Chapter 19: Love's Captive

(This is the final chapter of this fic, but it is not the end! There is a sequel!...Tetsuya makes a shocking discovery that forces him to ignore Aizen's warning and seek to prove what was done to Aizen in his youth. When he disappears under suspicious circumstances, Byakuya reluctantly agrees to help Aizen search for his lost love. While Tetsuya endures captivity at the hands of his lover's sworn enemy, he uncovers a terrifying and devastating secret that no one was ever meant to know. Be sure to read Edges of Oblivion: Captured Hearts Part 2)

Tetsuya woke to find himself naked and lying in an unfamiliar bed, in an equally unfamiliar place, with a naked man wrapped warmly around his body. His lover's enticing, masculine scent brought an instant smile to his lips, and he laughed softly as the other man lifted himself slightly, grabbed a towel and wiped away the warm, sticky mess that had erupted between them as they slept.

"My apologies," Aizen said in the calm, amused tone he had used before, "It seems I am still not used to lying down with such a lovely companion."

"Sousuke!" Tetsuya exclaimed, sitting up and climbing onto the other man's lap, wrapping his slender body tightly around his lover's slim torso, "I wondered if I would ever see you again!"

Tetsuya's mouth attacked Aizen's with a sweet barrage of hard, open-mouthed kisses, and he moved his slender hips provocatively, rubbing his flushed, hungry length against one as hot and swollen as his own. His mouth left the other man's, to cover his face and throat in more soft kisses that made Aizen smile and wrap his hands around the younger man's pretty bottom, encouraging the intense contact of their erect members to continue.

Overcome with relief at seeing the man alive and well, Tetsuya's emotions got the better of him, and he pushed against Aizen's muscular chest, until he laid down on his back and smilingly accepted his younger lover's amorous offerings. Tetsuya descended Aizen's handsome body, touching, tasting and kissing every inch of exposed flesh. He pushed his lover's legs open wide and laid down between them, devouring the soft, sensitive skin of his inner thighs, savoring the man's the man's sensitive areas with an eager and relentless tongue. Aizen groaned with arousal, gazing down at Tetsuya's lovely face, closed eyes and possessive, clenching hands. He sank his fingers into the noble's soft hair, becoming dangerously aroused at the feel of it. Tetsuya continued his enthusiastic explorations, laughing at Aizen's soft, warning growl of pleasure. Aizen's fingers tightened in the younger man's hair as he encouraged the swift rise and fall of Tetsuya's head. The younger man treated Aizen's yielded flesh to a mind-numbing thrill of long licks, warm kisses and hard suction. The older shinigami moaned languidly, enjoying the passionate expression and the lustful shine in his lover's blue eyes as he let the beautiful sensations bring him off and away into a wonderfully intense orgasm. He closed his eyes, gasping and stroking Tetsuya's long, silken hair as the younger man swallowed repeatedly. His lips smiled as Tetsuya returned to his mouth to share the warm, entrancing flavors of his explorations.

Aizen thrust his tongue between Tetsuya's parted lips, sinking down into his mouth and savoring the taste of himself on the younger man's lips and tongue. He turned suddenly, toppling the noble and bringing him down onto his back on the bed. And as his younger lover had done, Aizen honored every inch of his body with passionate touches and adoring kisses. He whispered his affection into Tetsuya's ear, letting his breath tickle the younger man's skin and enjoying how he could see the impact of his words and touch in sweet motion of Tetsuya's writhing body, could hear it in the breathless whispers that escaped his lips and could feel it in the passionate clenching of his hands and in the fierce, penetrating kisses they exchanged.

He followed the pathway of lovely, pale skin down Tetsuya's torso, teasing the sensitive nipples until a heavy flush rose on his skin and he struggled beneath his elder lover, seeking pleasant friction against his body. But Aizen held him down and sank his tongue into the younger man's navel, making his body dance feverishly and causing beautiful, panting moans to issue from his parted lips. He parted Tetsuya's slender, white thighs and attacked the flesh along the inner side. Tetsuya groaned and quivered when his elder lover breathed warm puffs of breath onto his flushed, needful member. He gasped harshly as Aizen teased him with a sinful tongue, then panted and moaned as that wicked tongue invaded, bringing a feverish sweat to his skin and leaving him nearly senseless with arousal.

He groaned dizzily as Aizen's tongue retreated, only to be replaced with marauding fingers that slowly prepared him, while Aizen's mouth moved in on his neglected privates. The fingers of Aizen's free hand curled around Tetsuya, fending off climax as the older man treasured his younger lover's soft, cool flesh, until the younger man's lips parted in a lovely sound of complete surrender, a trembling plea for release.

Aizen's fingers released him suddenly, making Tetsuya cry out as his lover sucked hard and teased him more forcefully. The younger man loosed a harder cry of pleasure as his back arched, and blazing seed erupted between them. He watched relief flood Tetsuya's face, and then calm once again overtook him, leaving him panting and shaking like a leaf. Aizen's fingers move, teasing and stretching him as Tetsuya fought to catch his breath and the two surrendered to a flurry of deep, savory kisses.

"S-sousuke," Tetsuya whispered, "I do not know how much more I can take in my weakened state. I feel so dizzy."

Aizen smiled and nodded, then treated his weary lover's body to a barrage of gentler, more soothing touches, while closing his eyes and placing gentle kisses on the younger man's sweating face and throat. Tetsuya gazed up at him dazedly, sadness overtaking him at realizing that the man on top of him was likely to leave him again when their lovemaking was done. Aizen noticed the sudden change in his expression and gazed down at him curiously.

"What troubles you, Tetsuya?" he asked softly.

"You are going to leave me again, aren't you."

He paused, swallowing hard and forcing himself to remain calm.

"And this time, you aren't coming back."

Aizen's eyes met his quietly.

"I did try to leave you already," he admitted, "However...almost immediately, I realized that leaving you is no longer possible."

Tetsuya's eyes widened.

"I came back to you some time ago," Aizen went on, "when I sensed the horrid struggle you were having as your body, mind and heart recovered from the use of your divine powers. I slipped into Kuchiki Manor and laid down with you. Perhaps you couldn't sense least, not at first."

"You were really there!" Tetsuya gasped, "Sousuke, you could have been seen!"

"You needed someone to anchor you," Aizen said, kissing him, "You gave too much of yourself to the task of destroying the hougyoku and you were in danger of losing your mind. I could not just leave you in that state."

Tetsuya smiled.

"You could have before," he said, shaking his head at the memory.

"Yes, I could have," Aizen acknowledged, "I hadn't yet fully bonded with you. But I have now, and that means that you and I are extensions of each other. I cannot simply leave you."

"But I do not want you to be captured," Tetsuya said, sitting up, "Until your name is cleared, it isn't safe for you to be with me."

Aizen's smile widened and he shook his head gently.

"What are you talking about? My name isn't going to be cleared, Tetsuya. It isn't possible. If it was before, I took all chance of that away when I erased the memory of Yasu. And besides, I am guilty of the betrayal that I was accused of. You witnessed, firsthand the extent of my cruelty, Tetsuya."

"I know who you are," said Tetsuya, "and I know why you came to be that way. I also know that they will take into account what Central 46 tried to do to you, and the fact that you destroyed the hougyoku."

"We destroyed the hougyoku, Tetsuya," Aizen said firmly.

Tetsuya shook his head gently and closed his eyes.

"You know that, in the final moments, the hougyoku got the better of me. If you had not changed its perception of where the barrier was..."

"You detonated the barrier, Tetsuya. You still had control of your heart, and that helped you to overcome the hougyoku's influence. Do not doubt yourself. You were the one that dealt it the final blow."

Tetsuya smiled sadly.

"But I couldn't have done that without you. Yet, no one wants to hear that. And although, even as I laid in recovery, the Gotei 13, Central 46 and my clan's council of elders all acknowledged me, there was no mention of you, except that you were missing and presumed dead. They want to commend me for that as well. It sickens me, Sousuke. It feels like a knife in my heart."

"Then do not let your heart reflect on it. I earned their hatred, Tetsuya. I earned yours also. That you have a more forgiving heart..."

"It isn't that I have a forgiving heart, Sousuke!" the younger man insisted, "You were wronged in a way that no one should be! You were denied justice, and that caused you to lose faith in the leadership of our society. You hungered for power, yes, but you wanted that power to force out the ones who denied you justice!"

"But in forcing my design on the world, I denied justice to others...including you. Will you deny that I hurt you? That I threatened you and held you against your will? You cannot 'save' me, Tetsuya. I am beyond redemption."

His eyes hardened and glared into the younger man's warningly.

"And you must give up any thought of trying to do this. You would only get yourself killed."

Tetsuya gazed back at him defiantly, but said nothing. Aizen's eyes darkened.

"Promise me, Tetsuya. Give me your word that you will abandon this silly notion. It is far too dangerous."

Tetsuya looked away for a moment, considering. Aizen's hard gaze softened, and he took the younger man's face in his hands.

"I am sorry, Tetsuya," he said, with sincerity, "I too long to be able to be with you openly. But I dashed any hope of that happening when I created the hougyoku. And now, the best that we can do is to continue to treasure each other in stolen moments. It isn't a fairy tale ending, but you and I are about as far from hero and heroine as two people can get."

Sadness clouded Tetsuya's sapphire eyes and he let out a soft sigh of resignation.

"Perhaps you are right," he said softly, "It may not be 'happily ever after,' but we still have each other, ne?"

"Yes, my love," Aizen said, smiling at him, "We still have each other."

He pulled Tetsuya onto his lap and began kissing him again. The younger man's legs wrapped tightly around Aizen's body. Aizen's hands wrapped around Tetsuya's soft, round bottom, caressing it gently, then invading the younger man's entrance again with his fingers. Tetsuya moaned into his mouth and rubbed harder against him. Their kisses became rougher as their pleasure increased, and gradually the two gave in to their mutual need.

Aizen brought his thickened member to Tetsuya's prepared entrance, watching closely as Tetsuya settled onto him, then looked into Aizen's affectionate brown eyes and smiled.

"You aren't going to knock me unconscious and abandon me after this, are you?" he asked softly.

"No," said Aizen, "I will allow you to exchange farewells with me, then give you a gentler fall into sleep. After which, I will return you to Kuchiki Manor."

Tetsuya sighed in resignation.

"You know that I would go with you," he said quietly.

"And abandon your home, your loving cousin...all of the other things that you care about. No. This way is the right one, for now, Tetsuya. I think we both know that."

The younger man sighed again and nodded briefly. Aizen coaxed Tetsuya's eyes back to meet his.

"I will always be where you can feel my presence, my love. And if you need me, I will be there for you. You may trust in that."

"I trust you," whispered Tetsuya, "I trust you to come back."

Aizen smiled and nodded, then fell to kissing him again. Tetsuya sank into their kisses more desperately, knowing it might be some time before they would be together again. He moved his hips, rising and falling on his lover's swollen length, reeling at the deep penetration, until he became breathless and weak, and Aizen's hands controlled his motions more than he did. He held on with all of his strength as he was carried over into release, and Aizen's fiery heat filled him, and his own spilled out onto their undulating bodies.

Aizen lowered him onto his back and slowly licked away the lovely evidence of their coupling. Then, as his lover lifted himself away, Tetsuya pulled him down again for a long, last kiss and tight embrace. He let out a soft breath of surrender, accepting quietly the gentle fall into sleep. His eyes blinked and slowly closed, the last image they captured, a solemn, affectionate expression, the beginnings of a smile and a softly spoken promise.

I love you. I will never leave you. You have made my heart love's captive once more, and that will keep me coming back to you. And although I give my trust to no one and never lower myself to asking it, I will give my trust to you.

And you may trust in that, Tetsuya Kuchiki.