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The Talk

Charlie's POV

The rest of the drive is quiet apart from the even breathing of Bella who's still asleep in my lap. We pull in to the driveway and Mark gets out, grabs Bella's bags from the trunk and walks towards the house. I open the door and carefully get out while carrying Bella without waking her and walk into the house where Mark is already stood waiting.

"I'll put her in my room for now until we finish her room tomorrow. Put her bags there too, I'm sure she'd like to shower and change in the morning after the flight today." He nods and moves towards the stairs where I follow.

We get to my room where I gently place her on my unused bed and tuck her in under the covers to keep her warm. I motion for Mark to follow me and we walk downstairs where Mark sits on the sofa watching me as I pace. I stopped and turned towards him.

"Do you remember when I told you everything and what my maker told me?" He nodded looking confused. "Do you remember what I said about finding someone meant for me? That they're my mate?" Again he nodded. "I know who it is. Well I've always known her. Not my whole life but hers. Well obviously I would know her. What I mean is I've found her. Maybe found isn't the right word. She's…"

"Dad" he interrupted. "You're rambling. So you found your mate I'm happy for you, I am but you need to stop rambling and tell me who it is and where you met her."

"Well you know who she is and you know where I've seen her." I started pacing again "I don't think you're not going to like it. No, I know you're not going to like it, most defiantly not going to like it. You might even want to kill me. I don't believe it myself. I mean it's wrong and disturbing not to mention highly illegal." I stop pacing and turn towards him "It's Bella."

I watched him closely for any signs of emotion but he wasn't showing anything. He looked frozen. I moved and sat on my armchair and waited for him to speak. It wasn't for another ten minutes of my staring at the stain on the chair that he spoke.

"Okay." I snapped my head up and stared at him.

"What?" I said shocked. "What do you mean okay."

"Okay." He finally looked at me. "I don't know what else to say. I mean I was defiantly not expecting that. I mean who expects their father, who is coincidently a vampire, to actually find their mate and not only that but it turns out to be my sister, his daughter, who he helped bring into this world." He took a breath and fell back on the sofa looking tired. "Look Dad, I know you can't control who your mate is so I don't blame you. I know it's illegal and considered a sin but you're a vampire so human laws or morals don't really affect you, so it isn't illegal only weird. As for what I think, I'll need some time to adjust but as long as you're both happy I'm okay. When you tell her what you are I suggest you tell her this as well, rip off the bandage so to speak."

"What if she's disgusted that I'm a vampire, not only that she's also my fated, my mate."

"If what you said is true and from what you've told me, then she'll be affected now. She might feel the bond you share, but she's human, she doesn't know what you are and she might think there's something wrong with her. Tell her tomorrow night, I'll go out and you should tell her on your own. Make it her choice; don't think she'll reject you until she says it herself. Now I'm going to bed, this has worn me out. Night Dad." He got up and walked towards the stairs.

"Mark?" I called as he reached the bottom.


"Thanks. It means a lot. That you don't hate me that is, even after everything."

"You're my Dad, I could never hate you." He turned and went to bed for the night.

I sat in the dark for the rest of the night and thought about Bella and how she might take it. I know that it's not right that my own daughter is my mate but I can't do anything about it, she was chosen for me my perfect match. I hope she sees that, I couldn't cope if she rejected me. I love her already not only as a daughter but as my mate. She's so beautiful; her brown eyes that are so deep you could fall into them forever if you just take one glace. Her hair, long and soft like the richest silk with curls that fall perfectly on her shoulders showing off her heart shaped face. Her full pink lips that look so soft and inviting that I can't help but think how they would feel against mine.

As I'm sat thinking I hear foot steps down the stairs. They're too soft to be Marks, it's got to be Bella and I guess I was so distracted I didn't hear her rise. She didn't see me and walks past me and goes into the kitchen. I hear the water running and the clatter of the glass hitting the sink before Bella's footsteps coming back again.

I take a breath relishing in her sweet scent. I don't think I've ever smelt anything so glorious. It doesn't make me thirsty, just wanting to bring it closer and surround myself in it forever. She's just next me when I say her name quietly. "Bella" I hear her jump, gasp and her heart rate pick up.

"Dad" She sounds out of breath with her heart still beating rapidly.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." I apologise barely suppressing a grin.

"It's okay; just let me get my heart back in its right place." She takes a deep breath in and slowly lets it out. She did that a couple of times then finally spoke. "Why are you still up? I would have thought you needed to be up early for work."

"I don't sleep much now days and since your rooms still not finished I let you have my bed for the night. Plus I took the week off to help you get settled in."

"You didn't need to do that, I know how much you like to work." She replied then got all confused. "Why would my room need doing?"

"We just thought that since you're living here permanently that it would be nice to redecorate your room, so we've repainted it and put in a new floor. We just need to put together the new furniture."

"Oh, Dad you didn't need to do that." She said through a yawn.

"Yes we did. Go back to bed sweetie, you're still tired."

"Goodnight Dad. Love you."

"Love you too." As she walked past me again I got another smell of her scent and I remembered what Mark said about my eyes. I waited until her breathing evened out then went out the back door and into the forest to hunt. Hopefully Bella won't notice that my eyes are brighter before I have the chance to tell her tonight. As I take down a bear I can't help but think of Bella sleeping and how peaceful she looks.