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"Bella, honey. Are you sure you want to go to that horrible town?" my 'Mother' asked

"Yes, Renee. I'm going." I snapped "I've had enough; I'm going back where I belong and where you should off left me. You have Phil now I'm sure he can look after you." I turn to Phil and smile "I'm sorry Phil. I love you I do but I can't stay here anymore. Look after her, I know I don't care but I can see you love her." I walk over to him and hug him and walk towards my new life.

I was going to be living in Forks for the first time since Renee took me away (I refuse to call her my mother). She didn't like the town, but did that really mean she had to take me with her, away from my father and older brother. I loved them I was always close to them and I still was when I visited them. For that distance, for her selfishness I've always resented her. I recently snapped, I had enough so for the first time I stood up to her. Since she has a new husband I figured he can look after her so I can go back to where I should never have left.

I was currently on my plane and I was pumped full of excitement. I haven't seen them in over three years, sure I've talked to them over the phone a lot but that's not the same.

I can't wait the see Mark; he has always been my best friend even if he is my older brother. He was very similar to me, we looked the same (obviously he looks like a man while I'm a lot more feminine) and could pass as twins. We have the same brown hair that in the sun shines copper and brown eyes that look like chocolate. We have the same interests, likes and dislikes. The only real thing that's a definite difference would be he's sporty and well-muscled while I'm slightly curvy and extremely clumsy. I was always in the hospital

Now my Dad, Charlie was young when he had Mark at sixteen and me only shortly after. Well then again has continues to always look young and from what I could remember, only looking like he's in his twenties. Mark and I look nothing like neither him nor Renee; apparently we take after Renee's deceased mother when she was young. Mark said Dad he hasn't changed and still looks the same as ever. The intercom interrupted my thinking saying we are about to land. I fidget and feel a huge smile creep on my face as I realize I will be seeing them both very soon.

After clearing customs and doing the impossible and getting my luggage before it got crowded I made my way to the pickup point. I made my way round the corner and froze in shock. There at the front of the crowd was my brother with a huge sign saying "WELCOME HOME BELLA."

I dropped my luggage and ran at him; he spotted me and instantly smiled. I jumped and he quickly caught me then hugged me back. I let go and he gently set me on my feet.

Whispering in my ear he said "Hey Belly, long time no see."

"I know," I whispered back "but I'm back for good now." I pulled back and smiled a true genuine smile that's been missing for a while.

The next thing I know I'm off the floor and in someone else's arms and being squeezed to death. I know it's not Mark because whoever it is their skin is really cold and electric is passing through us. They hold me for a while then let me down and I can breathe again. Once my breath back I look up and gasp. Stood there is my Dad but he doesn't look the same as before, he's pale and looks really beautiful. He's smiling at me but all I can do is stare at him in shock and think about what it felt like when I was touching him.

"Bella." he said and it sounded like chimes "I missed you, honey."

I snap out of my stupor and whisper "Dad?" He nods and smiles. I launch myself at him again and feel the return of the shocks as our skin touches. "Oh, Daddy. I've missed you so much." I can't not help but feel happy and safe in his arms and a little disappointed when he pulls back. He sees this and puts his arm over my shoulder while I put mine around his waist. We turn and see Mark stood there with my entire luggage and make our way towards him.

As Marks driving we talk about the stuff that's happened since the last time we spoke and how glad we all are that I've moved back. As I'm drifting to sleep still in my Dad's arms, I can't help but think this is going to be the best if not one of the most important decisions of my entire life. Just as I'm about to drift off I hear Mark talking about dark eyes and Dad talk to Mark about hunting when he gets home and how he's going to tell me when once I get settled in.

Charlie's POV

I can't believe that she's home. I know that she's never liked living with Renee but I never could do anything about it. Mark and I can't believe she's back. She's in my arms sleeping and she feels like she should have always been there. I look down at her and she looks like and angel, her mouth open slightly and her hair feathered on her face. I put her hair behind her ear and she looks completely peaceful as she turns her face into my hand. I feels something tugging at my heart as I sit here looking down at my beautiful daughter.

"Dad" I look up at Mark. "Your eyes look dark."

"I'll hunt tonight. I'm going to tell her." His eyes look back at me through the mirror. "Only when she settles in. I don't know how she'll take it."

"She'll be fine. She loves you, I'm sure she'll still feel the same when you tell her. I was fine when you told me, although I sort of guessed and you explained." He reassured me but I couldn't help but think about what would happen if she became to hate me. It hurt, a lot; my heart hurt just thinking she could hate me. I don't know what I would do. I remember my maker talking about this feeling and saying I would know when I found the one meant for me, but it couldn't be. This was Bella I was thinking about. My daughter! She can't be the one for me. I shook my head; I'll talk to Mark about it later. He won't be pleased, but he's the only one who could help.