The two lovers woke up early next morning. Izaya was still feeling sad though but he managed to somehow stay normal in his behaviour. The two of them had asked Miyase to drive them over to Izaya's place. Luckily, she had a trailer which she could attach to the car. They had been driving back and forth five times that day and Shizuo and Izaya had spent two hours on getting Shizuo's bed out of the room to replace it with Izaya's. The plates and other kitchen stuff was put in boxes and placed underneath their bed since they might come in handy later on.

"I'm so exhausted!" Shizuo sighed as he let himself fall down onto the bed.

"You carried the heaviest boxes and the heaviest parts of the bed. Of course you'd be tired." Izaya smiled weakly and sat down beside the blonde. "At least there's room for both of us in the bed now."

"Really?" Shizuo mocked.

"Yeah." he moved a bit closer and nuzzled the blonde's hair.

"Mmm." Shizuo smiled and closed his eyes.

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Yup!" he nodded.

"Oh well, should we watch a movie?"

"Which film would you like to watch?"

"Umm.. I don't know... Which movies do you have?"

"Go look in that cabinet over there.." Shizuo pointed towards an oblong cabinet.

"Alright." The raven said and rose from the bed, causing him to stop nuzzling the other's hair. "Hmm... How about a... Disney movie?" he asked slightly shyly.

"Do I really have a Disney film?"

"Yeah. The Lion King."

Shizuo quickly sat up in the bed and coughed. "I.. like that film." he looked away, shyly.

Izaya chuckled at that. "It is a good movie. I like it too."

"Really?" Shizuo looked back at the raven-haired and raised a brow.

"I do." he said, turning to the blonde.

"Then.. you wanna watch that?"

"Mhmm." he replied and took the DVD from the cabinet.

"Great.. it's been a while since the last time I saw it." Shizuo chuckled lightly.

"Then let's do this." The raven put the movie on Shizuo's desk and pulled his shirt over his head.

Shizuo blinked in surprise? "What? Do what?"

"Watch the movie of course" he said and turned to Shizuo. "What did you think?" he questioned.

"You took off your shirt right in front of me. Obviously I was thinking abo-" he was interrupted by Izaya.

"Pervert..." he mocked. "I thought you wanted me to be able to take off my clothes in front of you..."

"Well.. yeah.. but you never know." Shizuo shrugged. "But.. why are you taking your clothes off?" he frowned.

"To change into something more comfortable. Nightwear, ne? I'm living here now after all."

"Aha, so you can't watch a film if you're not wearing your nightwear?"

"I don't want your mom to see me in my underwear.."

Shizuo rolled his eyes. "I meant keeping your normal clothes on now, smartass." he mocked.

"But my nightwear is much looser and feels more comfortable, ne?"

"You're weird.."

"You're my boyfriend."

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"It's merely a fact." Izaya said and took his pants off.

Shizuo's eyebrow started twitching. "Anyway.. how are you feeling?"

"Better than yesterday." he said and went to the closet where most of his clothes were. He was only wearing his boxers.

"Well, that's good." the blonde smiled.

"Yeah. I'm just glad I have you, ne?" he found a white shirt in the closet and pulled it on. The size was too big and it was too long. It reached down and covered his butt. "Eh?"

"Hm? I think you took my shirt.."

"Must be it. I look stupid." he chuckled.

"Yeah, you do. Now put it back." Shizuo chuckled too.

"You're not supposed to tell me that." Izaya chuckled. "You should say I look good in everything." he chuckled and turned to Shizuo.

"I don't want to lie though.."

"Touché. But I do agree. I look really stupid. And I must admit I would rather have you telling me that than lying." He pulled the shirt off and put it back into the closet and found another white shirt which fit perfectly. With that he put on some loose pants. "You wanna get changed before we go downstairs?"

"Nah.. I'm good." Shizuo said as he rose from the bed.

They both went downstairs and Shizuo put the movie on. Izaya sat down on the couch.

"Ready to experience some Disney-fun?" Shizuo chuckled and went to sit down next to Izaya. "Oh, would you like something to eat or..?"

"Nah, I'm good. Unless it's your way of saying 'I want some sweets'." He chuckled.

"Well I want some!" Shizuo smiled and rose from the couch again. "Chips? Coke?"

"No thanks. I'm good."

"Alright then." The blonde left the raven-haired to get some chips and coke.

Izaya just stared at the TV as the movie began. It hadn't really begun yet, it was just the.. well, he guessed it could be called the opening. With the animals gathering and all that. He pulled his legs to his chest and folded his arms on his knees.

"I'm back~." Shizuo sang as he sat down beside Izaya. "Hm? What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He smiled wryly at the blonde. "I just missed my protozoan."

"I was gone… for two minutes." Shizuo mumbled and placed the chips and coke on the table.

"Two long minutes." He joked.

"Oh, dear." Shizuo pouted and wrapped his arm around Izaya's shoulders. "Let's just watch the film. I won't go anywhere." Shizuo chuckled.

Izaya leaned up against the blonde and the film finally began for real. Scar and Mufasa were talking. After a while, Izaya adjusted himself on the couch and lay down on Shizuo's lap.

"Hm? Tired?" Shizuo mumbled and looked down at Izaya.

"Just a bit. But I actually just felt like lying here." He chuckled lightly.

"Well, that's alright." Shizuo smiled and ran his fingers through Izaya's hair. The blonde ate of the chips once in a while and took sips of his coke too.

"Mm.." Izaya purred at the gentle feeling. It didn't take long before he grew tired because of Shizuo's gentle rubbing and closed his eyes only to fall asleep soon after.

Miyase then came into the living room, seeing Shizuo sitting on the couch, watching The Lion King.

"Oh, hey mom." Shizuo mumbled as he noticed she entered the room. He turned his gaze back to the TV and continued nuzzling Izaya's hair.

"Hello, sweety. I think Izaya has fallen asleep." Miyase chuckled as she sat down next to Shizuo.

The blonde leaned over Izaya's head and noticed that his eyes were closed. "Yeah, looks like it." He shrugged and leaned back again.

Miyase smiled and fiddled with her apron. "So, how is he feeling?".

"Um, I guess he's alright… he seems a bit happier than before." Shizuo smiled weakly.

"Right. Of course. That's good." Miyase smiled. "Are you alright?" she asked as she nuzzled Shizuo's shoulder with her thumb.

"Um, yeah.. I guess. It was a bit hard to see Izaya like that though." Shizuo shrugged.

"Of course." His mother chuckled. "As long as he's feeling better." She smiled as she looked down at the sleeping raven.

"Yeah." The blonde mumbled.

The phone in another room started ringing and Miyase excused herself, leaving Shizuo and Izaya to watch the film. Or mostly Shizuo, since Izaya had fallen asleep.

When the movie was done and Izaya still was sleeping, Shizuo decided to carry Izaya upstairs. He supported his head and lifted his upper body and somehow managed to lift him bridal style.

"Nn.." Izaya mumbled.

"Don't wake up.." Shizuo whispered.

Izaya mumbled something incoherent and nuzzled his face into Shizuo's shoulder. Obviously, he was still sleeping.

"Good." Shizuo smiled and gently lay the other on the bed.

The raven moved a bit around on the bed in his sleep and found a pillow which he nuzzled his head in to.

Shizuo chuckled and left the raven for some minutes to finish up downstairs. He went back up to his room, seeing Izaya all cuddled up under the covers.

"Ready to sleep?" Izaya mumbled, his eyes still closed.

"Huh? You're awake?" Shizuo mumbled and took off his clothes.

"Yeah… You're only sleeping in your underwear, right?"

"Or, I can sleep naked, if you want that." Shizuo smirked as he stuck his hands down under the sides of his boxers, ready to pull them off.

"I don't mind." He smiled.

"Alright." Shizuo mumbled and pulled his boxers off, letting them fall to the floor. He crawled under the covers and snuggled his face into his pillow.

"You can take my clothes off too if you'd like." Izaya said, blushing a bit.

Shizuo chuckled and moved closer to Izaya, gently tugging at his t-shirt. "Not so tired after all?"

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