Signer or Dark Signer?

Set in different episodes. What if some of the Signers and Dark Signers were different? What if a single change in a detail could change the destiny of some individuals?

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A single change in an event or scene can change the entire Universe. Here's the first change: What if Rex decided to go with Roman to visit the Nazca Lines?

Chapter 1: Roman and Rex

Peru, Nazca Lines. 17 before the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

In the Nazca Desert, a jeep was leaving behind a trail of dust and sand. Driving the jeep was a blond, light blue-eyed man, Roman Goodwin. This man could seem like any other. But a closer look at his left arm would show a strange birth mark shaped like reptile's head. By his side, another man stood. This other had equally light-blue eyes, but his hair was black. In addition to that, he had no unusual birth mark on any of his arms. This man was Rex Goodwin, Roman's younger brother.

"I still don't get why you insisted in coming with me, Rex." – Roman commented, focused on the driving.

"I'm as curious about the connection between the place and the Ener-D Reactor as you are. I agree with Dr. Fudo that we should shut the Reactor down, if keeping it activated means endangering the city. But if there's a way to prove the Ener-D is harmless, I'll do it." – Rex replied, honestly. Roman nodded; he wasn't happy about what Professor Fudo had declared, but he had no right to put Neo Domino City in the brink of annihilation. However, if there was any proof that the Reactor should stay active, he would take it.

"We're here." – Roman announced and stopped the jeep. The Goodwin brothers had arrived at Nazca Line of the Condor. Rex immediately used a small thermometer-like sensor, analyzing the area inside the geoglyph of the Condor. The small machine beeped frenetically, surprising both man.

"Roman, according with the Enerdymometer, this place has the exact same energy as the Reactor. And I'm not talking about proximities. It's exactly the same!" – Rex informed, his eyes wide open.

"Then I guess our journey here was worth it." – Roman took a look at the landscape. – "But there's still a lot to analyze."

"I'll stay here, analyzing this area." – Rex said, taking some more equipment of his own. – "You move to the next one."

Roman nodded, before driving off. The younger Goodwin had more readings equal to the ones the Ener-D Reactor showed. 'Why is this energy just like the one coming from the Reactor? Where is the connection?' – Rex Goodwin mumbled in his mind. It wasn't long before he noticed he wasn't alone. A man dressed in white clothes, whose face was occulted appeared.

"Who are you?" – Rex inquired.

"I'm from Yliaster. We have taken an interest in you and your brother, Professor Goodwin. Shame you boss wants to shut down the Ener-D Reactor." – the man spoke calmly, like they were talking about the weather. That obviously took the scientist by surprise.

"How do you…"

"You and Roman want to prevent Fudo from shutting down the reactor. The research must continue, right?" – the man continued. Rex could know the mysterious man was smirking. – "Tell me, have you ever paid silent attention to the reactor? Have you ever stopped to hear what the light of the Ener-D could tell you? If you do that, you can hear the light speaking."

"You know what? I think the sun light you caught in your head has fried your brain." – Rex muttered, getting slightly nervous about this man. Despite the man appearing to be crazy, he also knew things only they were supposed to know. – "Why are you telling me all of this, anyway?"

"Because you and Roman are bond to the Reactor and the events it will cause, by destiny. Your brother is even more connected; due to a certain mark on his arm." – the Yliaster member said. Rex's eyes went wide.

"How do you know about that mark? My brother has that thing ever since he was born." – Rex asked. The man turned around, intending to leave. – "Wait! How am I and Roman connected to the Ener-D, in that way? How can it influence our fate? And what voice are you talking about?"

"Don't ask me. Ask the voice. It will tell you all you need to know." – the man said, before the wind blew, carrying sand and dust with it. When Rex reopened his eyes, the man was gone.

Three days later…

Three days later, the Goodwin brothers were back in Domino City. Their voyage to Nazca was in vain. Though they had proven the radiation of the Ener-D was also present in Nazca, they were unable to find any connection. Hence, there was no proof that the Ener-D was completely safe. The shutdown of the Reactor was imminent.

"What can we do" – Rex muttered in his thoughts, desperate. – "Professor Fudo will soon pull the plug on the Reactor."

The scientist then recalled what that man said. He had told him to listen to the voice. But, how could even the light communicate with him? And how could that help him?

"Well, I have nothing to lose." – the younger Goodwin mumbled mentally, heading to the still activated Reactor Room. The space was empty, which was perfect. Rex stood there, silent for 1…2…3…10 minutes and nothing. – "I knew that man was insane."

But then Rex stopped. He felt something on the back of his mind. Something trying to communicate with him. But not in words. Whatever was 'talking' wasn't using words, but emotions and memories. The light glowed brighter, threatening to blind Rex, but that didn't happen. The light just engulfed him and showed him things he never expected to see: five demons rising from the Nazca lines, a dragon made of fire and five other dragons battling the demons…

When the vision stopped, Rex finally understood everything. The door to the Netherworld, the ancient battle, the Crimson Dragon and its Signers, the Earthbound Immortals and Dark Signers…everything! But it didn't stop there. Something else appeared on the Reactor: it was the geoglyph of the Condor. Recklessly, Rex approached the glass shielding the Reactor and touched it. Suddenly, a violent shadow was unleashed from the Ener-D and entered Rex's body, while the man screamed.

One day later…

"Rex, there you are!" – Roman called out, entering the room where Rex was hidden. The younger Goodwin had just stole the control of Ener-D from Professor Fudo. The professor managed to steal three of the four cards used to seal the towers. Later, Fudo entrusted them to Roman. – "Rex, you attacked Professor Fudo just to keep the Reactor activated? Have you lost your mind?"

Rex looked at him, sweating like someone who had just run a marathon.

"Get out of here, while you still can, Roman!" – Rex demanded. – "Take the cards Professor Fudo gave you and find the other Signers!"

"But, why?" – Roman asked, looking at his birth mark.

"You were marked by the Crimson Dragon to protect this world, Roman." – Rex said, revealing his right arm, which was now marked with the geoglyph of the condor. – "I have been marked to serve the darkness. Go before the darkness inside me takes over, again!"

"But, what should I do?" – Roman asked, worried about his sibling and the state he was in.

"Find the other 4 Signers than return here and defeat me and the other Dark Signers! Promise me that!" – Rex demanded, firing a laser pistol at Roman to make him flee. Half an hour later, Rex was struggling to get to the keyboard. He raised his hand, ready to push the button that would make the Ener-D spin backwards and cause Zero Reverse.

"And with this…I shall be reborn as a Dark Signer!" – and Rex pushed the button which caused the event that would be forever written in New Domino City's history. From a great distance, Roman watched as the ocean engulfed the only connection between the Satellite and the city. He had just arrived at New Domino City and watched with horror what his little brother had unwillingly caused.

17 years later…

Roman Goodwin, now 17 years older, was now the head of Security Sector and a respectful citizen of New Domino City. He watched the Satellite, where he and the Signers Yusei, Jack, Akiza and Luna were soon going to.

"Soon brother…very soon, I shall fulfill my promise." – Roman said, looking at the Mark of the Dragon's Head on his arm.

You like it? Please read and review! This was just a simple start. And in case you're wondering, this fict IS NOT just switching Signer with Dark Signer. The Dark Signers I will be inventing have something related to the original Dark signers. But you'll have to wait.