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Dark colors struck the night sky, forcing it to implode on itself as trembling breaths lurked in the dark. Bodies shifted eagerly among the rain, desperate to make their night time commute before the dark completely consumed them. Snarls were heard from dogs as they walked with their owners, ears pulled back and eyes ever searching for something that they weren't truly sure were there. A trembling breath escaped in a white puff as more rain bounced off the street, the third taxi cab in a row pulling away and leaving a void spot in its absence.

Los Angeles had never looked so vacant, so huge, so underestimating. Her shadow trembled along the brick walls, forcing herself further into the large city without care. She had left everything behind; there was no turning back as her feet hit the ground even quicker, sloshing water uncaringly up as she went. Her life had been on the east coast for a great majority, but twenty one and fresh out of high school brought that undeniable calling that all restless women got.

Chastity had too much pride in herself to let that calling go to waste.

A plane ride and a taxi later left her drenched in the heart of California, trembling in shaking fear and anticipation as she made her way along the crowded sidewalks. People didn't even look up as she bit down on her lip, her heart hammering in her chest as she glanced around. More and more traffic was beginning to bloom as the clock edged its way towards nine, the party life coming straight to life underneath her very feet. She had never known such an alive atmosphere, such a rising desire for something more. But the city was a place she had never stepped foot in, and as unfamiliar and threatening faces passed her by, a warning single trembled along her cerebellum, telling her that this was the wrong choice.

But something indubitably pulled her towards Los Angeles, begging for her to be captive of its populated skyscrapers. It wanted her, and it was an alluring feeling that she couldn't just drop at the hint of a dime. The feeling sent a trembling desire through her, outweighing the fear that trembled down her shaking spine. But Chastity refused to turn around—she simply couldn't when she had made it this far.

Pulling in a deepening breath, she took another step further as the rain crashed down harder. Her designer jacket that had been a farewell gift from New York tore out with another blast of icy wind trembled around her. Swallowing hard, Chastity forced herself down another block, her eyes rapidly scanning for the hotel that she had been dutifully assigned. The rain slushed around her open toed heels rapidly, forcing a smug form of regret to tremble through her aching limbs.

Heels had never been her best friend, and yet she told herself to wear them in order to make a good impression before she had left on her flight. But at the rate she was going, she would need waders instead of platforms.

The block gave way to a luxurious hotel just a few more side streets away. A smile filtered across her face before she pulled herself together. Her steps became faster in the dead of the night, watching as more and more partiers ran past her. Bottles of rum were in their hands, vodka in some others as they jogged past her, screaming nonsense at her, most of it sexist of her in her heels and jacket. A few had even had the audacity to wave money in her face, her smile turning down as she quickly looked away and hurried her way along.

Just shy of a block from the hotel, her heel caught in the sidewalk of the street, her heel cracking on contact as the glue had easily come loose in the downpour. She frowned to herself, quickly grabbing her shoes off and with a disgusted look, forcing her bare feet to make contact with the concrete. Chastity was vaguely aware of what germs lurked there, but she kept her jaw squared as she neared a group of men parting.

Paying no attention to their drunken cries, she made it easily to the hotel doors. Pushing them open, she left their antics behind her as she made her way up to the reception desk, watching as a few people flittered between flights in the upscale hotel establishment.

"Welcome, how may I help you?" The receptionist didn't look thrilled to have her, and she pushed it back to the fact that it was now nearing towards midnight.

"I have a reservation for Chastity," the words were calm and thought out, her eyes darting to the clock on the wall. It ticked closer and closer, her fingers itching at her hem line out of nerves. A loud ding ran throughout the entire hotel as the clock finally struck, the receptionist looking even more nervous as she quickly threw the keys at Chastity and nodded to the stairs.

"There's your room information. I'd get into it quickly if I were you, and not come out until dawn." She gave no more words of advice, simply grabbing her bag and quickly walking out the door, leaving the lobby vacant. Chastity couldn't help but notice the unnatural silence that suddenly fell over the hotel, leaving her chest pounding in horror movie fear.

Without thinking about it, she reached down and grabbed her suitcase that she had been carrying. Quickly making her way up the stairwell, she didn't bother to look back at the slamming doors as she made her way to her room.