Chapter 32 – If we're together

When Itachi and Konan came back from their honeymoon in Paris, they invited Sasuke and Kakashi over to have dinner at their apartment. Over the phone, Itachi had told his little brother that it would be an opportunity for him to finally tell Kakashi the truth.

So this was the reason why Sasuke felt very nervous as he arrived to his brother's flat. Of course, he was smiling as he hugged both Itachi and his wife. It still felt strange to think of them as a married couple, but he couldn't be happier for them.

Kakashi was already there, and he claimed he wanted a hug from Sasuke as well, but the latter called him an idiot.

"We never see each other anymore!" the gray-haired man protested.

"You're exaggerating," Sasuke rolled his eyes.

The four of them walked towards the dining table. There was a pleasant atmosphere so far and Sasuke wasn't sure he wanted to ruin that…

"So Kakashi was telling us," Konan started, "your band is gonna break up?"

Sasuke glanced at his adoptive father. "How did you…?"

"Anko told me," he explained as he sat down, "she also said Naruto didn't give her much of an explanation. He just said, it's complicated! I mean, she's kinda really depressed about it, you know?"

The raven sighed. There was somewhat of an awkward silence as Itachi sat and Konan started serving wine and food.

"Whatever," Kakashi said, "it's okay if you don't want to talk about it…"

Sasuke sat next to him and in front of Itachi. He cleared his throat and eagerly changed the subject.

"How was your trip?" he asked his older brother, "Was it dreamy, romantic?" He teased lightly.

"Yes it was all those things and more…" Itachi smiled and took Konan's hand to sit her down next to him.

She laughed softly and interrupted the serving of the meal to look at Sasuke.

"We had so much fun. Paris was so beautiful. But a bit confusing to me – my English is really basic so imagine my French… Itachi surprised me though," she smiled at him fondly. "Apparently he learned it when he was younger."

"I learned a few extra languages during high school," he shrugged.

"So full of surprises," Konan chuckled and tilted her head to kiss him, her long dark hair hiding her face partly.

Sasuke was glad because the conversation was pretty much focused on Itachi and Konan for the whole dinner after that. So he could relax a little. Besides this made him happy; they were his family after all, and he loved spending time with them.

Sure he didn't eat, but Kakashi barely noticed. Sasuke was thankful for the fact that he hadn'd had such a big appetite as a human.

When everyone was finished they remained seated anyway to continue talking. The conversation had now drifted to Nagato.

"He's getting installed in his new apartment right now," Konan said before taking one last sip of wine.

"We're trying to find the perfect place for our 'coffee shop for werewolves' project," Itachi chuckled, "Nagato's really excited about it."

"Tsumi's excited about it too, actually," Kakashi added, "she keeps talking about it. I think she wants to work for you guys part time with university, even if you can't pay her at first."

"So she's doing well?" Sasuke inquired.

Kakashi smiled, "Yeah, she's a very smart girl and I think she'll go far if she keeps up her studies. What about you, Sasuke? Are you considering going back to school if your band breaks up?"

The raven tensed and looked down at the table. Suddenly Konan and Itachi got up and started cleaning, before going further in the kitchen. Sasuke sighed; he supposed this was his cue to tell the truth to Kakashi.

"I'll probably go back to school at some point," he started, "but Kakashi there's something you should know."

"What is it?" he tried to keep his voice casual but he wasn't fooling Sasuke.

"Well, I'm… a vampire now… But you don't have to worry," he quickly added, "it doesn't change anything. And I didn't kill anyone. I never will."

Kakashi's reaction wasn't as bad as he had expected. Actually he stayed very calm. Konan and Itachi slowly came back to sit with them.

"You guys already knew," Kakashi said and they nodded quietly. "Well I suppose I was expecting it," he went on, shrugging helplessly.

"So you're not mad?" Sasuke said tentatively.

"Of course I am!" Kakashi exclaimed, looking at him, "but what do you want me to do?"

He did have a point there…

Konan cleared her throat softly, "Personally, it made me really angry at first, but now I think I've come to understand Sasuke's feelings. I think he loves Naruto just as much as I love Itachi. And I would've done the same thing in his situation."

Sasuke looked at her across the table gratefully. She gave a slight nod. He was pretty sure the couple was holding hands under the table.

The silence was soon broken by Kakashi's heavy sigh, "I guess I'll just have to get over it, and accept the fact that you'll never give me grandchildren."

Kakashi's voice was slightly teasing now, and Sasuke almost let out a relieved laugh; this was the older man's way of telling him that he was okay with it.

"I'm not even your son."

"He kinda is," Itachi stepped in, "I mean he adopted you so…"

"Yeah, take that, ungrateful little brat," Kakashi mocked as he reached with his hand to ruffle his hair.

Sasuke pushed him away, annoyed, which made Itachi and Konan laugh. Well it seemed like it was a happy ending after all… But Sasuke wasn't an idiot. As the conversation slowly drifted again he watched his adoptive father from the corner of his eye, and it looked like he was holding back his disappointment.

There was no going back though, and Kakashi knew this. So no matter how many times he could say that he didn't agree with Sasuke being transformed, well it wouldn't change a single thing. So what was the point? Kakashi's thoughts were probably along those lines. Sasuke knew him well and it made him sad to disappoint him. But it wasn't the first time and his adoptive father always came around. They could still have a good relationship. So he held on to that thought for the rest of this little family reunion.

Later in the evening, he was back at the mansion and the whole band was there. This would be their last practice before the sound check and the show, and everyone was a little nostalgic already. As much as Sasuke wanted to keep a low profile because he was a hybrid – he was very slowly starting to get used to the word – well he still thought that it sucked to break up their band.

It was like ending a great project at the very beginning, even though it had been extremely promising. So it was a bit painful, although necessary. He could tell the three others felt the same way. So there was no need to talk. They simply exchanged little smiles when all the instruments and mikes were installed, and they started playing.

And just like that, it was as though none of the past couple months' drama had ever happened. Sasuke felt like he was brought back to the very first week he had met Naruto, Kiba and Shikamaru, and to the first time they had practiced together. Once more there was only music on his mind. So he worked his electric guitar with his insane skills as he reveled in Naruto's amazing voice and the way all of their instruments were combined together to create something better.

In between songs they tried some new things – improvisations mostly, but sometimes they decided they could actually use those in the songs they already had, just to add something new and surprise their fans at the concert.

"They're mostly gonna be fans of that girls band though," Kiba pointed out, "do you think they'll like it if we add a more hard rock sound to our songs?"

Shikamaru made a drum roll as the silence lingered, making Kiba laugh.

"If they don't like it," Sasuke said, placing his foot on the amp lightly, "they can all just go fuck themselves."

Naruto grinned and the others laughed.

"I'll tell them that, you know, in the mike at the show," the blond nodded, "if you don't like us, you can all just go fuck yourselves!"

"Just to make sure they definitely hate us," Shikamaru shook his head in disbelief.

Suddenly Kiba sighed and went to fall on the couch, his guitar still on his lap but he obviously didn't feel like playing. His smile had faded.

"Who cares anyway, right?" He glanced at Naruto, and then at the guitarist and drummer. "We're quitting."

Kiba's crimson eyes seemed so sad that it was actually contagious. Sasuke's good mood faded as well and he stepped away from the amp, instead leaning against the side of the sofa and looking down.

"Guys come on!" Naruto exclaimed, raising his hands in the air, "We're gonna play together again! Tons of times, as often as we fucking want to! No one can take that from us. No one can take away our passion for music."

"He's right," Shikamaru nodded.

Sasuke and Kiba glanced at each other and exchanged a little smile. They returned to stand right next to Naruto.

The latter flipped his bangs aside and got ready to play.

"On to the next song, gentlemen…"

They kept practicing for hours. For once Shikamaru didn't claim he was too tired, and Kiba didn't even complain that he was thirsty before interrupting practice to go drain some blood bags like he often did lately. None of that happened; instead they played non stop until it was almost dawn.

Sasuke was exhausted but he felt good, complete, and it was like his worries were all gone at this point. Music was like balm for his anxious, restless soul. When he played with these guys he wasn't a hybrid anymore. He was just a guitarist and they were simply having the time of their life.

When the first slivers of sunlight crept into the room Kiba yawned and finally put his guitar away.

"Hmm sorry guys, I think I'm gonna go get some sleep." He grimaced as he passed the window, even though it was covered by a thick curtain.

The others nodded and put their instruments away as well. They were all tired anyway.

Before Kiba left the room Sasuke decided to tease him, "Sweet dreams! I hope they're about Suigetsu."

The brown-haired vampire seemed to momentarily forget all about his tiredness. Naruto and Shikamaru burst out laughing as Kiba launched himself at Sasuke and they started fighting playfully.

"One day!" Kiba exclaimed as Sasuke easily avoided a punch. "One day I'm gonna be stronger than you!"

The raven snorted, "You wish." He grabbed Kiba's arm to block yet another punch, and in a swift movement twisted it behind his back, pushing him against the couch.

"Fuck you, you bastard!" he exclaimed and Sasuke let go of him.

"You're so immature Kiba," Shikamaru said. "Not that I want to hurt your pride but it's obvious Sasuke's holding back not to hurt you."

The young vampire yelled angrily, "How is that supposed not to hurt my pride!"

The drummer chuckled and patted his shoulder. "Just go to bed Kiba."

"Young vampires shouldn't stay up so late in the morning," Naruto added mockingly.

"Why do you guys like making fun of me so much?"

"Cause it's fun," Sasuke offered with a slight shrug.

"I hate you guys. You suck," Kiba said before disappearing in his bedroom.

The three others exchanged glances with each other.

"Do you think we were too hard on him?" Shikamaru asked.

"Nah he's gonna be fine," Naruto shrugged, scratching his messy blond locks, "young vampires can be very easily irritated and kinda on edge, you know…"

"Like my girlfriend when she's in her period," Shikamaru commented, making Sasuke laugh.

There was a yell from Kiba's bedroom, "I HEARD THAT!"

"I'm gonna go," Shikamaru said, walking towards the hallway quickly, "before he decides to drink all of my blood and kill me. Bye guys see ya!" he waved his hand at them without looking back.

Sasuke looked up at Naruto through dark bangs and smiled, "Tonight was fun. I'm gonna miss this."

The blond took his hands and smiled back, "Me too. But hey it's not over yet. There's still the show. And who knows what'll happen after that?"

"More drama?"

"Probably," Naruto chuckled, "I think we're doomed."

"Maybe we are…" Sasuke moved closer and let go of his hands to slide his arms around his waist instead, caressing the fabric of his light black tee.

"Well…" Naruto chuckled, interrupting himself.

"What is it?"

"Never mind. I was gonna say something romantic and I know you don't like that."

"Idiot. Just spit out your corny shit already."

"You love it but you won't admit it," Naruto placed raven strands behind his ear, purposely letting his fingers brush against his piercings lightly.

"You know what?" Sasuke raised a brow and tilted his head slightly, "I bet you anything I can guess word for word what you were gonna say."

"Oh? Let's hear it."

Sasuke cleared his throat and took a higher pitched voice just to tease him, even though Naruto's voice was nothing like that. "Maybe we are doomed, and there's always gonna be drama, but as long as we're together baby we're gonna be all right…!" he finished and Naruto smiled.

"Something like that…" he admitted.

"So predictable," Sasuke shook his head slightly.

Naruto entangled his hands in sleek raven locks and leaned even closer. He breathed against his lips, "So are you. I can tell you exactly what you're thinking right now."

"Okay," his lips twitched into an amused smile, "tell me."

"You want me to kiss you," he moved his hips even closer so that their clothed erections were touching, "and then you want me to turn you around, push you against that couch and fuck you," he whispered huskily against his cheek, "hard…"

Sasuke parted his lips but instead of kissing him he chuckled, "You just told me your thoughts instead of trying to figure out mine…"

"Ah but that's 'cause I know we're thinking the exact same thing…" he purred in his ear before licking it, making Sasuke breathe in sharply.

"Okay but let's go to your bedroom."

Naruto grinded him again and moaned, "I don't know if I can wait…"

Sasuke started walking towards the staircase. When he realized Naruto had started running after him he decided to play along. He ran up the stairs as fast as he could, laughing. This was so out of character for him but ironically enough, Naruto kind of brought out his childish side sometimes. So he opened the bedroom door and continued running to the back of their bedroom. Just as Naruto was coming in, Sasuke had just enough time to open and close the outside door.

Smirking, Sasuke stood on the balcony and gathered his supernatural strength to hold the door closed.

"Open it," Naruto pulled on it desperately.

They were pretty much of equal strength so they were cancelling each other out. In other words Naruto couldn't open it. Sasuke was laughing at the desperate expression on the older male's handsome face.

Then Naruto changed his strategy. He removed himself from the door and started stripping. Sasuke wasn't distracted at first. He kept a firm hand on the door handle to make sure Naruto couldn't just randomly jump forward and open it.

But of course, it wasn't long before he actually got distracted. How could he not with this tall, handsome and very much naked guy on the other side of the clear door. Sasuke swallowed hard as his hold loosened on the door handle unconsciously. He wanted to touch him so badly. The sun was rising and Naruto's hair had gold and red highlights in it. His skin was such a beautiful pale golden brown. Sasuke wanted to touch it, to feel the lean muscles, to kiss those full smirking lips.

It wasn't too difficult for Naruto to open the door. He burst out laughing at the infinite lust in Sasuke's deep onyx eyes. It seemed he had no words to express his amusement. But even if he had, he wouldn't have had time to actually say them. Because the next instant, Sasuke was kissing him.

The laughter died and instead Naruto smiled lightly through the passionate, heated kiss. Sasuke ran his pale hands all over Naruto's beautiful body. He couldn't get enough of him, his delicious taste, his subtle masculine scent…

"Hmm… Sasuke…" the blond moaned teasingly when they broke for air, "you're a little bit overdressed don't you think?"

"Just waiting for you to do something about that," he teased back.

Naruto didn't need to be told twice. Sasuke lifted his arms to help him take off his t-shirt. Then Naruto quickly took care of lowering his jeans and boxers. Sasuke stepped out of them and threw himself in his lover's arms again. They kissed, lips darkening as it became more intense and their hands running all over each other.

Eventually Naruto pulled away, panting, "That wasn't cool earlier… teasing me like that…"

"I thought it was funny," Sasuke tilted his head, letting his bangs fall into his dark eyes.

Naruto bit his lip and glanced away. Suddenly he removed himself from Sasuke's hold, grabbed the handrail and lifted himself up so that he was standing on it.

"The fuck are you doing…?"

Naruto flashed him a grin and the next instant he was diving in the pool. Sasuke grabbed the handrail and frowned as he looked down. For one brief moment his still human-like thoughts told him he should be worried that Naruto had hit the bottom and hurt himself. But then he remembered he was a vampire and he would be just fine even if he did hit it.

Indeed the blond vampire swam back up and smirked at him as he did some lazy back strokes.

"It's really lonely down here without you." He said before diving back under water in one graceful movement.

Sasuke gripped the hand rail tightly and swallowed hard before parting his lips again, panting. He was so damn horny…

"You idiot…" he muttered before lifting himself up like Naruto had done before.

Naruto smirked when he got out of the water and looked up him. He swam away from the deeper area of the pool where Sasuke would dive.

The raven took a deep breath; he felt a bit scared – again, human thoughts, he supposed. But he dived anyway. The water was warm and nice but his mind barely registered that. He wasn't exactly an expert at diving in pools from the second floor of a house. He scraped his hands along the bottom of the pool and cursed inwardly before swimming back up. Immediately Naruto took him in his arms.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," he brushed it off.

But Naruto took his hands and licked the blood until it was completely healed. The sight and feel of his tongue on his skin was actually quite a turn on and Sasuke held his breath as he moved closer and captured his lips in a passionate kiss.

The taller male pulled away only so that he could kiss his neck roughly, leaving marks that would disappear quickly enough. Sasuke tilted his head and closed his eyes, letting out small cute moans of pleasure. He wrapped his arms around Naruto, holding him close, and grinded him harshly. Sasuke wasn't too sure if he wanted to be bottoming right now… Actually he kind of wanted…


"Yeah?" he whispered in his ear before licking it like he always did. He knew it turned Sasuke on so much and he was right.

"I want… you…so bad..."

Naruto responded by holding him tighter, kissing him everywhere, fiercely. Sasuke loved everything about Naruto. He loved the way he always held him and made love to him like their lives depended on it. But today he wanted the roles to be reversed, just so he could make Naruto feel amazing.

There was no need for words anymore. In the quiet morning they got out of the water and instead lay down on the grass. It smelled of blossoms and greenery and the cool wind barely made Sasuke shiver because Naruto's body was so warm in his arms. When Naruto turned face down Sasuke slid inside of him and moved back and forth, always faster, and harder, following the sounds of their breathing and moans.

Sasuke leaned closer, sliding his arm around Naruto's waist, panting. This was so intense. Every time the world seemed to disappear around them.

And later in the afterglow, still they lay down in the grass quietly, watching the sunrise. They would have to get back inside soon or Naruto's skin would begin to hurt. But for now Sasuke was just enjoying the moment. He thought that even without a band to show off his musical talents to the world, he could be incredibly happy.


The roaring crowd was deafening. The stage was flooded with lights. Naruto's heart was beating fast. He whipped around to look at Sasuke, Kiba and Shikamaru. Their hairstyles were pretty crazy, and their clothes were in themes of black and silver. Of course, Naruto had a weak spot for the lead guitarist; Sasuke looked dashingly adorable in silver skinny jeans, striped violet and black v-neck tee, the silver chain he always wore around his neck, arm warmers, the usual piercings and finally eyeliner and stylishly messy black hair framing his pale face.

Naruto took in all this in a split second but now it was time to turn his attention back to the cheering crowd. Apparently they had a lot of fans down there. Not everyone had come only for the girl pop band that would follow. It made the blond indescribably happy, actually, to know that their fans had actually come out here to see them. If this was their first and last show then he decided he should make the most of it.

The sexy guitarist started playing first, followed by Kiba and Naruto, and finally Shikamaru hit the drums. There was a moment of only instrumentals before the blond singer started working his magic. The fans were waiting for it, he could tell. And never before had he wanted to sing his heart out than right now.

The fans cheered as he sang the chorus. Most of them were even singing along, which created a warm fuzzy feeling in Naruto's chest. He glanced sideways at Sasuke; the latter threw him little fond smile but he needed to focus on his upcoming bad ass guitar solo of course. The blond grabbed the mike and flipped his unnaturally sleek blond locks out of his eyes before singing the last part of the chorus.

The first few songs were over way too fast. They were having so much fun jumping everywhere on the stage while their drummer kept up his amazing skills all along. They were playing better than ever before. Naruto smiled at the loud crowd and thanked them warmly before performing their last song.

It was one of Naruto's favorites on the album. And Sasuke had admitted himself once that he loved the lyrics.

I'm at war with the world

And they try to pull me into the dark

I struggle to find my faith

As I'm slipping from your arms

Naruto went to play guitar back to back with Sasuke. He rubbed his butt against the smaller guy teasingly and he could've sworn he saw the bassist roll his eyes at them. Naruto chuckled and returned to his mike.

It's getting harder to stay awake

And my strength is fading fast

You breathe into me at last

I'm awake, I'm alive

Now I know what I believe inside

Now it's my time

I'll do what I want cause this is my life

Right here, right now

Stand my ground and never back down

I know what I believe inside

I'm awake and I'm alive

I'm at war with the world

Cause I ain't never gonna sell my soul

I've already made up my mind

No matter what I can't be bought or sold

When my faith is getting weak

And I feel like giving in

You breathe into me again

This went on for a while. Once more he played right next to Sasuke, reveling in the amazing sound of their combined skills creating great music. After exchanging a smile with his boyfriend he returned to stand in front of the mike to sing the chorus one last time.

I'm awake, I'm alive

Now I know what I believe inside

Now it's my time

I'll do what I want cause this is my life

Right here, right now

Stand my ground and never back down

I know what I believe inside

I'm awake and I'm alive

While the crowd erupted in loud clapping and screams Naruto practically threw his guitar away and to his surprise – a very pleasant one that is – Sasuke did the same. He knew what to expect, huh?

They fell into each other's arms and kissed passionately. The crowd actually cheered even louder at that. Naruto supposed this was sort of their trademark now. Well that was kind of cool, he thought as he smiled through the kiss. Sasuke's pale lips were so soft and he didn't want to pull away but he had no choice. They had to move back stage now. It was over already.

There was a somewhat sad feeling in Naruto's heart as he walked to the back room with his band mates. But it was mixed with happiness. This had turned out to be an amazing experience. Even in all of his incredibly long existence, he had never felt anything like it before. The stress and excitement that came with playing in front of so many people… There was absolutely nothing similar to it.

In the back room he ignored everybody else and kissed Sasuke again. He pushed him against a small free space on the wall and pinned him there as he deepened the passionate kiss. Entangling tan fingers in messy raven hair he grinded him slightly and he barely heard a moan escape Sasuke's lips. He really did forget about everyone else for a moment there, and Kiba had to pull them away from each other like he often did.

"Control your fucking dicks guys," he shook his head in disbelief. Naruto smiled.


But of course as he looked back at a now flustered Sasuke, taking in his slightly darkened lips and lustful onyx eyes he couldn't bring himself to feel bad for randomly kissing him passionately like that. And besides Kiba, Shikamaru and Anko were amused more than anything. As for the girls from the upcoming band they were looking at them with eyes wide open.

The four guys stayed at first to watch the performance but then they decided to leave right away not to be stuck in the traffic later. They made their way to the private parking space and Naruto's car. After congratulating them one last time, Anko stepped towards her own vehicle.

"The others are probably all still back in that crazy crowd," Kiba commented as he took out his cell phone.

When they were all seated Naruto started driving.

"You're gonna invite them over?" he inquired. Kiba had mentioned earlier he wanted to organize an after party at the mansion with all their friends.

"Hell yeah," Kiba looked up at him through the rear-view mirror, grinning.

He looked kind of dangerous like that; crazy spiky brown hair going in every direction, wild grin with fangs, crimson eyes matching his red triangle tattoos. Naruto smiled back. Kiba didn't make such a bad vampire after all. For the first time he felt like just maybe everything would be okay now. They weren't that famous; people would surely leave them alone. Kiba would be safe to continue his vampire existence like he wanted to. As for Naruto and his boyfriend things were a little bit more complicated since the latter was a hybrid. But they would manage. Besides the blond had an idea which he would share with Sasuke later that night…

"What?" the raven raised a questioning brow when he noticed Naruto had been sending glances at him.

"I'll tell you later," he replied in a low, slight teasing voice.

"Whatever…" he shrugged and looked out the window, flipping his bangs.

Aw, Sasuke; always trying to look so casual even when he was intrigued to death, Naruto thought with a fond smile.

"There were so much more people than I thought," Shikamaru said at some point, "it was insane…"

"It was awesome," Kiba nodded, still texting.

Sasuke looked behind his shoulder at the two guys, "I think we can be proud of what we accomplished, right? I mean, we didn't have much time and we came this far…"

"Definitely," Shikamaru agreed.

As a reply Naruto took Sasuke's hand lacing their fingers gently as he continued driving quietly. His window was lowered so they could feel the warm night breeze blowing in the car.

There was no moon tonight. For the last full moon, Sasuke hadn't joined his brother and friends to go to the mountains. But they didn't mind; they respected his choice and weren't angry with him in the slightest. Naruto was glad, because he would've hated for Sasuke to have any trouble with his loved ones because of their relationship.

A little before Naruto parked his car in front of his mansion, Kiba exclaimed, "Everyone's coming! They're not gonna stay for the whole show so they'll be here soon!"

"My girlfriend likes that band though," Shikamaru chuckled, "so she's gonna stay. But she'll join us here afterwards."

The four guys got out of the car, and made their way inside the house to get ready for the party. Kiba plugged his iPod to the stereo sound system in the living room so in a few moments techno dance music was bursting loudly. Naruto sat in one of the couches and grabbed Sasuke's tattooed arm to pull him in his lap. The raven barely had time to be surprised as Naruto locked their lips together in a heated kiss.

When they pulled away slightly he placed raven strands behind his ears and looked at his eyes, smiling. There were a few imperfections in his eyeliner but it simply looked so cute nonetheless.

"You were amazing tonight," Sasuke whispered, ignoring the pillow Kiba threw at them from the other side of the room.

Naruto chuckled. It looked like Sasuke had become just as corny as him at this point. He had changed so much in these past few months.

"What?" the younger male raised a brow at him again.

"I love you," Naruto said simply, his voice low and husky.

But Sasuke just rolled his eyes and pulled away from him, jumping to his feet. Naruto burst out laughing; okay, so maybe Sasuke wasn't nearly as corny as him then. But that was okay. More than okay…

Soon Deidara arrived with his new boyfriend as well as a few bottles of liquor.

"Who wants a drink?" the long-haired blond made his way to the kitchen excitedly.

Sasori stayed behind, watching him with Naruto.

"Some things never change I guess," the latter chuckled. Sasori threw him a sideways glance along with a little smile.

"Out of all the vampires in this town, I had to fall for the crazy alcoholic one."

Naruto slapped his shoulder in a friendly way, "Good luck with that!"

Hinata, Neji and Suigetsu also made their appearance after that. Drinks were flowing thanks to Deidara; he added blood in them from what was left in the fridge so they were pretty popular. And with the loud dance music the atmosphere was very festive.

Sasuke stood next to Naruto, texting his brother to ask him if he wanted to join the party with the others.

When he was done with that Naruto started dancing with him teasingly, right in the middle of the living room. Pretty much everyone stared at them, amused. Naruto ignored them.

He slid his index fingers in Sasuke's belt loops and pulled him close. Then his arms progressively circled this small, sexy waist as he moved his hips against the smaller guy suggestively.

"What are you doing exactly?"

"Dancing," Naruto bit his lip as his fingers crept their way up Sasuke's sides.

Suddenly Kiba grabbed Hinata and exclaimed, "Let's show them how it's done."

He started grinding her making everyone laugh, but it was all the more funny because it was awkward; it clearly wasn't Hinata's thing. Either that or she wasn't in the mood right now. She pulled away, shaking her head as she returned to stand next to her cousin.

To everyone's surprise – or maybe not so much – Suigetsu went to dance with Kiba instead, turning around and rubbing his butt against the brunet vampire's crotch. He really went for it. Naruto and Sasuke were hardly containing their mocking laughter as Kiba and Suigetsu danced right next to them in the middle of the wide room.

The blond vampire sent a glance at Deidara and Sasori, who were both standing near the hallway with drinks in their hands. Perhaps Deidara didn't want to be too far from the kitchen and his precious liquor, Naruto thought, chuckling inwardly. They seemed happy together but time only would tell if they were meant to be together or not.

When Itachi, Konan, Nagato and Tsumi made their arrival Naruto wondered how many other parties in the world had such a mix of vampires and werewolves; probably not that many. They willingly accepted drinks from Deidara – without any blood in them though – and came to join Naruto and the three other guys on the 'dance floor'.

At this point Kiba and Suigetsu weren't dancing together anymore. They were just dancing, each on their own, and having fun. All four vampires interrupted their moves to greet their new guests properly.

"The show was amazing," Konan exclaimed and the others all agreed.

At some point Sasuke smiled and said, "Hey I'm really glad you guys came…"

Deidara, Sasori, Neji and Hinata joined their little circle so that everyone was pretty much standing in the middle of the living room. Conversations randomly started and Naruto felt like with his boyfriend they were kind of in the middle of it all, not particularly partaking in any of them.

"What was it that you wanted to tell me earlier?" Sasuke asked in a low voice so that only Naruto could hear him.

"I knew you were curious," he teased, taking both his hands and pulling him slightly closer.

"Just say it," Sasuke rolled his eyes, annoyed.

Holding only one of his hands now, Naruto led him to the stairs. He glanced behind his shoulders at the little party; they were all having fun and for now didn't seem to care much that the two had walked away. So the blond led them upstairs and all the way to his bedroom. He closed the door.

Sasuke crossed his arms, "Well, what is it?"

Naruto held his breath as he went to grab two plane tickets which he had hidden at the bottom of one of the drawers. Without a word he handed them to Sasuke.

"What…?" he looked up.

"Do you want to just disappear with me for a while?"

"You bought these already…"

"It's okay," Naruto made a little reassuring smile, "if you don't want to I'll just get my money back."

It was a lie. But he didn't want Sasuke to feel pressured. He wanted his decision to be genuine. But the reason for Naruto's sudden anxiety was that he really wanted to go. He was afraid that the news would travel fast about his boyfriend being a hybrid. And he didn't want anything bad to happen.

As they locked eyes he got the strange yet pleasant feeling that Sasuke could somehow read his mind at that moment. In any case, he seemed to understand exactly how he felt.

"Yeah," he nodded, a smile slowly curling his beautiful lips, "let's do it."

The blond grinned and wrapped his arms around his lover, holding him tightly.

He whispered in his ear, "Consider it your birthday gift at the same time okay?"

Sasuke's dark gray eyes widened as they pulled away from each other slightly. "How did you know?"

Sliding his hand in Sasuke's back pocket to touch his wallet he smirked, "I looked at your id…"

The other rolled his eyes, but he was smiling. "Anyway… why California?"

Naruto tilted his head, "I've wanted to go there for a while; amazing gay scene for starters."

"Okay," he laughed, "why not, right?"

"Exactly," Naruto kissed him passionately. He was so happy at this moment that he felt like his heart was gonna burst – but if he said such a corny thing out loud Sasuke would probably change his mind all together about this trip. "So you really wanna go?"

"Are we like," Sasuke studied his face for a moment, "doing this behind everyone's back?"

Naruto scratched his hair, "Uh, yeah? If you don't mind… I thought it'd be best if no one knew our location."

So their friends wouldn't have to lie if they ever got interrogated…

Catching on quickly, Sasuke nodded. "As long as we call them when we get there I guess…"

"Of course."

He stole another kiss. "The plane kinda leaves tomorrow."

Sasuke looked at the tickets again and freaked out.

"But what are we gonna do there? How long are we gonna stay? And what about your house, our cars…?"

"Don't worry about all that," Naruto placed his finger near Sasuke's lips and smiled.

"You're so careless."

"I prefer spontaneous."

"I can't believe I actually agreed to go with you."

"You can always change your mind. I'm not forcing you." Naruto held his breath as Sasuke seemed to consider this.

But then he made a little smile and shook his head. He ran his fingers through his hair as he let out something in between a chuckle and a sigh. Naruto smiled tentatively as well as they looked at each other.

"You're insane," Sasuke said.

"You're insane," Naruto replied.

"How do you figure that?"

"You were always the insane one. You little crazy werewolf, joining some vampire's band. Look where it got you."

Sasuke leaned closer to him, raising an eyebrow slightly and tilting his head.

"You were never just some vampire to me though, were you?"

There was so much in those few words, so much left unsaid. But there was no need. At first Naruto felt melancholic, remembering in a flash Sasuke's past life and his own long existence, bringing him to the day he had met Sasuke again in that audition room, their first weeks together, the way Sasuke had changed so much, yet stayed the same, the love of his life, without any shadow of a doubt... The melancholy left as it was replaced by pure excitement for what was yet to come. Their life together had barely started. The end of their music career also meant a new beginning.

Song by Skillet

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