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Andre...Trina.." Tori said as she came to us. We were on our orange couches watching celebrities under water.

"Sup Tori." Andre said. She sighed and Trina finally spoke up.

"Tell me Tori I wont tell mom or dad." she said.

"I wish I could but I cant Trin,Its just..i dont know..." she said until she got a text.

"tomorrow,7/9 bank u in?" the text said.

"idk..i have hw."she texted back.

"U better nt b saying anyone." the text quickly said. Tori sighed and fell in Trina's arms crying.

"Tori who texted you?" Andre asked.

"No one." Tori said. She needed to tell someone...but who to tell?

"Tori what's wrong? You can tell me." Trina urged.

"Trina just know that I love you and you are just…I'm glad you are my sister." Tori said It was out of the norm for Tori to tell Trina that she's a great sister…Andre went home and Trina and Tori's parents came home and as they were making dinner Trina went to Tori's room to check on her baby sister. she saw her not in there but she went through a bag to see if she had any drugs or anything of that manner. she came across a ski mask. And a stack of money. Why would tori have a ski mask and a wad of She went through more stuff she found letters.. Threats. Trina dashed down stairs with all the items and tori became pale. Without saying a word she shuffled out the door quckly.

"Tori is hiding something.." Trina said..


Thunder crashed and I jumped slightly. I was curled up on the couch, watching the nine-hour marathon of all three Zombie Aliens movies. Not the best way to spend a Friday night I admit, but who would want to spend a Friday night with the girl who supposedly killed her baby sister. I had flipped on the sci-fi channel with utter boredness, turned off the lights, and made a bowl of buttered popcorn.

"Jacob? Jakie-Poo? Are you here?" A blonde cheerleader from the movie said, walking around the abandoned football field. Only one light was on and it was focused on her.

"Hello, Sandy." A voice from the shadows said, panting.

"Jakie?" The girl said with caution. "Why'd you ask me to come here after the game.

"Because-" The voice said, stepping out from the shadows, revealing to be the Jake, whose flesh now was falling off, and his eye was hanging from his socket. "I want to eat you!"

Thunder crashed again as he said that and I let out a scream, along with Sandy.

Ding dong!

I let out another screamed as the doorbell rang.

I got up slowly, and opened the door, to reveal wet two police officers and a wet man in a trench coat.

"Are you Miss Trina Vega?" The man in a trench coat asked.

"Yes." I said, a little frightened. The last two times police officers came, they were for Tori's murder and the breaking into the house. "Is this about the screaming? Because that's just me watching a scary movies."

The man shook his head. "Trina, is your father, Chief David, home?"

"No. My mom and him went on a date night event. Why has something happened to them?" I asked, worried.

"No. We're here to tell you about a hit and run that involved you friend, Jadelyn West." He said.

I gasped, putting my hand to my chest. "Jade?"

He nodded. "We think it might be connected to the murder of your sister, Victoria Vega."

I let out a little shocked squeak.

"Trina? I think you might want lay down, you look pale."

I nodded, slightly swaying. Why was I feeling so dizzy?

"Trina? Trina!" The man yelled, as I fell to the ground, passed out.

*3 hours earlier*

A naive Cat Valentine waited in the hills, alone. She wore a soft pink dress that reached her thighs and high heels. Her wavy red hair was curled at the end and she added a bow. She threw on a small little jacket, just in case it got chilly. But she didn't know that in just an hour a big thunderstorm would hit L.A

A car pulled up in front of her, and it's passenger's side window rolled down.

"Hey Cat. You look great, you know that?" A man's voice said.

Cat giggled and flipped her hair, before opening the door and slipping inside the car. "Hey Eli. Oops, I mean Mr. Stark."

"Cat, were not in school, you don't need to call me that. But it would make it hotter if you said that while we we're kissing." Eli Stark said. He had short black hair, sparkling blue eyes, and porcelain white skin. He was only twenty one years old, and was offered a job at Hollywood Arts. In only a month, most of the young girls that were students there already had crushes on him, but he picked the flirty red-head.

"Okay, Mr. Stark." Cat giggled, before leaning in. Cat wanted to take it slow. She never dated an older man. Especially a man five years older than her.

Mr. Stark crushed his lips on hers, pulling her closer to him.

Unaware of anything except their hot make-up session, they didn't notice a black hooded figure behind the car. A chilly fog showed on the back window, and the figure finished writing on the fog with their finger, leaving the words:


On the side of the car, was a shocked Jade. She had her suspicion about Cat having a fling with their teacher, so she followed the red-headed girl to the woods.

Hidden behind a shrub, with binoculars, she stared shockingly watched as the figure wrote on the back window. She leaned slightly forward, and saw the face of the hooded figure. She gasped, seeing the face so many times at school.

She didn't know who to tell first. She certainly couldn't tell Cat, because she was making out with a teacher. Andre would get all wonky. She couldn't stand Robbie. And Trina. She didn't even have her number. The only option was Beck to send a mass text or something.

She dialed his number. "Beck."


"I think I know whose Trina's stalker."

She could hear Beck freezing up.


"Not now." She whispered. "It's to dangerous. You know the park by the Hollywood Hills? Meet me there." She hanged up, stuffed the PearPhone in her jean pocket, and quickly crawled out of the shrub and ran towards her car, which was hidden deep in the small jungle of forest trees.

Entering, she swiftly put the keys in the ignition, cursing for how loud the engine roared as it started up. She drove slowly down the Hollywood Hills and drove to the park that was only about five blocks away. She sighed as she finally got on a smooth road, and relaxed. Everything is going to turn out alright, she told herself.

As she was only a distance from the barren park, she got a text. She slid the phone out of her jean pocket and checked the text with one hand.

From: Blocked

To: Jade

Watch Out.

"Watch out?" Jade asked, perplexed. She stopped the car and stared at the text, before getting out and walking the rest of the way to the park.

Beck was already sitting at the bench, waiting for Jade. He glanced behind his shoulder and saw Jade. He quickly turned his head again, before, suddenly jumping up from the bench and yelling something that Jade couldn't hear. He pointed at something behind Jade.

Jade turned her head and saw behind her was a speeding Jeep. She froze in her spot as the car came at her. Her body connected with the car and she slid over the hood of the car, the top, and as the car kept going, she landed on the concrete road.

"Jade!" A hysterical Beck said, scooping up his girlfriend.

"Jade!" He screamed again, hoping his girlfriend would show some sign of breathing or moving, but it was clear that she was either in a coma or dead.


His PearPhone- which was in his jacket's pocket- vibrated. Out of frustration, he looked at it.

From: Blocked

To: Beck

I tried warning her. She knew to much

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