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Darkest Fixation


Being host to the demon of Obsession seriously sucked, Cameron thought morosely.

It meant he was a creature of habit; he had to follow his routine no matter what. He had to do certain things at certain times, like doing push-ups at twilight, with no exceptions. He had to drop whatever he was doing at the time in order to follow his habits, which was a serious pain in the ass, especially when he was doing something else. It was also dangerous, since if anyone ever learned his habits they would be able to kill him with little effort if they timed their attack just right.

Also, he got obsessed over some of the stupidest things if he wasn't careful. Like his new and unfortunate need to watch every new episode of ThunderCats that came on Cartoon Network…

Cameron let out a slight growl as a muscle in his cheek twitched at the thought of that cursed cartoon.

At the moment, however, he was obsessed with something a lot worse than a stupid animated show. No, this obsession had the potential to get him killed in an incredibly gruesome way, but that did nothing to deter his demon. Oh no, the bastard was actually giggling with eagerness to follow through with his latest fixation:

The Lords of the Underworld, a group of immortal warriors who had once served as Zeus's bodyguards against his enemies and family members alike until they had unleashed the demons of Pandora's Box and each of them had wound up cursed to contain a demon inside each of them. Unfortunately, there had been more demons than naughty warriors, and so he and some other prisoners of Tartarus had gotten stuck with demons of their own, including the former Titan King Cronus and his bitch wife Rhea.

Obsession had latched onto his need to know about them with a fervor, making him obsessed with ferreting out every single scrap of information about them that he could, especially since the new ruler of the Titans, a woman possessed by the demon of Wrath, had seen fit to warn him and the others about what would happen if they tried anything against the warriors.

So now, a solid week after he'd bolted from that damn bedroom the second the barrier had come down, he was grinding his teeth as he flashed into the castle where he'd been held prisoner, darting out of the bedroom (the only room he was familiar enough with to safely teleport into) as soon as he materialized.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he reached the hall without being impeded by any barrier, physical or otherwise, and he looked around warily, casting his senses around to see if any of the Lords were around. Sensing nothing in his immediate area, he relaxed his tensed stance minutely, and then set off at a brisk jog in a random direction, eager to get away from those damn bedrooms.

Cameron was sure to memorize his route, just so that he would somewhere else to flash to if he had to leave and then come back to the castle. He curled his lip at the multitude of paintings of Viola, the (minor) goddess of the Afterlife, and a Grade-A bitch who only got worse after getting stuck with the demon of Narcissism. He didn't recognize the woman in the other pictures (though she did look faintly familiar…) but he had the strangest feeling that the two women were at war with each other, at least as far as decorating was concerned.

He noticed several security cameras, which were very much out of place in the medieval design of the castle and he had to wonder how the Lords had rigged it so that the castle had electricity. He supposed that if nothing else the demon-possessed warriors were resourceful.

Disregarding the cameras for the moment, he resumed exploring the fortress and memorizing the various corridors and rooms, most of which were empty and clearly hadn't been used for a long time. He promptly ignored the presence of the dungeon and pointedly did not go down there.

The keeper of Obsession spent around three hours exploring; only interrupted by his habitual push-ups, which he went through as quickly as the demonic bastard sharing his body would allow.

Once his exercise was done, he jumped to his feet and, ignoring the sweat causing his shirt to cling to his chest, resumed his exploration. Though he hated the castle on principle, he had to admit that the Lords had actually cleaned up the place pretty well all things considered.

Cameron tensed when he felt someone approaching, and since he had no intention of meeting a Lord face-to-face, at least at the moment, he flashed into an empty bedroom that he had finished exploring a few hours before to get away from whoever-it-was. He was unconsciously breathing hard, shaken slightly by the close call, but he shook his head, bronze hair flowing with the movement, and told himself that he had just been picking the right moment to introduce himself and that he hadn't been running away.

He rolled his shoulders, popping his neck and relieving some of he tension he was feeling, and paced from one end of the bedroom to the other, taking note that the bathroom seemed to be in working order, though he turned on the tap just to be sure (and he mentally cheered when he discovered that he was right).

The immortal promptly decided to claim this bedroom as his own, even if it needed some cleaning and an appointment with a fresh coat of paint.

He firmly told himself that he was not stalling, even as he spent the next several days getting the bedroom just how he liked it.

Three days later, and Cameron had run out of excuses to avoid coming into contact with any of the Lords or their allies, even though he'd practically been living in their backyard. His bedroom was spotless, he'd cleared out all the dust, cobwebs, changed the bed sheets and rearranged the furniture, and removed the random pieces of debris, then he'd slapped on a fresh coat of paint on the walls just for good measure.

The keeper of Obsession took a deep breath and then exited his room, making his way to the entertainment room (he was impressed that the Lords had managed to get a satellite signal, considering where they were). Experience told him that that would be the most likely place to find some of the other immortal warriors, and he steeled himself to keep from chickening out.

He reached the T.V. room and faintly heard the sound of some sort of comedy show coming from the widescreen television, and his senses told him that there were three beings in the room. Whether they were Lords or not, he couldn't tell without getting closer, but he figured that he had to start somewhere.

A tentative step into the room, and Cameron had the feeling that he had just made a mistake.

The women sitting on the couch, one who looked like she'd been dipped in honey and one who he recognized as the woman in some of the paintings, looked away from the T.V. at his appearance and blinked at him. The woman who was apparently in a decorating war with Viola was sucking on a lollipop, which made him do his utmost best not to notice. The third person he'd sensed was another woman, though this one had black hair and bright red lips. The third woman was also demon-possessed, as Obsession helpfully informed him.

As far as he could tell, the women were - respectively - mortal, minor goddess, and demon-possessed.

Just as he was about to say 'screw it' and flash back to his room, the honey-colored woman smiled and said, "You must be Cameron, the keeper of Obsession, right? Torin said that he saw you walking around on the security cameras, but half of the Lords thought he was making it up." She clapped her hands and chirped, "Introductions then! I'm Ashlyn Lord, this is Anya, the goddess of Anarchy, and that's Scarlet, the keeper of Nightmares." She pointed to each woman as she introduced them, which was rather helpful.

Anya waved at him and motioned for him to have a seat as she said between sucks on her lollipop, "Just so you know, Lucien's my man, so if you swing that way, look but don't touch, got it?"

The keeper of Obsession grimaced, already knowing that he wouldn't get along with the minor goddess, but he sat down in one of the recliners anyway, chancing a quick look at the television (just a quick peek so as not to tempt his demon) before looking back at the women and feeling distinctly out of place, especially when Scarlet threw in her two cents, "By the way, Ashlyn belongs to Maddox, the keeper of Violence, so be sure to keep on her good side. And me? I don't have a good side, but as long as you don't mess with my man, we'll get along fine." Ashlyn blushed and squeaked out a denial, but was summarily ignored.

As far as first meetings went, the immortal host to one of the most pain-in-the-ass demons ever figured things could have gone a lot worse.

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