Chapter 7

The next morning Kevin was eating his breakfast in the clearing with Fajra who was happily tearing into two cows that had been brought to her. She'd grown a couple of feet over night, as he watched her eat he spotted her eyeing the sky looking for Thantos who was supposed to come and show her around the whole covert.

Kevin had agreed to stay with her until Thantos came, he was free for the rest of the week and since the rest of the flight hadn't arrived he was free to do as he pleased. Kevin draining his coffee mug belched and stepped off the large steps to the pavilion.

"He's late.'' Fajra said in an irritated tone her tail lashing the air snapping a few branches off the nearby trees. Kevin chuckled at her and patted her side. "Now be patient my dear he'll show.'' He chuckled as she twisted and turned hoping to catch sight of Thantos.

"Oh, here he comes.'' Fajra pronounced excitedly and rouse on her haunches and bugled a greeting to the coming Parnassian flying in a hurried pace with Jackson clinging to his saddle yelling at him to slow down.

He landed with a big thud shaking the trees and scarring a flock of birds from their trees; he shook himself and then lowered Jackson down who was red faced and scolding him for such reckless behavior. "I said I was sorry but if you hadn't taken so long getting ready. I wouldn't have been so late and then I wouldn't have had to rush here.'' Thantos retorted and then turned to Fajra ignoring his captain's scolding stare. Fajra was nuzzling Kevin closely " Are you sure you'll be alright while I'm gone?'' she asked looking at Thantos who was eyeing her in an affectionate way that made Kevin a little worried.

"Yes my dear I'll be fine I've got some stuff to do at the base and then I've got to see to our crew we've been assigned to.'' He said and patted her soft nose and she let out a happy purr. "Well alright I will be back as soon as I can and then we may go flying.'' She said and spread out her wings and turned to Thantos who was waiting patiently, "I'm ready we may go now.'' Thantos with a playful rumble nudged Jackson, "I will be back soon I promise.'' Jackson his anger gone patted his dragon's muzzle. "Go on then you silly thing don't keep her waiting.'' And with that the two dragons took off and disappeared into the clouds.

Kevin watched them disappear and sighed, Jackson gave him a sharp pat on the back "Don't worry Thantos might be a big dragonet but he's very wise and won't let her get into trouble.'' This gave him some comfort and he invited Jackson inside his apartment built into the clearing. The apartment was a rather small house it had a kitchen a bathroom and bedroom. The living room was the largest part of the house second only to the bed room. A small TV. was in the corner and a small coffee table with two couches as well.

Jackson sat himself down on the couch, stripping off his jacket sighed "That great behemoth of mine is a sucker for fancy wings.'' He said as Kevin handed him a beer from the little fridge in the kitchen.

"I hope he hasn't gotten into his head that she's ready for breeding?'' Kevin said his face filled with worry, dragons often mated once or twice every two years and some dragons showed attachments to other dragons in particular when it was their time. Jackson chuckled "Now don't worry about that remember dragons aren't like dogs or cats. They do have some self-control and besides she's far too young for that stuff I'd give it until she's fully grown then you can start worrying about her getting into trouble and even then I'm sure the breeders will have some beast lined up for her.'' And he sipped his beer ending the matter and leaving Kevin with a little less to worry about.

"Now enough of that, let's talk about the on goings of the covert.'' Jackson said placing his beer on the table, he loved to gossip and he had a knack for knowing things he shouldn't.

Kevin sighed there was no way of getting out of this and he killed the rest of his beer and grabbed himself and Jackson another.

Jackson was full of information he constantly spoke about all the cheating and sneaking around some captains where doing and he talked about two captains who were both pregnant by the same man and how both were furious with the whole situation and nearly tore the man's testicles off if his dragon didn't put up a huge fuss.

They'd both gone through a few more beers and were feeling a little groggy and unfocused, Jackson was chuckling to himself about some private joke he'd heard and Kevin was no better. The dragons were still not back yet and Kevin didn't need to meet his crew for a while yet and could afford the lost time. He hummed to himself and didn't notice Jackson coming from behind the couch and wrap his arms around him and whispered in his ear " The dragons won't be back for a while yet, and I'm so damned horny.'' He said and started to slowly rub his hands against Kevin's chest and started kissing the back of his neck.

Kevin still groggy but not that groggy grabbed his hand and turned to look at him, "I'm not that desperate and I'm sure there are others who can help you out.'' He said and tried to get up only to have Jackson flip over the couch and onto his lap his arms wrapped tight around his neck. "Now, don't be so stubborn you want to as much as me.'' and he started rubbing the hardening bulge in his pants making Kevin moan lowly. " Just relax and go with it.'' Jackson said and locked his lips with his.

The kiss wasn't passionate and was rougher than what he was use to, but Kevin didn't mind almost on cue his urges took over and Jackson was quite a willing partner at the moment. He flipped Jackson onto his back so that he was on top. They were still locked and were now kissing each other drunken like, taking off Jackson's shirt he started kissing all over his chest, Jackson had a fine body despite the fact that he'd often skip the gym practices. Jackson was moaning loudly and Kevin stopped to lock lips with him and started sucking on his neck making Jackson moan louder and him harder.

Jackson stripped Kevin of his shirt and soon their pants and other clothing were a fine mess on the floor, Kevin was rather rough then usually normally he was rather gentler and more romantic about his loving but either due to the beer or just the fact that it was Jackson who was rather a whore in his own right, had changed him and he was a little too rough which Jackson had no problem with and responded with equal enthusiasm so everything was sweet bliss.