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Arranged Love

After I had finished my chat with Ella, I decided to go check on Shane. I don't really like the fact that we never talked about anything after we kiss. It's awkward and I don't do well with awkward situations. Usually I just walk away and avoid confrontation. But in this case, I just can't walk away like I normally do. So my other option was to talk about it.

"Shane?" I lightly knocked on his door, waiting for him to tell me to come in. He may just bust into my room but I hated when people did that to me, so I wasn't gonna do the same to him.

"Come in," he said and I pushed his door open, being greeted by him lounging on the couch by his window, calmly watching TV with his glasses on. He looked so normal and un-jerky compared to his normal look.

"Can we talk?" I fiddled with my fingers as he looked over at me, catching my expression before clicking off his TV and looking at me.

"Okay, let's talk," Shane said, swinging his feet over the side of the couch and patting the empty space next to him. I lightly sat down, looking down at my lap as my cheeks flushed red.

"I would talk about this with a best friend if I had one here but since I don't…" my words slowly faded out as Shane cleared his throat, his eyes widening.

"Oh, well what do you wanna talk about?" Shane asked, using his forefingers to push his glasses up his nose. I smiled realizing that we had the same habit.

"I don't like it here. I wanna be back at the White House even though I didn't like it much there either. I don't like the fact that you kiss me and then pretend that nothing happens. I don't like the fact that I can't even drive and there are grown men stalking me with a camera. I don't like being away from my parents. I don't like the fact that I have to go to a public school. I hate that this whole thing is just some lopsided agreement. I'm only someone to look good on your arm and nothing more. I hate that my life has always been planned out for me. And I especially don't like your attitude," I finished, taking a deep breath as Shane opened and closed his mouth multiple times, trying to figure out what to say.

"I didn't really like this life at first either. I still don't. I don't like the fact that I can't sing what I want to and I hate that random ass people are constantly taking my picture. I miss my parents…my whole family. I know how you feel, contrary to popular belief. I know you don't like this situation because it's not fair to you but we're gonna get through this together. I promise," Shane said, lightly grabbing my hands as my vision became blurry due to my tears.

My heart swelled as Shane attempted to smile at me. For once in my life, someone understood how I was feeling. Shane and I really aren't that different from eachother. His life is being planned out too and he has no one else who truly understands him. Maybe that's why those puppet masters that are controlling us chose me to marry Shane instead of someone else. Maybe they saw what that we were so much alike even with our many differences. Maybe they saw that we would be able to comfort eachother when no one else could.

"Can you promise to fix your everchanging attitude too?" I lightly joked, Shane's eyes moving upward in a circular motion as I giggled.

"I'll work on it. Just know that it's all apart of the rockstar image," Shane said, moving his hand across the air as if showing me a screen. I laughed and collasped back against the couch, bringing Shane with me.

"Keeping up an image is so tiring," I whined, rubbing my hand down my face.

Shane nodded his head in agreement before his phone went off and I grabbed it off of the coffee table, since I was closer. Without looking at the caller id I answered the phone, as Shane raised an eyebrow at me.

"Yelllow?" I answered with a smile as Shane chuckled and lightly hit my arm.

"Shaney, is that you?" my jaw clenched as Tess's voice filled my ear. What was she doing calling Shane?

"No, it's Mitchie. What the hell do you want Tess?" I growled, balling my hands into fists as Shane demanded his phone. I ignored him, standing up to pace around the room.

"What are you doing with Shane's phone, Bitchie? Whatever, it doesn't even matter. Tell Shane I was calling to confirm our dinner plans tonight and that I'll be crashing at his place tonight," Tess demanded as I scoffed and turned away from Shane, switching my weight.

"Sorry to disappoint but those plans have officially been cancelled. You can keep your bony ass at home," I sneered as Tess scoffed in disapproval in my ear and I just smirked. I hung up and tossed Shane his phone, leaving the room without another word. Two steps forward and five steps back.

*Arranged Love*

"Shane, did you take my phone charger?" I asked, barging into Shane's room. It was Saturday night and Tess hadn't dared to call or even show up here so I considered my mission to be accomplished. We were packing to leave for the White House for my dad's campaign dinner tomorrow morning.

"Not that I remember," Shane said as I rolled my eyes and growled at my untidyness. I kind of really needed my phone charger.

"Can you take me to the Apple Store so I can get a new one please?" I begged, clasping my hands together and jutting out my bottom lip in a fake pout. I was still a teenager. I couldn't NOT have my phone.

"We have a flight to catch tomorrow. You can't wait till we get to Washington?" Shane asked as I rested all of my weight on my right foot.

"We're taking a private jet. It can't leave without your command. We could've been halfway there by now! It'll take twenty minutes to go in there and get a new charger, if even that!" I complained, knowing Shane would crack eventually.

He dragged his hand down his face before grabbing his phone and wallet and leading me out the door. I smiled in triumph before following him to the car so we could go get my charger.

"Hi, I'm David. How may I help you today?" the sales person asked as soon as we stepped foot into the store. A collective gasp was heard from a group of teenagers huddled around an iPad 2 display as they caught sight of Shane. He threw them a wink before turning back to David.

"I lost my charger for my phone and I need a new one," I explained, stuffing my hands in my back pockets.

"Ah yes, of course Ms. Torres. Would you like to purchase an iPad 2 along with that?" David asked before Shane butted in.

"No, that's it. Can we just get the charger and then we'll be on our way?" Shane snapped rudely before I nudged him, shooting him a look.

"Don't be rude," I whispered under my breath, turning back to David with a smile.

"No I don't want an iPad but I need a new case. Do you know where I could get a Juicy Couture one?" I questioned as Shane groaned beside me. I had planned on getting a new case anyways; the charger thing was just a cover up because I knew Shane wouldn't bring me here to just get a new case.

"Yes, right across from us in the Juicy Couture outlet, you can get one. I'll bag this up for you and then let you go get your case," David said and I smiled in thanks before turning to Shane, who was pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation.

I rolled my eyes and folded my arms over my chest, looking him up and down.

"Shane, drop the dramatics. It hasn't even been ten minutes yet. Plus, you were done packing," I demanded as Shane huffed in annoyance and moved his hand away from his face.

"I hate going to the mall with women. You can't just get the one thing you came for then leave; you have to get all this other unneccessary crap too!" Shane sneered, causing me to laugh at his antics just as David came back.

"That will be $32.65. Cash or credit?" Shane shoved a $50 bill at him before taking the bag and walking away, grabbing my hand and pulling me along with him. I shouted back thanks as I tried not to get dragged out of the store by Shane. He was so much stronger than me though.

"We are getting your case and then leaving. Understood?" I nodded as something swept through my body. Was it weird that I was turned on by Shane bossing me around? Usually, I don't let anyone talk to me like that but when Shane did it, it made me want to pounce on him. Oh great…

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