Forever mine

AU, OOC, NaruSasu

Sort of a music band fic and vampire fic at the same time...

Disclaimer: I sure as hell don't own Naruto that's Masashi Kishimoto's job and if I did Sasuke would appear in more than one chapter every two months lol.

Chapter 1 – In your eyes I see the past

She was lying in a blanket of dry leaves, her long black hair framing her pale face and frail shoulders draped in a thin violet dress. Her dark gray eyes had a glint in them as she suddenly sat up to pull him close.

"I'm cold," she explained.

"Yeah?" he whispered in her ear teasingly, making her shiver even more.


She trailed her delicate, pale fingers across his arms and parted her full lips as their faces came closer…

"Naruto we're gonna be late!" An annoying male voice yelled as his bedroom door was slammed open.

The vampire growled and threw a pillow at the intruder.

"I was having a really nice dream!"

"Who cares dude," Kiba replied, "auditions for our new guitarist today remember? This is important!"

Naruto ignored him and grimaced at the sunlight coming in between the curtains. He was too powerful to really be affected by the sun but still, it was irritating. He just wanted to go back to sleep… He had been dreaming about Sara… that human girl he had once loved so much… and he just loved those dreams… also he was hard.

"Naruto!" Kiba whined.

"I'm gonna take a shower…"

He pulled back the sheets, resigned, and got up completely naked.

"Ew dude what the fuck?" the brunet exclaimed.

"Maybe you'll learn to knock eventually," Naruto sighed and Kiba left shutting the door behind him.

The blond shrugged and went to the private bathroom connecting to his bedroom. He turned on the water and stepped in the large shower stall. He knew his friends would kill him but he took his sweet time anyway. He had to relieve a certain part of his body…

When he was done he cleaned himself, enjoying the sweet artificial scent of fruits and flowers in the products. He really loved modern days. He loved the comfort. He could never go back to how things were two centuries ago…

Drying his tall and lean body lazily he returned to his bedroom to pick up some clothes. There was more pounding at his door but this time Kiba didn't open it. Perhaps he had learned his lesson.

"What the fuck is taking so long Anko wants to kill us!"

Anko was their agent. She always wanted to kill them. But Naruto was the one paying her so she probably wouldn't.

"Just a second!" he shouted.

He threw on a pair of nice fit black jeans and a white button down shirt with a loose thin black tie. He ran long tan fingers through golden blond locks as he looked at himself in the mirror. Good enough.

"Naruto!" Kiba growled.

He opened the door hitting Kiba's face in the process.

"Ow fuck that hurt man!" he yelled as he followed him down the stairs.

"Sorry," Naruto said without really meaning it. Kiba could be annoying sometimes. He deserved it.

But the guy had a cool style and he was a good enough bassist. Right now he wore black converse shoes with red low waist jeans and a black t-shirt. He always styled his brown hair as spiked up as possible. He also had red downward triangle tattoos on his cheeks.

The third member of their band was waiting in the hall, sitting cross-legged on the floor and yawning. Shikamaru was the drummer. He was in many ways Kiba's complete opposite.

Kiba tugged at Shikamaru's ponytail to wake him from his daze.

"You guys eady to go?"

"Yeah let's go…" Kiba urged them but he stopped to answer his cell phone. "Damn it she's calling me again! That's your fault," he pointed at Naruto, "you never pick up your damn cell!"

"Not when I'm asleep no."

Kiba glared at him as he answered, "Hello? … Yeah we're… We're on our way! Okay. Okay bye… Dude she is not happy," he shook his head, "let's go we're so late already."

Shikamaru put on his sneakers and black leather jacket and Kiba threw on a warm black hoodie. Naruto only put on nice black sneakers, but he didn't bother with a coat because the cold couldn't affect him anyway. His band mates didn't know he was a vampire, so they just thought he was really weird.

He walked across the paved driveway to his black Porsche and Kiba and Shikamaru battled as always for the front seat. As usual Shikamaru lost because he was too lazy and he threw himself on the back seat instead. Shivering Kiba turned on the heat.

"How can you not be cold?" he shook his head in disbelief at Naruto.

He just shrugged and started driving, turning on the radio.

"Wouldn't it be great if one day we open up the radio and it's one of our songs playing?" Kiba grinned.

"Yeah," Shikamaru nodded his agreement.

"It'll happen, trust me," Naruto smiled as he put on his sunglasses.

It was one of those sunny and cold winter days. His eyes were a little sensitive.

Kiba turned to look at Shikamaru. "Maybe your folks will talk to you again."

"Maybe," he chuckled.

These two had been friends since elementary school. Naruto had met them a couple years ago as they played together in a subway for money. He'd thought they had a good sound. The vampire had learned afterwards that Shikamaru was a true genius, but was too lazy to pursue his studies and preferred playing music with Kiba instead. His parents didn't really approve… Yeah they were weird kids but Naruto liked them.

He shouldn't refer to them as kids, he thought. After all they were twenty two, and technically Naruto was just twenty. Of course he was a lot older than that. But he kept his somewhat childish and spontaneous attitude no matter what and these past few years, for some reason – boredom probably – he'd been trying to start a band with these guys. Now it was finally happening but the record label wanted a fourth member.

"If we find someone today are you gonna ask him to stay at your house too?" Kiba inquired.

Naruto shrugged, "Maybe. We'll see."

He owned a mansion after all, and there were a lot of unused rooms, so he had offered Kiba and Shikamaru to stay with him. It was easier to practice together whenever they felt like it. Besides he had been living on his own for a while and it was getting lonely…

After driving down the street leading to their record label's studios, Naruto found a parking place and they hurried inside.

The vampire flashed a flirtatious grin at some of the candidates waiting in the hallway. A couple of them blushed and Naruto chuckled under his breath as he placed his sunglasses on top of his slightly wet blond hair.

Their agent was fuming of course.

"You guys are always late! Do you have any idea how long the candidates will have to wait now?"

"You look beautiful today Anko," Naruto said, smiling at her.

"Cut the flirting!" the young woman practically shouted, "It's not gonna work."

She sat behind the desk inspecting some files, and crossing her high heel clad feet. Naruto stood behind her and started massaging her neck, placing her violet dyed hair in front of her shoulders.

"You should relax," he told her in a low voice and she groaned but he could tell her defenses were slowly breaking.

"Just tell the first person to come in," she instructed Shikamaru.

"Why do I have to do it?" he yawned.

Kiba rolled his eyes and opened the door, "All right we're ready," he shouted, "first person in line, you, come in…"

A guy with a bowl haircut and thick black eyebrows walked in.

Naruto sat next to Anko, and Kiba and Shikamaru took the other two seats.

"Name, please?" Their agent asked without looking up from the sheet of paper.

"Rock Lee!" He exclaimed a little too happily and Naruto raised a thin blond eyebrow as he leaned closer to Shikamaru.

"You think he actually changed his name to that?"

The drummer chuckled, "Probably."

The strange guy tuned his guitar while Anko found his name.

As he started playing his own composition Naruto tilted his head back and sighed. The guy had good enthusiasm but he wasn't very talented… Besides his sense of style was absolutely terrible – first impressions were important in this business.

"Okay we're good," Kiba exclaimed at some point.

Lee looked at them in despair, "No, no, wait! You haven't heard the best part yet!"

While Kiba and Anko escorted Lee out Shikamaru moved closer to Naruto.

"This is gonna be a long day…"


And they were right.

Naruto was really annoyed at all those amateurs who thought they actually stood a chance. Lee wasn't bad compared to some of them. The blond vampire kept shifting in his seat, running his fingers through his hair, putting on and taking off his sunglasses, fumbling with his tie, looking out the window at the sun reflecting on the snow, the cars driving down the street… Time was going by so slowly and all those people had no idea how to play electric guitar properly.

Kiba and Shikamaru seemed equally annoyed and only Anko stayed quite professional. Thank god she was there…

"I'm so hungry," Kiba kept complaining. As for Shikamaru he was constantly yawning. But that was normal.

"We'll take a lunch break soon guys," Anko reassured.

The last candidate before said lunch break walked in and Naruto sat up straight in his chair. His dark blue eyes widened and he parted his lips but no sound came out. Anko nudged him playfully as the guy auditioning plugged his blue and black electric guitar to the amp.

"I know he's cute but get a hold of yourself."

Naruto managed a little nervous laugh. He ran shaky fingers through his messy locks and threw his sunglasses on the desk. He loosened his tie. He couldn't believe it. This guy had the exact same presence, soul, energy – whatever it was that his vampire senses were detecting – as Sara, actually, the human girl he had never stopped loving…

And whom he had been dreaming about that very morning. This guy really reminded him of her. It was so strange.

He was a werewolf, he could detect it. Sara had possessed the werewolf gene but it wasn't active. Some people – mostly females – had it and could pass it from generation to another but they weren't actually werewolves. That had been her case. This guy was the real deal though. And as he looked up before he started playing they locked eyes. Of course, the guy knew he was a vampire.

They were the same eyes. Dark grey, almost black, and they were circled with black eyeliner. Almost completely hidden by his black bangs.

"Name?" Anko asked.

His gaze slowly drifted from Naruto to her. "Uchiha Sasuke," he said in a soft, low and surprisingly deep voice. And then when she nodded he started playing.

Naruto smiled; this was getting more interesting all of a sudden. That guy was good. He was more than good actually; he was extremely talented. His pale, delicate fingers were moving so fast and Naruto was almost entranced as he watched him play. Also he loved his style; gothic laced boots with ripped jeans and a black tank top with button down shirt left open, with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows revealing a dagger and rose tattoo on the inside of his arm. His long raven locks moved slightly as he played. He had some ring piercings in his ears. It looked really cute, and so did the piercing in his left eyebrow. Naruto couldn't stop looking at him.

Sure his style was pretty cool but what fascinated him the most were his big dark eyes, full pale lips; they reminded him of her…even though he was a guy – a very cute one at that.

Naruto was finally able to stop staring at him to risk a glance at his agent and band mates. They seemed almost as fascinated as him. Naruto smirked; they were so choosing him.

He looked back at the raven-haired boy as he stopped playing. Naruto was a guitarist himself; he knew how hard the guitar solo he had performed flawlessly was. And he was impressed.

"Thank you," Anko said sincerely, "you're one of the best candidates so far. We'll give you a call later if you're chosen."

"Thanks," the guy said casually and Naruto couldn't take his eyes off his sexy little ass as he put his guitar back in its case. There was something graceful about the way he moved, almost like a vampire. Maybe werewolves were like that too. But no, he had known werewolves before and he couldn't say such a thing. It was just this guy then. He was definitely special. Naruto smiled.

When he was gone he burst out, "One of the best? You mean the best! I don't care who auditions this afternoon, I want this guy."

"His style is weird though," Kiba pointed out, scratching his short brown hair, "I mean it's kinda gothic or something. We're not a metal band…"

"Who cares?" Naruto exclaimed, standing, "He was amazing! I want him."

Shikamaru laughed, throwing his crossed legs on the desk and tilting his head back, "Look at you getting all worked up. Just 'cause you think he's cute."

Kiba jumped to his feet, glaring at Naruto, "Ew! Then we're so not calling him back. If you date him it'll only cause trouble!"

"He's talented!" The vampire argued, "that's all there is to it. Anyway didn't you guys want some lunch?"

As if on cue Kiba's stomach growled. "Yeah… Shikamaru, you coming?"

"Okay…" the drummer said lazily and he followed Kiba outside the room.

Anko got up to follow them. "You don't want anything?"

"No I'm good," Naruto brushed it off.

If he asked her to bring him back some human blood she would probably find him weird. But he was fine anyway. He hadn't drunk blood in a while but it could still wait. He was old enough; he could function perfectly well without blood for a month or even two actually.

He sat in the window frame with Sasuke's resume in his hands. He was seventeen. He was going to a high school in Central Tokyo and would graduate the following month. He had no former experience in a band. Apparently he was self-taught – or maybe he'd had private lessons. Either way, Naruto was impressed by his skills.

He leaned against the window while looking at nowhere in particular. That guy looked so much like her… He had the same… the same presence. This was crazy.

Well, whatever the others said, he wouldn't flinch. He wanted that guy in his band. Hell, he wanted that guy in his life…

Sasuke clutched his thin black jacket and the strap of his guitar case as he walked down the street, towards the restaurant where he was meeting his brother. It was so damn cold… He couldn't wait for February to be over.

Somehow the thought of that blond vampire's smile made him feel a little warmer. He almost smacked himself at the thought. What the hell was he thinking? He should've walked out of that studio as soon as he had sensed a vampire's presence. But he hadn't. Because somehow that presence was familiar and… It was as if he liked the guy without even actually knowing him. Well he was hot. Actually hot was an understatement. But it wasn't just that…

He shook his thoughts away as he walked in the restaurant. He spotted his older brother in the last booth sipping some tea and he went to sit in front of him.

The twenty two year old looked up and smiled, "Hello Sasuke."

"Nii-san," he gave a slight nod, "what's up? To what do I owe this visit?"

"I wanted to see you," he chuckled, placing his long black ponytail behind his shoulder, "Do I need a reason?"

Sasuke scoffed, leaning back in his seat. He decided to save Itachi the trouble of asking his usual questions…

"Kakashi's doing good. I'm still locking myself up in the basement every full moon and I haven't killed anyone. And no I don't want to join your pack."

Itachi looked sad. He was about to say something but a waitress interrupted.

"Can I get you anything else?" she asked.

"No," Sasuke said rather rudely. He hated restaurants. Conversations were always interrupted. She walked away and he looked back at his brother.

The latter sighed, "I just want you to be happy…"

"And you think I'll be happy if I come with you?" Sasuke leaned forward, placing his elbows on the table, "You think I'll be happy living in the middle of nowhere hunting down animals for dinner? Waiting for the full moon so I can run around with my wolf friends?"

"We go to the village once in a while," Itachi said defensively, "most of us have jobs there actually. We don't live in the middle of nowhere. We only go in the mountains once a month…"

"Of course," Sasuke rolled his eyes, "for the full moon. What if a human decides to walk around the mountains then?"

"We all have perfect control over ourselves when we're in a pack. We'd never hunt down humans," Itachi argued.

The teenager looked out the window at the cars and people passing by on the sidewalk. He took off his jacket and looked at his tattoo absent mindedly. It was pretty recent and it looked good. He had drawn it himself. Well, a dagger and rose design wasn't that hard to draw, but he was still proud of it. When he had gotten his first tattoo – on his back – Itachi had been worried about the transformation. But it didn't matter. When Sasuke transformed his tattoos stayed intact when he turned back. He did have to remove his piercings before every full moon though – now that was a pain in the ass.

"Anyway," Itachi sighed after this long and slightly awkward silence, "I'm not gonna try to convince you. But I don't understand why you want to stay here so much if you're not even gonna go to university…"

Sasuke lifted his guitar case slightly as a reply.

"That doesn't exactly lead to a safe job," Itachi rose a brow.

"What the fuck do you know?"

He bit his lip and looked down, regretting his harsh words. He had no right to judge the life Itachi chose. And he knew he shouldn't talk to him like that.

"I'm sorry nii-san," he said in a low voice, "I'm kinda… nervous right now. I went to an audition earlier…"

"How was it?" Itachi looked up.

"I think they were really impressed," he said not so modestly as he crossed his booted legs under the table.

"Why are you nervous then?"

Sasuke watched as his brother took a sip of tea. He pondered telling him about the vampire… It probably wasn't a very good idea; as in, Itachi would freak out. Werewolves and vampires were supposed to be deadly enemies and stuff.

"I don't know," he muttered instead.

After another moment of silence Itachi changed the subject. "I wanted to tell you, um… I officially have a girlfriend now. I'll probably bring her next time, to introduce you…"

"A girl werewolf?" Sasuke asked, intrigued.

It was very rare, according to what his adoptive father had told him anyway; Kakashi was a normal human but he'd always been researching those kinds of things.

"Yeah," Itachi said, "her name's Konan. She's really beautiful she's got like, pale brown eyes, and blue black hair, and when she transforms her fur is that same dark blue…"

"You actually find her hot when she's a wolf? That's creepy."

"No that's not what I meant! Shut up," Itachi said, embarrassed, and Sasuke laughed.

"I'm just joking. I'm happy for you."

"Thanks. She's really excited about meeting you, you know?"

Sasuke smiled. Checking the time on his cell phone, he put his jacket back on.

"You're going already?" Itachi said sadly.

"Sorry. I really need to study for the final exams. But… do you want to come with me? You could talk with Kakashi… it's been a while. He misses you, you know?"

Itachi shifted uncomfortably. He got up and put on his long gray trench coat.

"Uh… no, thanks for inviting me but I think I'm gonna go back."

"All right," Sasuke said, resigned. "But you do know he forgave you a long time ago…?"

"I know…"

As they walked outside Sasuke shivered and Itachi ruffled his hair.

"What the fuck don't do that…" Sasuke protested and Itachi chuckled.

"I miss you. You should come visit me soon okay?"

"Maybe after graduation," Sasuke said.

"Okay." He walked to his car, "Take care Sasuke."

"You too," he said in a low voice, with contained emotions.

He watched the old blue car drive down the street and he shoved his hands in his pockets. He walked the rest of the way to Kakashi's place. It wasn't far; just five minutes. Itachi never drove him when he visited because he didn't want to risk Kakashi seeing him. Itachi felt so guilty… The first time he had changed, seven years ago, he had completely lost control.

Sasuke lighted a cigarette as he thought about this. With Kakashi they had come out of it with scars; Sasuke on his chest and Kakashi on his face. But Kakashi's fiancé at the time hadn't been so lucky.

He sighed as he finished his cigarette and threw it away.

Kakashi's house was small but comfortable and neat – that last part was mostly thanks to Sasuke actually. They each had their bedroom and there was a small living room and kitchen, as well as a bathroom. That was pretty much it though. The living room was a little too packed with their collection of guitars, and all of Kakashi's books and movies – most of them shamelessly displayed porn.

Kakashi was surprisingly a literature teacher despite his doubtful cultural tastes. Also he played guitar as a hobby and he had taught Sasuke ever since he had moved here, when he was eight years old. Sasuke had surpassed him though.

"Took you long enough," Kakashi noted as Sasuke took off his boots. He liked the style but it was a pain in the ass to slip on and off.

"The band was late and there were a lot of people," he shrugged.

Kakashi looked up at him with his unscarred eye. The other was hidden by an eye patch.

"I think it's great that you want to be a musician and all but with your grades you could get into any university…"

"You know," Sasuke went to put down his guitar case, "I got the message the last hundred times you told me. But it's my life, so..."

"And as your father I'm just trying to give you good advice."

"Ugh don't say that it's creepy."


"Father. You would've only been like fourteen..."

"Adoptive father then," Kakashi rolled his eye.

"Hn, whatever," Sasuke glanced out the window. The sky was darkening a bit. He prayed that it wouldn't snow again. He really hated winter…

"So how'd it go?" Kakashi looked up from his book again.

"Went well I think," he shrugged, "maybe I'll get it. But it's not a big deal. They're just some random new band. They got an agent and a record label though – which is a good start compared to a lot other bands…"

"Yeah," the gray-haired man said thoughtfully, "I hope it works out, if that's really what you want."

Sasuke was surprised as he returned his gaze. Kakashi seemed sincere. It was his first time telling him something like this. Usually it was always the other thing he had said earlier; about the grades, university, yeah.

"Thanks," he said simply.

Kakashi returned to his book, and Sasuke walked down the short hallway to his bedroom.

In the middle of his studies he received a phone call. He checked caller id, ready to hang up on them if it was one of his fan girls from school, but it wasn't.


"Hi, this is Anko, calling about your audition today for the band Lust at first sight."

Sasuke almost shuddered at the name of the band. He still couldn't believe he was actually considering joining a band with such a stupid name.


"Well good news, you were chosen as the new guitarist amongst all the candidates. I have your resume right here with me so… would it be okay if I email you all the information concerning the record label? Then we could schedule a meeting so you can sign the contract..."

"Uh yeah, sure no problem," he said, frowning. He had been selected? Just like that? Well, that was fast… Something told Sasuke that sexy blond vampire guy had voted for him; he'd been checking him out the whole damn time. Heh, a vampire and a werewolf in a music band together – could be fun… or suicidal.

After confirming his email address Anko hung up. Sasuke looked up from his books to stare at his laptop instead, as if expecting to receive a new email right away. His heart started beating faster for some reason. It wasn't just because he was officially in a band – although that was pretty amazing. He was actually really excited about seeing that vampire guy again. He didn't know why; it was just some intense longing feeling…

Weird. He cleared his mind and concentrated on his studies. He didn't want to go to uni – not now, anyway – but he still wanted to graduate brilliantly. It would make Kakashi happy and besides, it would keep his doors open if he ever changed his mind later. Also he secretly liked being considered the smartest kid in the whole school.

He interrupted his homework only to go eat dinner with Kakashi. Take out food as usual; cooking wasn't exactly part of the man's abilities.

As they sat at the round kitchen table Sasuke decided to tell him the good news.

"I… uh… actually the agent called me earlier and they picked me as the new guitarist."

Kakashi's eye widened and he smiled, "That's great! We should celebrate." He went to open the fridge and took out two beers. "Here."

"You're not supposed to encourage me to drink I'm still a minor."

The older man shrugged, "Who cares? So when do you start?"

"She didn't say. Well I'm supposed to go sign the contracts and all… But I mean I can't exactly work full time now since I still have school. So I'll probably ask them if I can start a little later."

"I'm sure there's not gonna be a problem," Kakashi replied, "and I'm glad you're putting classes as your top priority. Keep doing that."

"Yeah, yeah," he rolled his eyes. He didn't need to be told all the time…

Later that night he was sitting on his twin sized bed with his laptop. He had put his books away, allowing himself a well deserved study break. He was listening to music, watching random videos, more particularly rock with wicked guitar solos. It was always good for inspiration.

He jumped slightly as he heard a knock at his window. At his window. What the fuck? He frowned, put his laptop aside and got to his feet. Flipping his bangs aside he glanced outside.

Holy shit… it was that guy. He opened the window.

"Hey," the blond vampire flashed a grin. Sasuke absentmindedly noticed that his fangs were a bit longer than normal, but not that much. But for now the only important thing was…

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

He shrugged casually, "I wanted to see you."

Sasuke shivered quite violently since he was only wearing a tank top and sweat pants and the wind was freezing. That damn vampire was wearing the same outfit as earlier today; button down shirt, tie and jeans… but most importantly no coat. He didn't even look cold.

"How did you get my address?"

"Your resume."

Oh, right.

"We have a door you know?" he rubbed his arms for warmth and stepped aside. "Whatever, come in I guess…"

His priority right now was to close the window as soon as possible. While the vampire somehow graciously got inside Sasuke picked up a thin black sweater and put it on. When he looked up he noticed that the blond was checking him out.

"Why are you here? Why did you want to see me?" he glanced away, letting his bangs hide his face partly. He supposed it would be effective if he started blushing or something… He really hoped that wouldn't happen but there was a great risk.

That guy was so hot… Sasuke was 5'11 and he supposed the vampire was probably around 6'2. He was thin, muscular but not too much, and his mid-length golden blond hair was windblown and extremely sexy. His dark blue eyes and devilish smirk were killing him…

"I just wanted to personally congratulate you, and also invite you over to my place tomorrow," the vampire finally said, "by the way my name's Naruto."

Sasuke frowned slightly as he looked up. That name actually kind of sounded familiar – which was very weird considering it was the first time he'd ever heard it.

He fumbled with his ear piercings. Naruto already knew his name so he didn't need to introduce himself.

"So you don't care that I'm a werewolf?" he said defiantly instead.

The vampire smiled, "No. I could return the question to you…"

"I don't care," Sasuke shrugged and leaned against the wall, crossing his arms, "you mind if I smoke?"


Kakashi did mind though so Sasuke was forced to stand next to the window. He really needed a smoke though… it would relax him. Damn it, this situation was weird. It was actually the first time someone other than Kakashi was in his bedroom…

He suddenly felt self-conscious as he glanced around the small room. But there was nothing wrong with it. Actually Naruto was also a musician so he should appreciate all the band and guitar posters. Sasuke also had a few tattoo and piercing related images as well as a calendar. Well, these were his two passions. It wasn't like he had posters of naked girls on his walls like Kakashi.

Naruto kept staring at him and it was making him nervous. The cigarette wasn't helping after all. Why did those dark blue eyes trouble him so much?

He cleared his throat, "The two others do they know what you are?"

"No," the blond said and he went to sit on his computer chair, his arms wrapped around the back of the seat casually. "It's better that way."

Sasuke gave a slight nod. "You know, you're actually the first vampire I meet."


"Yeah. You're not how I imagined."

"What did you imagine?" Naruto smiled, amused.

"I don't know pale skin…" Not that gorgeous golden brown tan…

"Our skin is fragile to the sun at first, so we can't go out much," Naruto shrugged, "that's why it gets really pale. But after a century or two we become more resistant. I go outside all the time, no problem."

A century or… two? What the fuck?

"How old are you anyway?"

Naruto laughed softly. Somehow the sound of his laugh made Sasuke feel warm… It made him feel like smiling too. Not that he actually did but… Damn that guy had such an effect on him.

"I'm twenty forever, baby," he finally said.

What the hell was up with this guy? Sasuke snorted.

"You can cut the crappy flirty vampire act all right? You're pissing me off." He inhaled a last whiff of his cigarette and closed the window. Shivering slightly he sat on his bed.

"But you're cute when you're angry!" he chuckled.

Sasuke glared at him. Now he was annoyed. "You know, you better watch your back next full moon."

"Scary," the blond bit his lip, but of course he wasn't scared in the slightest. Sasuke sighed.

"Why did you come here anyway? If you had my contact info you could've just called. I don't have time for this I've got stuff to do."

Naruto got up, walking graciously towards him. He reached with his hand as if to touch his hair but Sasuke quickly grabbed his wrist, stopping his movement. He knew that he couldn't hurt the vampire even if he actually tried to but he still had his dignity.

"Not bad," the blond chuckled, and pulled away. Sasuke glared at him.

"I think I'll reconsider…"

"No, please," Naruto said quickly. For once he looked sincere, and his smile faded. "I really want you in my band. Come practice with us tomorrow. I'll text you my address later. That way you have my phone number too."

"Fine… but I can only come after school."

"Oh, that's okay. We always practice in the evening anyway."

Sasuke nodded. He was actually glad for this opportunity to practice with the band before signing anything. If they didn't work well together then it would be a disaster. It was best to find out now.

"So… do you want to use the door this time…?" Sasuke got up and held his breath as he walked past Naruto. He really hoped his nervousness wasn't showing.

The vampire grabbed his arm before he could open the door and Sasuke tensed.

"Won't your father be angry if he sees me?"

Before Sasuke could ask how Naruto knew he only had a father, he remembered vampires had the ability to detect human presences. The raven pulled back his arm and his skin tingled where Naruto had touched it. He had really soft, big hands and they weren't warm or cold just… somewhere in between. Sasuke cleared his throat slightly.

"He's probably jerking off to some porn site right now. Trust me he won't come out of his bedroom."

Naruto chuckled, "All right."

Sasuke led him to the door, still with this strange, nervous feeling inside of him at being so close to the vampire. He wondered if this was in fact why he was so uneasy. Maybe vampires and werewolves simply weren't meant to be friendly towards each other. But no somehow he knew that wasn't just it…

"I'll see you tomorrow," Naruto said in that low, slightly rasp voice. Before he left he touched his arm briefly while locking eyes with him. Those damn eyes…

Sasuke locked the door and went to throw himself on his bed. Fucking tease. Stupid blond vampire. Ah, what the hell was wrong with him, getting so worked up like that? This wasn't like him.

He needed to stop thinking about him now. Simple enough.

Except that wasn't gonna happen… Damn it. What had he gotten himself into now?


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