Lurking About

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I felt like paying tribute to Banjo-Tooie. So here you go, Kazooie going about in Witchyworld. Odd? Probably likely.

Kazooie was wandering about on her own in Witchyworld, heading past the abandon entrance booth and heading straight towards Big Al's Burger Stand.

"Hey Al, gimme some burgers!" Kazooie shouted as she leaned on the plastic cheese.

Big Al nodded, sneezing to the right as he turned to the front, spotting Kazooie and eying her suspiciously. "Wait a minute, why isn't the bear with you?"

Kazooie waved her right wing at him. "Pfft! I don't need Banjo. I can handle myself."

"Well... I'm not suppose to serve your kind..." Big Al muttered as he sneezed to the left.

Kazooie sighed, blasting Big Al with a grenade egg. Killing the rhino, Kazooie grabbed some of the burgers prepared, stuffing four under her left wing as she headed towards Salty Jo's.

"Gimmie some fries, Jo!" Kazooie shouted as she slammed the red counter several times.

Salty Jo folded his arms. "I'm not supposed to serve your kind."

Kazooie growled as she placed her wings on her feahtery red hips. "Ugh! What is with this place? Racism against breegulls much?" She then froze Salty Jo with an ice egg, snatching some hot salty fries and sticking them under her left wing.

"Now then, time to sneak these babies out..." Kazooie chuckled as she headed towards the train station, smacking a pesky rodent to the side as she headed into the train station. Kazooie then ran into the darkness to her left, ignoring the warnings that Jamjars shouted as she made it into the train station within Hailfire Peaks, eating the burgers and fries nearby the exit, chuckling as she munched down.

"Mmmm hmmm... this is a tasty burger..." Kazooie muttered as she kept chuckling to herself while eating.