Larten could taste victory at the edge of his fingertips. Arra had lost her weapon and he was the closest he had ever come to beating her, seconds away from sealing the deal. She backed away from him, and he smirked at her, taunting her by walking slowly forward. Wasn't it just the other day she taunted him for dropping his staff?

"Vampire Gods, Crepsley! What kind of general can't hold on to a stick?" She had said and without a second's hesitation, sent him toppling over the edge of the bar they were balanced on with a good whack to the head. And then she laughed at him as she jumped down and helped him up, his face as red as his shirt.

But this time he was going to win, he could feel it in his vampire blood. He raised his arms to push her, but before he could make the swing, she took two steps forward and kissed him. He was so surprised that he dropped the staff, kissing her back for just a moment before he felt her hands on his shoulders give him a sturdy push. He feet slipped, pulling the two of them apart and there was a horrible moment where he was sort of suspended, half-way fallen, when he had to look at her face where she was smiling at him, her arms crossed over her chest.

He tumbled over the edge, hitting the floor hard, his orange hair obscuring his few of the bars. He just lay there, slightly in pain, slightly in disappointment, slightly in something he couldn't put a finger on, but mostly he just laid, splayed out in shock. If he couldn't still feel this tingling in his lips, he might have not even believed it happened, that he just slipped.

He heard Arra's feet hit the floor and he still didn't move until he saw her hand hovering over his chest, offering to help him up. "Better luck next time, Crepsley."

"Why did you…. What made you-" He couldn't get the words out, his face flamed with embarrassment as she just stared at him, her lips curved upward.

"I won didn't I?" She asked and turned around. "Do I need a real reason?"

He watched her walk away for a minute before, not really thinking about it, he grabbed her arm and turned her around, kissing her full on the lips before he let her go.

"Crepsley! Why did you do that?" She practically yelled at him, pushing him half-heartedly away from her.

"Do I need a real reason?" She stared at him the whole way out the hall.