Chapter 8

I awoke to the sound of the key turning in the lock I quickly removed all the evidence of my nights work, the last item had just vanished as Manfred opened the door. 'Sleep well Mia?' Manfred asked with his usual smirk 'yes wonderfully' I replied which was actually the truth although it was obvious Manfred thought I was lying. 'Well here is your breakfast' he chuckled and he handed me a plate with a slice of bread on it 'thanks' I said politely as I took the plate from him. 'What time are my parents arriving?' I asked, Manfred frowned 'they will be collecting you at four' he said with an air of disappointment ' I'm surprised you're letting them pick me up.' 'Trust me we are not letting them collect you willingly, however your parents are well versed in the rules of our school and rang us last night in order to ask what time to pick you up. My father tried to say that you had been given another detention, but your father then said that as that was against school rules the headmaster must be mistaken and then asked again what time you should be picked up.' I couldn't help but laugh at this, the thought of my dad holding his own against the Bloor's was a funny thought, as he was normally such a quiet man. 'Don't look so pleased with yourself' Manfred barked at me 'I'm not pleased with myself I am pleased with my dad' I grinned, for a moment Manfred was speechless 'eat you breakfast and I will be back in half an hour to collect you.' With that he left the room locking it behind him as he went.

The smile stayed on my face until Manfred came to collect me again, my smile annoyed Manfred which just made me smile more. 'Stop that' Manfred said through gritted teeth 'stop what?' I asked innocently, 'you know full well' he said. Manfred then took me by the arm and lead me out of my prison, he lead me off back through the maze of corridors that, unlike last night the further along them we went the warmer it got. We stopped outside the same room as the night before; I sighed as Manfred led me inside the room and led me over to the now familiar wooden chair. I took my seat and Manfred took his position behind my head just in case I tried anything, 'hello Mia did you have a good night?' I don't think I will ever get used to Ezekiel Bloor's voice it sounded so old, too old in fact but at the same time it also sounded so cunning and cruel. 'Yes thank-you' I replied with a smile, Ezekiel looked slightly taken aback by my cheery attitude and he looked at Manfred, as if he was looking for an explanation. However Ezekiel obviously finding no answers in Manfred's face turned his attention back to me 'really? Well how lovely' he said with an attempt at a smile. 'Here she is sisters' a voice from behind cried we were worried that we might have missed it' the speaker had now come into view and it was Venetia Charlie's great aunt. 'No don't worry lady's you are just in time, Mia here was just telling me about her night' 'was she now? How was it my dear?' Eustacia asked with a chuckle 'it was very pleasant thank-you and the view of the ruin was beautiful' I smiled at her. All four sisters exchanged confused looks and then looked at Ezekiel 'well I am glad you liked your room and the view' Ezekiel sniggered and at that everyone in the room began to laugh. I just sat there smiling sweetly, I kept trying to come up with some kind of plan but in the end I just decided to try and sit it out, I looked at the clock on the fireplace and saw that it was ten o'clock. 'Six hours' I thought to myself I can last six hours all I have to do is stay calm and keep the remainder of my gifts hidden.

Eventually the laughing subsided and all the eyes in the room returned to staring at me. 'Right Mia let's get down to business' Manfred said while bringing his hands down rather hard on each of my shoulders. 'Yes business' Ezekiel repeated 'well Mia hopefully your stay in one of our less comfortable rooms has helped you to come to your senses.' 'As I said before Mr Bloor I had a very comfortable night and no I have not changed my mind, I will not take my ring off and you cannot take it off by force. Besides I couldn't even take the ring off if I wanted to' I added 'what do you mean you can't take it off' 'I mean I can't take it off its part of the wands protective enchantments.' I explained, this wasn't strictly true as I could only take it off if I really wanted to but as I never would want to except to pass it on it was practically the truth. 'Well we will see about that' Venetia added 'we have a few more tools up our sleeves so we will soon see whether or not we can take that ring off.' The next three hours saw the four sisters, Manfred and Ezekiel trying and failing to remove the ring from my finger. It was actually quite comical to watch as they were gradually all looking more and more dishevelled and desperate. 'It's no good' Manfred finally exclaimed, 'it isn't going to come off, not like this anyway.' 'What do you mean not like this?' Ezekiel asked 'well' Manfred said with a sneer on his face. I instantly felt sick as I read his mind, 'well we could hypnotise her into taking it off'. 'But she said it's Impossible for her to take it off 'Charlie's grandmother butted in. Ezekiel and Manfred both shot her an identical look and she immediately took a step backwards.

'Hypnotise her of course, although your previous attempt at hypnotising her didn't go too well, did it?' 'No' Manfred snapped 'but I do think it is worth another go.' 'Oh very well then but you had better not fail again Manfred, otherwise you will start to loose you're usefulness.' Manfred moved round the chair so that he was facing me, as he was doing this someone moved round the back of the chair and grabbed my head. Whoever it was, was digging their nails into my head, I tried to ignore the pain as I knew I would need to concentrate on Manfred. 'Come on Mia' I told myself 'You have done it before and you will do it again', too much was at stake to give in to Manfred and those eyes.

'Mia look at me' there he went with that voice, that voice that was so convincing, the voice that made me want to do anything it asked. 'Concentrate' I shouted to myself. I started to read Manfred's mind and this time I went as deep as I could into his memories, I dragged them to the surface of his mind one by one, delving deeper every time. Memories of his mother and his childhood were my main aim, as those are a soft spot for pretty much everyone. 'Mia' Manfred warned, but I just carried on, 'Mia.' This time Manfred shouted my name and gripped the top of my arms. 'Be a good girl Mia and then we can all be friends' Manfred snarled at me.

'Enough' Ezekiel said. 'No' Manfred exclaimed 'I can do it just give me more time'. 'No' Ezekiel snapped 'we have already wasted enough time on this, besides' he said with a grin 'we have other methods that may prove effective that we have yet to try.' 'But', 'Manfred our visitor is here to meet our young guest and it would be rude to keep him waiting.' At these words Manfred grinned 'oh yes, I had forgotten about him'

Mind reading is not always a good endowment to have as it means that I get to see and hear the horrible things that are in store for me and the thoughts currently going round and round in Manfred's head would defiantly qualify as horrible. The visitor they were talking about was the father of one of the other children of the red kind at the school.

Lord Grimwald, Dagbert's father was the Bloor's latest tactic at getting me to spill my secrets to them. Despite the fact that I knew I was in no danger I still felt slightly sick as Manfred pushed me down the hall to the room that contained Grimwald. 'Have fun' Manfred chuckled as we reached the room at the end of a large corridor. 'Thanks' I muttered as I was pushed inside the door. I heard the key click in the lock behind me, as Manfred locked me in the room with the Lord of the Oceans.

The smell of the sea was so strong that for a moment I was convinced I must be at the seaside. The smell of salt and fish filled my nostrils as I looked round the room. It was a huge room with a large fountain in the middle of it. This fountain must have been brought in especially for the Bloor's guest as it had no other reason to be there other than to provide a water source for Grimwald.

'So you must be Mia?' I spun round to find the owner of the voice and there he stood just casually leaning against one of the long walls. 'Yes' I replied as confidently as I could, 'and you must be Lord Grimwald.' 'I am' he replied and as he said this he slowly started moving towards me, the way the tide slowly starts to creep up the beach. I stood still my eyes fixed on his face, his face reminded me so much of the sea on the outside it looked so inviting and fun, just as the sea does on a warm summer's day. However a closer look revealed the hidden danger that lurked beneath like a fast current that threatened to snatch an idle swimmer away to their death if they were not careful.

'I am sure you know why you have been brought here to me, but just in case you don't I will enlighten you. You have been brought here because the Bloor's seem to be having some communication problems with you and they hope that I will be able to sort them out.' 'Communication problems?' I asked sweetly 'No I don't think there are any communication problems at least not at my end.' 'Good so you have decided to tell the Bloor's everything they want to know' he said in a dull tone. 'No that's not what I said at all, I said that I had no communication problem I understand everything they say however they seem to be having a problem understanding the bit about me not telling them what my abilities are.'

'I see well there does defiantly appear to be a problem then.' He said with a grin 'let's see what I can do to help the problem.' With that the water from the fountain started to spill over the sides and onto the floor. 'It appears you have a bit of a leak' I said to him while I was moving slightly further away from him and the over flowing water. I wasn't afraid that I was going to drown as I can control all the elements not just fire and thankfully water is one of the elements. However I still bracing myself for a battle, a mental battle more than a physical battle but a battle none the less.