My Boyfriend, Jared

(A/N) hey everyone this is my first story and I hope you like it. It is from the new series the Dragon Diaries, book one, Flying Blind. What if Jared had kissed Zoƫ in the library and they got in a bit of trouble. And what if the relationship worked out and Jared didn't leave. I don't own or have ever owned the story line of this book.

The Library

I was sitting there, looking straight into his eyes, waiting for his lips to touch mine. I start to think that it isn't going to happen. But then, slowly his lips dip down and touch mine. And again, and a third time. But this time they wait longer on my own lips.

Its like a fire ignited inside me. I have never, ever felt like this with anyone, not even Nick. Before I know it we are full on making out in the library. Not even paying attention to the huge books we just dropped.

Then the librarian shows up behind us and starts that little coughing noise people make to tell you they are standing right there. Jared looks up quickly and says the funniest thing.

"Shut up we're kinda busy here."

Then the old bird starts yelling for security guards and everything. Oh crap, oh crap, I thought in my head. But old loud I yelled RUN at the same time Jared did. Instead of running though we start skipping towards the front holding hands. The security guards run up behind us and we do start running outside. When we get to the Doucati we jump on and we speed off without our helmets on. It was the most exhilarating part of my life.

After camp

I was doing my homework in my room when dad asks me in old speak to come up to the roof and talk with him. I didn't know it but I was in a heap of trouble.

"What happened at the library on your way to boot camp?"

Oh crap, I forgot about my physic dad. He had seen it all happen.

"How much trouble am I in?" I asked him. I was just waiting for him to yell about me making out in a library. He was very against PDA, and he had to be mad.

"For the PDA or for the motorcycle?" Oh crap I forgot about the motorcycle. he is more crazy about safety than about PDA. "Only a little. Your only going be grounded for about a month or a year maybe." I guess I won't be seeing Jared for a while. But all that fun was totally worth it and I get to listen to his music all the time now on my new messager.

"And hand over the messager now." Or so I thought. I guess even the Wyvern, prophetess of the Pyr gets in trouble. I wonder if Sophie ever got in in trouble with her dad.