Kanda entered Komui's office, having reclaimed his lost Mugen, a slightly softer version of his trademark glare on his face. Only slightly softer, for he was still Kanda Yuu. His friend's soul finally being released hadn't changed him that much. At least not visually. He would never tell anyone that he was feeling different towards the missing Exorcist, or ex-Exorcist as he now was, that was Allen Walker. He wasn't sure how he would deal with the boy the next time he saw him, if he ever did. The boy had managed to disappear apparently off the face of the earth.

Komui looked up at his entrance, tears in his eyes, still amazed that he was alive, much less that he came back to the Order. Kanda simply che'd and scowled deeper at the other two occupants of the room. Lenalee still looked like she wanted to cry and Lavi seemed as if he was in danger of glomping on to him at any moment. He avoided this by leaning up against the far wall of the office, out of reach of all three moronic people.

Komui cleared his throat, drawing the attention of the two Exorcists who were still staring at Kanda. "You all know about Allen's disappearance after he escaped from the Order. He has not been seen since Lenalee last saw him after he apparently separated from the Noah."

Kanda was surprised at this. He hadn't known the Moyashi had left the Noahs. Everyone in the Order seemed to think he had betrayed them and joined the Noahs immediately. Kanda had been severely pissed at the behavior towards the boy with a martyr complex. It seemed to him that the Order had been the first to betray Allen, locking him up in a cell until his apparent escape, which Kanda thought was more the action of the Noah than the Moyashi. Allen had been loyal to the Order from day one, yet he was now seen as a heretic while Kanda, someone who had tried to destroy the Order in the past, was welcome with open arms.

"Finders have noticed a strange rift where Allen had left in the Ark. The Science Department have studied the rift and think that it is a time rift. I have decided to send you three into the rift to try and find Allen and bring him back if possible. You will take your golems with you as well as Allen's transmitter that he seemed to remove before he was imprisoned. The transmitter will work in the Ark, which we think was cause of the rift. There is no telling how long it will take you to find him so pack for a long term mission. You will leave tomorrow." Komui seemed very calm for sending his precious little sister into the unkown.

Kanda turned on his heel and stalked out of the room, knowing there would be a grand scene of the Supervisor bawling over his sister leaving. He would never say that he was purposely giving the siblings privacy, of course not. He was the heartless Kanda Yuu. He didn't care about others, that would be preposterous.

Lavi bounded out of the office, quickly catching up to Kanda. "Neh, Yuu-chan! Do you think we'll find Allen? This rift thing seemed weird. What do you-" The boy was halted, the tip of Kanda's precious Mugen not quite touching his throat.

"Don't. Call. Me. That." Kanda's voice was dangerously calm. The best sign that he was really pissed.

Lavi began to sweat though he was pleased; this was the Kanda he knew. He was glad to have him back. It had almost been unbearable losing his two best friends, not to mention the hysterics Lenalee had been thrown into. It had been worse for her, she had been the last to see Allen, she had seen the painfully sad face he had had.

Kanda sheathed Mugen and whipped around to go back to his room. He didn't care for the Usagi calling him by his name. he could barely tolerate the Exorcist calling him Kanda in that annoying voice. Alma had been the only one able to call him by his first name. Only him. Though I might not mind if the Moyashi called me that. He stopped short. Had he actually just thought it would be nice for the younger boy to call him with such familiarity? Impossible. He slammed his door shut and began to pack, placing his lotus in a special padded bag for transport. Let's just get this over with.

The three Exoricsts stood in front of the rift, a strange section of air that seemed to warp the things behind it. A small gathering of Science Department members and some of the Exorcists watched the three leave. Komui was sobbing over Lenalee until she finally pried him off her. Kanda had managed to flee Tiedoll and stood impatiently for the other two. Lavi was teasing Bookman about being lonely, an action that only resulted in him being kicked in the face and told to stop joking.

Kanda was the first to stalk into the rift, Lenalee clinging to his bag with Lavi then holding on to her bag. Apparently something they needed to do so they wouldn't end up in different places.

Kanda tried to keep his eyes open, not too keen on walking into the unknown blind, but the light was too bright and he had to shut them. His feet his solid ground as he heard a pop and opened his eyes, looking about him. They appeared to be in an office with portraits of old men on all of the walls. The pictures then began to move, talking to each other when one seemed to walk out a door in the back of the painting and disappeared.

The three looked around them, the room was styled in a traditional English way, making the Exorcists think that they were still in England. Was it called England? Were they in a completely different world? Where exactly were they?

An old man with long white hair and beard appeared, wearing blue robes. He looked very surprised to see the Exorcists and the Exorcists him. He cleared his throat, a look of slight understanding on his face. "Good afternoon. May I ask who you are and how you came to be in my office?"

Kanda growled "Why don't you introduce yourself before asking for the names of others?"

The man looked surprised but did not look insulted by the black haired man's words. He smiled softly. "I am known as Albus Dumbledore. I am the Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The school you are in right now."

Lenalee smiled at him, he was a very polite man. "I am Lenalee Lee, this is Lavi Bookman and Kanda Yuu" she gestured to each of her teammates in turn. The man nodded in thanks.

"And what, might I ask, are you doing in my office?"

Lenalee looked troubled so Lavi stepped in "We came through some sort of time rift, looking for a comrade of ours. We don't know where we are or in what time we are in."

Dumbledore did not look as surprised as one would suspect a person to be. He nodded. "As I said, you are in my office at Hogwarts, a school for teaching talented children magic. The year is 2000 and currently we are in a hidden location in England."

The Exorcists started. 2000? They had traveled over 100 years into the future? Why had the rift taken them this far into time? Was Allen even here? They were glad that they were glad they were still in England, they had at least stayed in the same century.

"If you would like, I can arrange for you three to study here. If your friend did come the same way you did, it is likely that he might be studying here. The new term starts in a few weeks, you can take the time to study and catch up with one of the older classes. How old are you all?"

The three looked at each other, they weren't too keen on going to some strange school but the man, Dumbledore they corrected, did have a good idea. Allen might be going to this school. It wouldn't be such a bad thing to go to school for a year would it?

Lenalee smiled up at the man, "Thank you for your offer. I think we will go to school here. I am sixteen and Lavi and Kanda are eighteen. But how will we buy materials? I don't think our money is worth anything in this time."

Dumbledore seemed to miss the comment about the time and simply nodded. "I will provide for you. I would be happy to, new students are always welcome."

The Exorcists looked mildly troubled. They didn't like the idea of a stranger providing for them but they had little choice in the matter. "Where will we stay while we study for the new year? Here?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "You will stay at the Leaky Cauldron. I will have my gamekeeper take you to get your books and other school necessities."

"We thank you for your kindness Headmaster." Lenalee said honestly, nodding her head in respect.

The three Exorcists-turned-wizards sat around a table in the dining room of the Leaky Cauldron, scanning through the huge pile of textbooks they would have to read in the next three weeks. Lavi was eating it up while Lenalee already looked confused and Kanda simply skimmed through, remembering only the facts that were important or interested him.

Lenalee shut the Defense Against the Dark Arts text book that sat in front of her and took out her wand from her pocket, tracing the tendrils that wrapped around the base of her wand and reached toward the tip. They had all gotten wands from a shop called Ollivander's where a rather energetic old man had laid wand after wand in front of each of them until the thing shot out sparks from the end. Lenalee had gotten a short wand that was a soft red color with brown tendrils wrapping around the base, made of cherry wood with a unicorn hair core. Lavi had received one that was chestnut brown with a handle wrapped in what looked like parchment with words in ancient writings down the length, made of chestnut with a core of dragon heartstring. Kanda had received a long pure black wand with a slight metallic sheen and waves going lengthwise down the wand, made of rosewood with thestral tail hair. The man had been very surprised at the core of Kanda's wand, saying that thestrals were omens of death. Kanda had only smirked and said, "It's perfect then" and left.

The gamekeeper, Hagrid, was a strange sight. The man was huge, standing several heads taller than Kanda, who was the tallest of their group. He seemed rather wary of Kanda though still tried to treat him the same as the others, but he kept some distance, as if Kanda was some kind of wild animal.

They had gone and gotten robes that were common black, told by Hagrid that they would get new robes after they had been "sorted" whatever that meant.

Lenalee began to practice whatever she had just read in the book, waving her wand slowly so she could get the movement right.

Kanda put down the book he had, Transfigurations, and took out his wand. He waved it, speaking the spell he had just read and felt the world spin and get a bit larger. He stood and realized that he was on all fours on the floor. He glanced up at the table and tried pushing off with all of his limbs, not sure how this would work. He landed easily on the table and opened the book with one black paw, looking for the reverse spell.

Lavi glanced to where his comrade had been sitting and saw that the Exorcist was gone, a black cat with cobalt eyes and crosses on its front legs in his place. The cat was leafing through the book in front of it on the table. It looked up at the slack jawed Lavi and smirked? Cats can't smirk. Was his last thought as the cat seemed to spin about and turned into Kanda, who had a rather amused look on his face. It was very slight but Lavi knew it was as close to a smile as Kanda was about to get.

"What." Kanda growled. Just because he had managed to transfigure into a cat doesn't mean it was worth staring about. He looked across at Lenalee and saw she was staring too. He scowled.

"Wow Yuu-chan! That was amazing! You're really good at magic! Who knew neh?" The Baka Usagi gushed, making Kanda wish he was still a cat so he could scratch that look off his face.

"Che" was all Kanda had to say. He turned back to his book, looking for the hardest spell in the book. He figured that if he could do the most difficult one, he wouldn't have to bother with the minor ones.

Lavi was motivated now to try a spell for himself. "Wingardium Leviosa." Kanda's book started to float into the air with the motions of Lavi's wand. He grinned cheekily until he caught sight of the samurai's face, which he could only just barely see around the shining black sword in his face. The book dropped to the floor and Kanda gathered up it and his others before standing and stalking to his room upstairs.

Lenalee sighed at the still panicked look on Lavi's face and the almost visible cloud of rage coming from Kanda's room. This was going to be a long year.