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"Well, its not easy, laying in this hospital bed, dying. Wait, maybe I should start from the beggining. My name is Jeane Descole, and this is the story of how I met Hershel Layton."

"I had a pretty normal life, I had a wife, and a I was the police chief of my town."

"I had a pretty good childhood."

It was a warm summers day, I was in the field with a few friends looking at shapes in the clouds.

"Jeane, Jeane come here love." My mother called.

I ran to her and she led me into th house, and sat me on the couch.

"Now sweetie, you know your father and I love you very much." She said.

"That's right." My father said.

"But we have something to tell you-" She started.

"You're adopted." My sister said.

"Yes sweetie its true, but that doesn't mean we love you any less." My mother said, as she slapped my sisters arm.

"Yes, the day you were born, we put some money in a brown paper bad, and gave it to your real mother so you could come home with us." My father said with a smile.

"I think the whole reason I became a police officer was to find my real mother."

It was a normal house, one story, white walls, blue roof. I got out of my car and walked up to the front door.

"Hello?" A kind looking old woman said as she answered the door.

"Hi, are you Barbera Bascombe?" I asked.

She nodded and opened the screen door. I glanced inside the house and saw two adults about my age.

"Did you give a baby up for adoption 33 years ago?" I asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She said.

"No, it's alright mom, we can work on things we can build." I pleaded.

She shut the door in my face.

"Come on mom, I just wanna know why you gave me up, AND KEPT YOU'RE OTHER TWO KIDS!" I shouted.

"Go away jeane." She shouted from inside.


She didn't answer so I just left the house.

"After that I quit my job, packed up my bags and moved my family and I to london. I got a new job, had good pay, a loving wife and a daughter."

I walked through the new house, my wife and I were holding a party you see.

"Jeane, come here for a sec." She yelled to me across the room.

I walked over and smiled at the couple my wife was talking to.

"Jeane this is Mr. and Mrs. Triton, they live across the street, two houses down." She said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, I hope you're changing the paint on the house, what do they call that color?" I asked jokingly.

"Oh no, we're changing it." Mr. Triton said with a smile.

"So Jeane, what do you do for a living?" Mrs. Triton asked.

"I sell produce. Sysco always fresh never frozen." I said with a smile.

"The pay is really good." My wife said.

"And the hours don't crush me." I said.

"Yep, so I can keep an eye on him." My wife said happily.

"Among other things." I mumbled as I kissed her.

After everyone left, I told my wife I had to go into work and finish paper work. That wasn't true though. I was going to see someone. We met up and had sex.

He was one of the most good looking men I had ever seen.

"Oh yeah did I mention I was gay?


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