Charlie Bone and the beacon of hope

Chapter 1

Rain hit the car window as we travelled along yet another road, a road that was leading us further and further away from the place I had called home for the last 16 years. This move they said was for my benefit they were moving me, moving us closer to the home of our ancestor the mysterious Red King. So here we were me, mum and dad heading to a new home and life.

An hour later we arrived at our new house, don't get me wrong I liked the new house, I had my own room and it looked lovely but I couldn't help feeling sick. This city felt strange I can't quite explain how or why it feels strange but it does and I know mum and dad can feel it as well. Mum and Dad are endowed just like me but their gifts are much more subtle than mine. Mum can look at a person and instantly know what is troubling them and also what they need to make themselves feel better. Sometimes this gift is great as you never need to explain your problems to her as she will know what they are instantly and also know what to do to help. However it also has its downsides for example last year when I accidently knocked over her favourite vase she knew instantly just with one look at me and she took a week to get over it.

Dad's gift is quite similar to Mum's he can feel the emotions of people around him and can also help to control them if he needs to. This is very handy during arguments because as soon as dad walks into the room everyone calms down. So between my parents and their endowments it is very had to be feeling any emotion other than happy for very long.

My Gifts are not quite as subtle as my parents and yes I do mean gifts. My parents think the reason I have so many endowments is because of our unusual family tree as unlike most children of the red king who are descended from one of the children I am descended from 4. This is because each of my grandparents was descended from a different child of the red king and so as a result I am descended from all four. Throw in with that 3 sorcerers and a sorceress and then you have my family. In total I have 10 gifts which is mind blowing for me let alone anyone else as I am the one who has to control them enough so that no one else knows how many I possess. This is why I don't understand why we have moved here, I have spent my life learning to control my gifts so that they don't fall into the hands of the wrong people as it where and now we have moved to the very place where many of these people live.

My parents believe that we have moved her to fulfil our destinies and are roles in the battle that has been going on for over 900 years between the red king's children. So as a result we have a meeting with the headmaster of Bloor's academy tomorrow and then I will be starting school on Monday. 'Come on Mia teas ready' mum's call caught me by surprise I must have been standing in my new room for a lot longer than I thought, I took a last look out of the window before I headed downstairs for tea.

The morning came much faster than I had wanted it to; I had been dreading setting eyes on Bloor's and the family who ran it. I had heard many stories about the school and the Bloor family from my dad who had been to Bloor's as a boy and I knew that the Bloor's were just the sort of people I had been hiding my gifts from and now I would be walking straight into their school. 'All ready to go' my dad asked with a smile 'do I have to go to Bloor's dad? I mean there are plenty of good sixth form collages around here that I could go to instead'. Dad just looked at me for a minute with one of his usual smiles 'You're endowed and Bloor's is where the endowed go besides I think you will be just what the school needs.' With a sigh I knew that there was no room for argument so I picked up my coat and headed towards to door.