm behind his back and then he shrugged apologetically.

"I had to open it, Angel, or Hardison would have erased our entire existence with just two clicks on his computer. It's really amazing what he can do with a computer," he defended himself and Parker smirked evilly, proud of her sort-of-boyfriend for finding leverage to get Angel's team to help them free Eliot.


Nate ignored the vampire, walked over to Eliot and sat beside him on the bed, putting a hand on the Hitter's knee.

"Are you alright?" he asked, concern shining in his eyes. Eliot gave him a small, reassuring smile and put his own hand on top of Nate's.

"I'm alright, well, as good as I can be considering the situation," he answered with a slight sigh, completely ignoring the look of hatred Angel sent Nate, because he knew that the vampire wouldn't attack Nate in here with all of them present.

Sophie, Cordelia, Fred and Hardison, the Hacker with a smug grin on his face, were now standing in the room too, looking curiously at the situation.

Nate left his hand on Eliot's knee and then he looked at Lorne, because he was far more likely to give him an answer than Angel, who looked like he wanted to rip Nathan's hand off just because he touched Eliot where the vampire couldn't.


"And what exactly is the situation?" he wanted to know, no, scratch that, he needed to know what was going on and how he could best protect his lover from all of these things that hid in this city. And he cursed himself for not listening when Eliot had objected to this job. The Hitter had not wanted to do it and Nate knew he needed to apologize for not taking his lover's complaints serious.

Now they were in the middle of something he couldn't really understand and his lover was a key player here, no matter if he wanted to be or not.

And Nate finally wanted some honest and clear answers, not those evasive ones Cordelia and Fred had given them outside while they had waited for Wesley to complete the counter-spell to Angel's and Parker had picked the lock.


Lorne smiled softly. He was happy that his Lindsey had obviously found a family that cared about the young, lonely man that had wormed his way into the demon's heart without attempting to. And he could also see the love between this Nathan and Eliot and that made things so much more complicated. So Lorne didn't have the heart to tell them all the whole truth, not yet, not until he was sure that there was no way around the prophecy.

"It's a little complicated to explain to outsiders, Mr. Ford," he started, not exactly sure what to tell them. Sophie snorted, totally unladylike, but she too was getting impatient and she was tired, and when she was tired then she got grumpy.

"I'm sure you are perfectly capable of explaining this to us, Mr. Lorne," she gave back, her voice held a dangerous edge, because she wanted to show that Sophie Devereaux was a woman you didn't want to mess with, no matter if you were a supernatural being or not.

Lorne couldn't help but smile a little. He really liked Lindsey's new family. His sugar had chosen well and he hated that he needed to interrupt Lindsey's new life as Eliot Spencer, because he had apparently done very well for himself.


The demon scratched the back of his head again, his eyes darting between Nate, Angel and Eliot. The Hitter was the key player here and they needed to protect him no matter what the cost was. He smiled a little sadly and then he looked straight at Eliot to show the younger man that he was seriously sorry that he had gotten dragged back into this.

"I'm sure I can explain it to all of you, but I'm not sure you will like what I have to say," he began, wondering how much he could and should tell them.

So he decided to just tell them the main point of the problem with blunt honesty.

"To protect Lindsey and essentially save the world, I fear there's not much of a choice but for Lindsey and Angel to become mates..."


to be continued...