Chapter 6

When they arrived at Key Covert Fajra was panting heavily her head starting to droop her tongue hanging out giving her a silly appearance. Kevin felt more than guilt for pushing her so far the trip took nearly the whole day and it was seven o'clock when they finally landed into the courtyard which was completely empty except for two Greylings napping atop of each other.

Kevin quickly climbed down and ordered two of the men on watch to bring water for her and some food, " You are a brave dear and I'm sorry to push you so hard.'' He laid his cheek against her nose and she hummed "It was nothing just a little tiring.'' And she perked up at the sight of the water brought to her and she drained the whole tube, a man was bringing her a tub of slaughtered pig which she ate greedily and happily.

" I'm going to be gone for only a little while my love I'll be back and then I'll take you to your surprise.'' Fajra let out a happily rumble and nudged him gently. "Well then off you go and don't take too long.'' And she curled herself up to rest, Aimee who was checking on Brinsop who was licking his wet chops after he'd drained his water lead him inside leaving the dragons to rest.

It was dinner time and the whole castle was busy with people walking back an forth some coming from the cafeteria others heading to the showers to wash up. Kevin felt his stomach growl he hadn't eaten since the flight and he desperately needed food. Aimee pulled him into the cafeteria after hearing his stomach growl a third time. "You'll starve yourself if you don't learn to listen to your stomach.'' She said and sat him down at the closes table and she went off to fetch them something to eat.

Kevin looked around searching for any familiar faces he didn't see any and he pulled out his corps phone and began to check his text messages he'd gotten two from Emily since Fajra's hatchling his cousin was quite busy with her training so she couldn't really message him as much as she liked, but she kept him posted on the two texts on what was going on, all the gossip and drama in the covert as well as on Charlie's growth the Winchester had reached his full growth and was a good three tons which was good by Winchester standards.

He sent her a quick text telling her , he'd returned to the covert and couldn't wait for her to meet Fajra. After texting her he sent a quick text to his parents to tell them of his promotion as well as his next destination in the next three months. He knew how his mom would take it, she would whine and mop about it all and beg him not to go. His father would give him his blessing and pray that he would come home safely.

Aimee returned with two trays of food and two cans of cola, Kevin took one of the trays and stared at the food. It was mashed potatoes with a chicken breast with gravy and a biscuit; Kevin didn't turn away from it and dug in. Aimee taking a minute to eat to check her phone and send a few texts before she started eating as well, with a grime face.

"Kevin your back!'' A roaring voice nearly scarred him out of his chair, Kevin turned to see Captain Jackson standing behind him, Kevin chuckled " Good to see you Jackson.'' And he got up to hug his friend who huffed, "Is that your beauty out there, my Thanatos has become quite taken with her the big flirt.'' And he patted his back and took up a chair, "How are you Captain Aimee has Harry called you back?'' he asked and she stared at him coldly. Captain Harry Young was Aimee's on again and off again boyfriend the pair were constantly arguing but then getting back together just as quickly after they'd gotten into a fight.

"He's busy at Clearwater and will be back in two days.'' She said a little anger in her tone and looked back at her plate. Kevin trying to sooth the tension at the table pulled at Jackson's jacket "Where is your brother Jaxson?'' he asked looking around for Jackson's twin brother who shared his name but was spelled differently. Jackson chuckled "My slutty brother is in bed with Captain Tyler of Astron you know the Longwing.'' He said with no shame at his brother's fooling around attics.

Aimee quickly excused herself from the table and said hurriedly "Kevin when you're done talking to that bastard please go see the Admiral.'' And she left them to join another table full of women captains. Jackson pleased at seeing her go whispered in Kevin's ear "So when are you going to come in my bed or are you still in that closet of yours.'' He said in a sinister tone and Kevin pushed him away. "Stop that I'm not in the closet just because I don't sleep around like you.''

Jackson smirked "Alright don't get your panties in a not.'' And he pulled at his chin and smirked "So have you seen anyone you like hmmm?'' he said looking at Kevin who flushed and busied himself with drinking his cola. Jackson took this as a no and said happily "Well there's a fine collection of men here you know since sexuality is no secret here.'' He said truthfully, the Corps before had a little problem with gay men or women joining the service. But that quickly changed when it was discovered that Longwings would allow a gay man to harness them due to their feminine nature, not saying all gays had a feminine side a lot of the gays in the corps had a manly attitude about them but still had the gentleness of a women the Longwings cling too.

They were given the most gracious respect and now a days it wasn't surprising that a person's sexuality wasn't judged by others since most of the captains were bisexual anyways making the corps more inviting then other branches of the arm. Kevin scratched his chin "I know Jackson but I want a little more than a one night fling every night.'' He said and got up from the table, "I'll see you later bro.'' and he walked out heading for the Admiral's office.

The Admiral was happily eating his own dinner with a senior captain in his office when he arrived. "Oh, Kevin so glad of you to come please have a seat and let me introduce you.'' And he pointed to a chair next to the desk and Kevin quickly sat down, the man looked at him oddly making him shrink back a bit with cold blue eyes. But Omar was quick to reassure him "Now don't worry this is not an ambush so relax. Now this is Captain Nick Perry of Vitani the Cauchador Real.'' and the man offered his hand "Pleasure to meet you.'' He said in a big booming voice and Kevin quickly shook it.

Admiral Omar quickly poured them a glass of wine and offered it to them after a few sips he said pulling at his greying beard. "Captain Nick is going to be the instructor of the wing for the first two weeks of training. The rest of your wing is coming from different coverts.'' He sat his glass down " Until then you'll be taking care of your dragon and Nick here has agreed that it would be best that she's tutored by Vitani for a few days, not to say you haven't done a good job or anything with her according from the reports I've read from you.'' He said seeing Kevin's face flash a little worried at the thought that he might have miss taught his charge.

Kevin nodded his head and finished his glass, "Yes sir I understand sir.'' And the Admiral told him he could leave after a few quick words and some paper work that needed signing was signed. Kevin left feeling rather tired and drained it had been a very long day.

Fajra was busily talking to Jackson's dragon Thanatos a Parnassian the big white dragon was talking happily with her as well. Fajra quickly noticed that Kevin was watching and seemed to blush if a dragon could blush and lowered her head for him to pet. "Kevin this is Thanatos he's been telling me about all the fun things and sights around here. And he says that tomorrow that if he and his captain aren't busy he'd give me a tour if you didn't mind.'' And she looked back at the Parnassian who was looking back at her bashfully.

Kevin could see he was caught between some future courtship and he wasn't going to deny her, her rights to accept a friendly gesture. "Why of course I don't mind just don't get into trouble.'' He said and she rumbled happily and all but knocked him over in her excitement. Thanatos seemed quite pleased with himself and said politely in his charming voice by dragon standards "I'll come for you in the morning after breakfast.'' He said and he bowed and walked away to wait for his captain to return.

Fajra watched him go and asked impatiently "Now may I go see my surprise?'' and he smiled "But of course come I'm quite sure you'll love it.'' he climbed aboard her and strapped himself in. "I'm ready my love.'' and she took off and he pointed her east of the coverts where their wing was to be housed. Fajra arrived at the sight and rumbled "Which clearing is it?'' she asked and he pointed to one of the largest of the clearings and she dropped down. And stood in awe at her surprise, a large pavilion built out of white marble with a black roof was standing before her freshly swept, a drinking fountain attached to pavilion was spilling clear water into a pool for her to drink from.

Fajra stared at it and looked down at him "Is this for me?'' she asked and he nodded and patted her side "Go try it out.'' And she did climbing over the small steps meant for human use she circled the inside of the pavilion her talons clacking on the hard marble her tongue sticking out tasting the air and she made happy noises that sounded like a large cat purring. She tasted the water from the pool and purred "It's nice and cool.'' she looked up at the large Chinese lanterns hung up, that lit up the whole clearing in a bright light.

"This is so lovely and no one else's pavilion is so lovely. But wasn't it expensive for you?'' she asked a little worriedly and he quickly dampened that thought "Don't worry about that I'm quite well paid and I've got a lot of money in the bank. So you shouldn't worry about my expenses.'' And he smiled as she pulled him closer to her and rubbed her soft nose against him "Thank you it's so nice and lovely.'' She looked the pavilion up and down and asked "How did you do it? It must have taken weeks to build it.'' he patted her head and let her in on the secret.

He'd secretly had the plans made for the pavilion made days before her hatching he was going to use it as a bit of a bribe which he was a little shamed to say if she hadn't taken to harnessing to him at first. And the whole month they spent at the sanctuary he had the pavilion built by lucky coincidence where their wings was going to be housed and so it was done under his super vision when he could get away.

She rumbled "You are quite clever if you had showed this to me I would have let you harness me in a heartbeat.'' And they both laughed and she hugged him close with her wings. "I love you.'' She said after they'd settled down in the pavilion to rest and look at the stars after he dimmed the lanterns. "I love you to let's get some sleep.'' And she rumbled happily as he laid his cheek against her side and they both went into a deep peaceful sleep.