Olivia awoke wrapped in Peter's clothes. She was alone and shivering. The night had gotten colder. A light frost covered the grass, and Olivia could see her breath. The full moon had risen to its highest point in the sky and bathed the forest in giant blotches of shimmering light.

"Peter?" she called.

An owl hooted nearby, but then fell silent. It was unnatural, Olivia thought. There should be more noise. She hoped Peter was okay. She located her clothing and hurriedly dressed, wondering if Peter would come back soon. Still cold, she put Peter's clothes on over her own.

The haunting cry of a wolf shattered the stillness. It was Peter. She had heard it before, but she was unprepared for what came next: a gunshot. She pulled out her pistol and raised it in front of her instinctively.

Something came galloping out from the trees and leaped over a fallen log to stand before her. It was a giant wolf. It was panting from exertion, plumes of frozen water vapor came shooting from its mouth. She gasped as she saw the front paw held up, blood dripping down onto the ground.

"Peter, you're hurt."

She placed her pistol back on safety and tucked it into the waistband of her pants. A patch of clouds rolled across the moon, blocking it from view. She watched as Peter immediately emerged from the wolf, standing before her naked and bleeding.

"I'll be fine," he said as he grabbed her hand. "We have to get going. Now!"

Olivia tell to her knees as another gunshot erupted from behind them. It sounded a lot closer. Peter grabbed Olivia by the hand and jerked her up. They were then running.

How long they ran, she didn't know. It seemed like forever. Her lungs were on fire and her legs screamed in pain. She struggled to keep up with Peter. He seemed to know where he was going. At last they came to the edge of the forest and back to civilization.

Olivia fell against the wrought iron fence of the cemetery and hung there gasping for breath. They had run almost two miles flat out. She kept herself in excellent shape, but it had been ages since she had run so far so fast. She strained to hear anything above her breathing and pounding heart, but failed.

"It's okay. We lost him."

Peter walked back to her and took her hand.

"That was close."

He took his shirt from Olivia and pressed it against the bullet hole in his right shoulder. He gritted his teeth, but kept up the pressure to slow the bleeding.

"Were you seen?" Olivia asked.

"No," he answered as he took his pants back from Olivia and pulled them on. "Just the wolf."

The walk back to Olivia's apartment was uneventful. They held hands and strolled the rest of the way in silence. After unlocking the door, they both stumbled inside.

"You sure know how to show a girl a good time," Olivia said as she began cleaning Peter's wound. "Romance, action, adventure."

Peter laughed. "That's another reason why wolf men make great lovers."