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To help you understand our signs throughout the story:

[ …. ] = These are used when the characters think.

- : "hello" = This is for text messages.

" …. " = And this is, of course, for direct speech.

{...} = Used for notes or other things written on paper, letters, etc.

Shizuo sighed as he walked down the busy street. Both hands in his pockets, he walked around the corner and could now see the school gates [I really don't want to go back to that idiot..] he sighed. As he walked past the school gates he noticed all the girls staring at him and then gossiping with their friends [just another normal day..] he sighed. Hands still in his pockets, he headed to the school building, changed his shoes to indoors shoes and put the others in a locker. After that he walked straight to the class room.

He entered the class room and sat down at the window row. Chin placed on his hand, and glared out the window. He sighed heavily and focused on the girls running towards the school building. The teacher entered the class room and looked at all the students. Shizuo hadn't noticed the teacher and just kept glaring out the window.

"Shizuo Heiwajima!" The teacher half-yelled. He snapped out of his trance and looked at the teacher. "Eyes up here.." the teacher already scolded him for looking out the damn window. He sighed heavily again. He looked towards Shinra, a friend of his, who was taking notes whenever the teacher spoke or said something he thought was important. Shizuo looked back at the teacher and they had eye contact for a few seconds. "Heiwajima-san, are you taking notes? This is very important" the teacher suddenly asked. "Yes, yes" Shizuo sighed and acted like he was writing something down on a piece of paper. The teacher frowned lightly but continued to write notes on the blackboard.

"Okay, you can all take a break and in five minutes we will continue this class!" the teacher said, closing his book and went out of the room. Shizuo leaned back on the chair, balancing on its two back chair legs. "Shizuo-kun!" Shinra suddenly said, surprising Shizuo as he tried to keep his balance. He looked at Shinra and said:


"You'll fall down if you sit like that!" Shinra replied.

"Shinra, seriously. I've done this a hundred times. Of course I won't fall down" he sighed as he finished the sentence. Shinra seemed a little uneasy about it though. He shrugged it off and let Shizuo figure it out himself.

Shinra's phone vibrated in his pocket, took out his phone and saw the text he received from Izaya.

- : "Hey~ ! Have a break right now, how about you~"

- : "Yeah, we have a break too" Shinra replied and put the phone on the table beside his books.

Shizuo got bored of balancing on the chair's back legs and sat down properly. He sighed and placed his chin in his hand, looking out the window. [What a damn boring day, already]

Izaya was standing by a big window on the second floor at Raira Academy, where he was waiting for a certain someone to walk inside the school gates. He waited with a big smirk spreading across his face.

Suddenly his prey became visible by the school gates and his smirk widened and turned into something between a smirk and an evil smile. [There you are, my little monster]. He looked at his phone, checking what time is was. He decided it was about time to go back to his class room [You always come just 5 minutes before first period. How boring, Shizu-chan]. He walked, or rather half danced down the hallway, towards his class room.

He entered his class room, seeing the same faces as always. [How boring.] There were no interesting humans in his class. Everyone was 100% normal boring humans. There was not even one special person with some sort of weird obsession. Boring. He sat down on his usually seat, only one seat from the back and by the window. He liked that seat, because sitting by the window, meant that he could see all his lovely humans walk past the school gates. He noticed those students skipping class too. Maybe they'd become interesting to him later.

It would be interesting if someone was stabbed or attacked just outside their school building, so he would be able to sit calmly and watch it from his seat while in class. Though it would be a shame he wouldn't be able to see the victims and the attackers' expressions.

The teacher came in quietly without saying a word, until he stood behind his desk and started reading out the names of the students, to check if everyone was there.







As always, the teacher stopped to look at him because of the strange answer. Well, strange compared to the other polite students. After staring each other down for a few seconds, he would look down at his list of students, and resume reading out the names of the students.

As the teacher started class, Izaya looked out the window, looking for interesting humans walking by. Unfortunately, no one walked past the school gates, so he decided to look at the teacher and pretended he was listening. Then he at least wouldn't get in trouble for not paying attention in class.

A student in his class raised his hand. "Yes?" The teacher said. "What about the 5 minutes break?". The teacher frowned and stared him down which resulted in 29 people in the class getting scared and then there was Izaya, who just didn't give a shit about it. The teacher coughed in his hand and answered; "5 minutes break everyone", with that said, he left the room.

[I wonder if Shizu-chan and Shinra has a break now too...] He took out his phone and texted Shinra.

: - "Hey~ ! Have a break right now, how about you~?"

His phone vibrated and he read the reply from Shinra.

- : "Yeah, we have a break too"

Smirking, he rose from his chair and walked out of the class room, heading for Shinra and Shizuo's class. [This will be fun, this will be fun!]

Christine as Shizuo.

Signe as Izaya.

Christine & Signe as Shinra and other random people~