Chapter 2 Edinburgh, 2042

As the people around him continued to cry about the end. Tylers eyes where glued to something else or someone. In the corner he could see a man. An old man to be even more precise. He seemed to be staring right in Tylers direction and Tyler could swear that he could see a smile on this mans face. If he wasn't shaking so much Tyler could probably point out some more easily missable what a time to be smiling. In the middle of a earthquake where your trapped inside with no where else to go. But... that is not what was bothering Tyler. What was bothering him about this strange man was that he couldn't reconise him. Tyler knows everybody he is the one that everyone knows too. Even if they'd just been in the building a cople of hours he could pick them out of a crowd. But this man he couldnt reconise not even a visitor.

'but the doors are blocked how did he get in?' thought Tyler. His thought was soon interrupted though by a really strong shake and a ear piercing groan from the crumbling building. when Tyler looked back up again he realised that the man was walking towards them. He was wearing a old tweed jacket with elbow patches and faded black trousers. The man walked straight up to Tyler and his family and then said 'Tyler MacCory?' Tylers reply was a timid 'yes' to him this man seemed stern and cruel plus their situtation wasn't really helping. 'This tower will collapse in about 2 minutes, Now you could either stay here with your family and die' he announced. As he did this the whole room went silent execpt from a few crashes and a crying baby ' or you can come with me and live but you'll live like a ghost unknown to the real world.'

'What?' shouted a voice from the other end of the hall 'this place is going to collapse ?'

'Yes i'm afraid so about a minute and a half till it does now'

'So we are all going to die? why are you only taking that brat?' screamed the voice again

Tyler couldnt help but feel a little offended by that comment but remained silent.
'Yes everyone in this room will die, don't worry it will be quick and painless for most. But i can only save Tyler here. I'm sorry for all of you' said the man, clam as ever a if annoucing to a whole room that they are going to die is a normal thing.'Well Tyler are you coming or staying here?' He tryed to say over the growing screams and sobs 'You have a 45 second to decide'

Tyler just stared open mouthed, not sure what to say when suddenly his mother pulled him up and sobbed ' Go with him , go with him and live. Build a new life, Don't worry about us just live Tyler... For all of us'

' 20 sceonds, ' Smirked the man as he out streached his hand ' Made up your mind?' Tyler nodded quickly and took the hand. Tyler looked over at his sobbing parents they smiled at him and blew a kiss each. Suddenly a Huge crack echoed through the building , everything started to slide. Tyler clamped his eyes shut just as the man got to five.

A Falling sensation thats what it felt like what ever 'that' is The last things he heard were...

A scream



I love you