Wolf Lord? Susi Herra?
Chapter 1: Wolf Transformation, S
usi Kristuksen Kirkastumisen

WELCOME! Welcome, Welcome! To my new story. I know that this has been done before, so many times with so many different people (I have a few myself) but, I was hoping to put a twist to a casual theme- where one of the two in the 'relationship' gets changed into an animal, the other finds him/her, takes care of said animal, admits the undying love for the real identity of the animal, and somehow the animal changes back into a human. Mine is a little more complicated, with a cute twist planned at the end. Finnish people, you understand (maybe). I will most likely NOT BE DOING A SEQUEL. I will end it where I end it, unless I get a new idea for a next one. JUST SAYING, RIGHT NOW IN THE FIRST CHAPTER!
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Dammit Dammit Dammit. What was I meant to do now? I growled in frustration, only bringing more attention to my little...predicament. It was Wormtail's fault! I knew I shouldn't have trusted him with anything, yet, idiotically, I did- and see where that got me! Okay, time to calm down. I was not helping the situation by losing my temper yet again. I should think back over what has happened, and see if there is anything to do about it...

I was at my house in Little Hangleton. Normally I was in Slytherin Manor, overseeing something related to my Death Eaters, but I was doing a ritual that was meant to give me the power of the moon. Also, I looked like Tom Riddle, not Lord Voldemort. I liked this body more, it was just... Nicer. If it had worked (the rune ritual), I could have been incredibly strong!

I set Wormtail to helping me, as some runes had to be drawn on my back. I only had him do one rune. Just one rune. I didn't think that even he could not mess that up. Yet he did. Somehow he managed to draw the rune upside down, and I noticed to late. He bolted the moment he realised what was happening. However, the deed was done. I was transforming, based on the runes now covering my body.

I expected it to be painful, but it wasn't really. Nothing compared to having your soul ripped out of you after having tried to kill a defenceless almost two year old. I closed my eyes when I felt the bones in my body shifting. Most of the ritual had stayed the same, so whatever was happening had to have something to do with the moon. When I felt the changing cease, I looked down at myself. I was a wolf.

Okay, I saw how that was connected to the moon, but I was furious! I might have been less furious, if perhaps, I was over two feet tall! I was completely black, not something I was surprised at, and looking in a mirror in the bathroom (I had been in my master bedroom) I saw that my eyes were still red. I bared my new fangs at the image.

I was a little over one foot high, and two feet long. My paws were tiny, everything about me was tiny. I also knew that I looked bigger than I really was because of all this fur. I had to go somewhere, get someone who could help me. Wormtail? Too much of a coward to even face me. Lucius? Probably wouldn't recognise I was Voldemort. Severus? It was a good chance, but I still did not know where his true loyalties lie, and I could be easy picking in this small body. I could not do any magic or talk either.

I didn't know who else to go to. Most of the Death Eaters may have been useful, but they were utter idiotic morons. I thought about it while sitting there in my room. The door opened, and I Wondered who would disturb me at this time- I was supposedly still in ritual. I saw that it was Nagini. She was hissing, and I could still understand her.

"The fat short one says that something happened master. He is cowering, and annoying me so. Master?" She looked at me, with and odd look in her eye. I realised that the odd look was hunger. I tried to call her, and order her to stop, but it did no good. Looking like this, I could not speak in Parsletounge any more than I could the human tongue. "What is this? Another something for me to eat? I have not eaten anything s tasty looking as you in a few days..." And she was after me.

I stopped trying to speak to her and simply ran. Chased by my own familiar! I ran out of my room, Nagini followed after. She was a damn fast snake. Of course, I had trained her to be. And venomous. I rushed downstairs, which was hard considering the steps were almost as high as I was.

At the bottom was a small hallway that led to the living room on one end (not that it was ever used for anything sociable) and the halfway down it was the great door to outside. Wormtail was coming in with some bags in his hands- probably groceries and the like. I flitted past him out the door, feeling very odd, like a Gryffindor. Not something I liked.

I heard Wormtail shriek as he saw Nagini chasing after me, though I don't think he saw me. Not very good that one, very stupid actually. I know that he closed the door on Nagini, she was not meant to leave the house except the garden, in case she got into trouble. So at least she couldn't get me.

But I was no longer inside, and it was a breezy day in August. Not that I was anywhere near cold with my mounds of fur, and I could easily find somewhere to sleep the night in the mangled bushes or in the shadows. Yet, I was, again, trapped. I could not go back inside, not that I really had any desire too. However, I could not stay in the front garden for ever, and the gate was locked. Meaning I could not simply push it open- otherwise anyone or thing could have gone up to my house. It would be hard, but it would have been much more possible.

As the sun sank silently across the horizon, I decided that trying to find a way out in the dark of night will not help my situation. I settled into an almost dead bush- with a few withered pale green leaves hanging from it. As I got comfortable, a small, withered leaf floated down onto my nose.

I decided to quit with the sentimental shit.

I woke to the sound a sharp breeze in the thin twigs above my head, leaves acting like wind chimes that don't make much noise. I put my feet out in front of me, arching my back into a stretch. I growled slightly, thinking about what had happened yesterday- impossible to forget as accounted to where I was and how I looked.

Absent-mindedly grooming myself- something I could not resist, I had to get the crumbled leaf bits out of my fur- I thought about my predicament. Wormtail often left the manor to go and fetch certain things for myself or Nagini that he could not create using a wand. He had to walk down the mile and a half between the manor front door and the ate to apparate away because there were very strong disapparation charms over the manor.

With all the other safety precautions I have taken, it would be idiotic to forget that a strong enough wizard (cough, Dumbledore, cough) could get onto the property simply by apparating. And bring a whole team of auror's no doubt. One of the things he got me everyday was a newspaper- both muggle and The Daily Prophet. When he was leaving today- and I had no doubt he would, whether I was there or not he went out every day- I could sneak past him out the gate.

This made me angry. I should not have to go through this, simply to get off of my property! I am the Dark Lord Voldemort! How dare this be done to be me!

But once again I had to control my temper, losing it would not help at all. I ceased stretching and looked up at the sky. It seemed as if it might rain today- I hoped not. It's bad enough being a wolf barely the size of a baby dog, but to be a soaked baby dog sized wolf sounded even worse.

Slightly off balanced, I padded over to the gate slowly. I had run from Nagini, but I was in a hurry, and adrenaline often gives you better reflexes than you normally have- not to mention running was more of an instinct. Fight or flight response, and the animal part of my new body just took over for me, as there was no way I could fight Nagini.

The gates had come into view, but were still quite far away. The sun peeped through the clouds, and I rose my head to the sky; still walking. Some of the sunlight shone on my face, and I rose my head; stepping into the warm sunlight. I paused, closing my eyes briefly, relaxing for only a second. Then I moved on. I could not relax, I had to get down to the gate before Wormtail, as, even if he hasn't left the house yet, he will be a lot faster than me.

It felt like a long time, getting to the rusty old black gate. The sun was now higher in the sky; maybe eight am. I could, faintly, hear a door opening and closing, and small, quick steps on the small trail that led to the gate entrance. Wormtail was finally coming. Before he arrived, I decided to look at the gate. It was very old, black paint was chipping off of it making it a brownish red colour.

It was in absolutely disgusting shape is basically the gist of it, and no doubt would make a horrible screeching noise the moment Wormtail tried to open it; hopefully giving me a brief window of chance in which to escape. I would like to growl at him for his stupidity, bite his leg maybe; but I would probably not scare him, only make him send an Avada Kedarva at me- a miserable way to die, at the hands of the (terrified minion's) same person who brought you back to life. Even if it was out of fear.

The gate bars were not big enough for me to slip through, maybe two, or three inches apart. Wormtail was coming closer, now in my extended field of limited colour vision. He looked frightened to the brink of death (by which I mean slightly more than usual), so either that meant Nagini was bothering and threatening him again, or he was worried about what he did last night. Which he probably wasn't, he had absolutely no idea dangerous and risky using rune magic is, let alone when you draw one wrong!

I pressed myself to the bars beside the gate door, hoping that my black fur would help me blend in; slitting my bright, blood red eyes to stick out in the dark scenery less. Wormtail's eyes seemed to look straight at me, and yet, passed over me; the man was such an idiot!

With a muttered curse at the gate door with his wand Atra Patefacio, (A powerful Dark Opening spell in Latin) the door flew open. As he was distracted, I bolted past him in a flurry of black fur; leaving a stuttering Wormtail to wonder what just happened. I know that he soon forgot about it, simply saying it was him being paranoid, yet again.

I didn't stop to see where I was going, simply out of the gate and down the hill to the muggle town; which I had never been in. I had actually not gone outside all summer; the last time I did go out was my last attempt to kill the Potter Brat. I hated that little monster, always getting in the way of my plans; but something was different about him when I saw him at the Ministry- he looked older, wiser, darker. There was an evil glint in his eye that spoke of a pain that I would never know of; what caused it I have no idea.

Also, I could feel the flux of her magic when he was trying to use the Crucio on Bellatrix; I knew that he could do it if he wanted- but that's just it, he didn't. He did not want to hurt her, even though she killed his godfather; another shine in his eye said that he was almost grateful, why I could not fathom- did the Brat not love his godfather as the saviour of the light should? Though he was a pain in the ass, always messed up my plans, was destined to kill me, and my mortal enemy, I had to admit; the boy was intriguing and as interesting as they come.

Shaking my head, I tried to clear my thoughts of the Potter Brat, I needed to think about what I was going to do, and where I was going to go now that I was away from the manor grounds. I still couldn't use magic, or speak- or I could, but it was only in wolf, not human English- for that matter. I also needed to try and stay away from humans; I knew that they were meant to hate wolves- be terrified of them actually- I looked like no more than an innocent puppy. And being put in a muggle home would just cause to many problems, one being I might not find a way to change myself back; the other being that I absolutely hated muggles, and would more than likely end up biting one.

So, upon reaching the muggle establishments I slowed down, slinking into the shadows away from the human eye. I needed a way to get to wizarding London and if I could find someone to help me. Who I would get to help I still don't know; I started feeling very much like a Gryffindor again, something I really did not want to feel. I stopped walking completely, making sure no one else was around, and sat down to think over my plan. How was I to get to wizarding London? What would I do if I got there? Who could- would- help me? Rodolphus, maybe. He was one of my smartest Death Eaters, and the only one that might recognise me; then help me instead of possibly taking advantage of my vulnerable state.

I wondered if there might be any wizards frequenting Little Hangleton, as that might help. If I could get one of them to realise that I am a wizard transformed; they might get me an antidote, which after taking I would kill them and any who had seen me as a wolf.

Walking around Little Hangleton, I looked over each aspect, how old it was, if it was muggle made or not, to see if there were any signs of vampires living here; any magical creature really. The town was small, not many people lived here, and not many people wanted to- I could understand. Each house was slightly run down, rickety looking, with small front yards and the roads were cramped; allowing only one car to drive down at a time creating a lot of traffic jams it seemed. In the middle of the dull town was a square, with a fountain and a few benches. I ran across the open street to hide underneath one of the benches that had a bush behind it for cover.

The water splashes loudly from the fountain, a few drops going out onto the cobblestone pavement every one a while. Across the street I saw a small boy talking to his mother about something unimportant. She- the mother- walked to a truck one did not normally see in the UK, a pick up truck, with the gate on the back down. It was a dark blue colour, but faded too, rusty as she opened the door- a;ready unlocked.

She picked up the child and placed him in the passenger side seat, strapping a seat belt around him. Closing the door hard, she walked around to the other side of the truck quickly, opening her door, climbing in and revving the engine. I knew -a Gryffindor thing about to pop up I fear- that I had to get onto that truck. As the bed of the truck was open, I should have easily been able to jump in- but, being only two feet tall really does complicate things. The car started to back up and I had to move with it to keep from getting run over.

Down the car there was a group of rocks- some kind of old memorial for an old dead man- each ruggedly taller than the other- like steps. I bolted to them, climbing each with small difficulty. At the top of the last rock, I pressed myself down hoping not to be looked at by the muggles. The child was to busy playing with some light thing, and the woman was looking straight ahead to the road. I, quietly as I could, jumped onto the back of the truck as it went speeding past.

There was a small thump, but I don't think the muggles heard; there was music spouting from a weird contraption built into the truck with many knobs on it. I fell on my side, but it didn't hurt to much; I licked it to make sure I gained no scratches or anything from the rocks. Then I proceeded to move to the back of the truck as not to fall off.

No One POV:
Jimmy was happy. His mommy was taking him to see his best friend John who had moved this last week. His mommy had said that he wasn't allowed seeing him at first because John needed time to settle in and et everything moved around and cleaned up. But now they were going to see him, and it was going to be so fun! He was telling his mommy how much fun it was going to be.

"John will show me around the house, then we'll go see his room, and then we'll go outside and play on the park that he said was near his house! It'll be so great, and then when we come back, we'll eat dinner and..." the list of fun things to do went on and on. He really wanted to the ark that John told him about; John had been there once and said it was really cool. With a swing set and a slide and everything.

As his mommy lifted him up off the ground after opening the car door for him as he couldn't reach, he asked, "Can you tell me his house number again Mommy? I know that he must have told me a ton of times, but I still can't remember it. It was really weird, and I think it started with 'mim' or 'lim' or 'krim' or something."

His mommy sighed but smiled, and buckled him in; making sure the seat belt was tight around him before shutting the door and walking over to her own side and getting in. She turned on the engine. "It was a weird place Jimmy, they forget to add one of the buildings you know. John lives at number fourteen. Number fourteen Grimmauld Place. The weird part is that there is no twelve- it goes straight from eleven to thirteen. Strange right?"

Jimmy smiled. He believed that whenever a number was missing, it meant that magic had taken the place away to let the magical people live there.

Being a muggle and growing up in muggle Little Hangelton, he never knew how right he was about the magic hiding the house. He did not understand what good (or bad, depends on who you are and how you look at it) he, his mother, and friend John did for the Wizard World that day, and soon they forgot about it. He also, never heard the small thump come from the back of the truck either.


Tom POV:
I was watching the scenery go by to try and find out where exactly I was going, and if it was in the direction I wanted; so waking up certainly did not seem the right thing for me to do as I did not remember falling asleep. Yet here I was, still in a rusty old pick-up truck that were not seen often in England, watching country and cows go by. Eventually houses appeared, and I wondered how long I had been asleep, surely not for long- the sun did not seem to be any higher in the sky; that was for sure. It shined on my black fur making it look even darker than it already was- as if the colour of the black simply absorbed the sunlight, taking it out of existence completely.

All of the houses- or apartments as some of them looked, were tall with few windows. We passed a small child's play park, a small forest, and reached a long line of houses on a street called Grimmauld. The sign name ringed no bells in me, though it felt as though it should; as if I was missing something very important. The truck parked out of number fourteen, and I looked over to see how many of them there were.

When I could see no farther that way, I counted backwards. Fourteen...Thirteen...Eleven...Ten... Wait. Thirteen, and then, what the? Could muggles not count? There was no number twelve! How idiotic of the muggles to forget it.

I heard the engine of the truck stop, and a door handle being clicked, I ran from my place underneath the back window to jump off- hurting my smoothly padded feet slightly as they hit the uneven, rough ground. I took off at a run again, running to the cover of the forest. I did not stop at the road, seeing no cars in sight.

I slowed in the safety of the thick group of pine trees, the pine needles softening the ground. I stopped to think, absent-mindedly watching the muggles I had taken a ride of off without their knowledge. The mother helped the child down, and holding his hand, walked him up to number fourteen's door; ringing the bell awaiting permission to enter. When they disappeared inside I took to looking around me in the forest.

Who knew what kind of thins could be in here? Terrible, non-disciplined, savage animals that would think hey were better than myself. A few minutes later, two cheery, young voices, snapped me out of my quiet brooding. It was the little boy and another one the same size as him. There was a, what looked like twelve, year old girl following them silently, if not angrily. Looking very annoyed, she took both of their hands and walked them across the road quickly, back down the road- opposite of the way the truck had been driving.

I decided to follow them with nothing better to do. Who knew? They might lead me somewhere I could get food and water. Thinking about it, I realised I was very hungry, having ate nothing yesterday for the rune ritual, and none today as I had the body of the wolf and no time to hunt- let alone something to hunt or the knowledge of how to.

I found out that the girl was taking the two young ones to the park that I had seen earlier, no doubt because they were too young to go alone; which was probably why she was so annoyed, she didn't want to. The park itself had none of the things I needed. There was a kiddie slide, sandbox area,a thing to climb on, a few benches, and a swing set- that had someone on it actually.

The someone was tall, with a slight tan on his arms, and long raven hair that fell past his shoulders. He was wearing worn blue jeans that were lighter around the knees from what could have been constant kneeling and use. He also was wearing a dark blue shirt that had a dark red rose on front, with a green stem and thorns. Underneath the picture it read in dark green ( the same colour as the stem), slanted writing A rose may look beautiful, smell beautiful, and act beautiful, but it is still deadly. He was also wearing black shoes, the laces done up in what looked like a thousand knots.

I took one step closer to him and his head snapped up to my general area, from where it had been facing the ground but a moment ago. In this new position, I could see the eyes; those horribly jaded eyes with such a long, bloody history. I could see them clear as day, they were staring right at me; and it felt as if he knew who and what I was.

Damn it, the boy was Potter! He was just sitting on the bench, swaying forward and backward slightly, not really moving at all; staring at me. His head tilted to one side, and his eyes narrowed as well, before he looked away; away to the girl and her charges, to other humans.

Seeing them, he must have realised who they were, and wanted no interaction with them. The girl saw him and watched his actions warily, as if he posed a huge threat to whom she was looking after- which he did, not that he would do anything. Potter stood up, walking towards the forest, towards me; not sparing the girl another glance. The look that I had seen at the Ministry was there again; the look of slight determination, wisdom, and darkness.Like he had a secret that could tip the war, change the world ultimately.

I backed into the trees, knowing that Potter had already seen me; but the girl hadn't. I didn't need her eyes following his and seeing me, he was enough of a problem without adding a muggle to it. Potter was still looking at me intently, and I wanted to run. Run, like I had from Nagini, like I had from Wormtail and the front garden, like I had from truck.

However I couldn't, I knew it would do no good; wolves were one of the only animals that did not run from humans, but stand their ground- no matter how old they are. They had to much pride or some shit like that, and thinking this; I thought of how alike they were to Gryffindor's and lions.

Potter was nearing me, I had lost any chance to run anyway; considering how fast he could run to myself, he would catch me in no time. I did have to wonder why he was here, alone, with no supervision like at the Dursley's. Coming closer, I growled at him, and he chuckled to himself.

"Now now, I won't hurt you, and you can't hurt me." It might have been the way he said it, that I couldn't hurt him, but it made it sound as if he knew my problem. Not that it mattered, nothing I could do about it. If I bit him (which I very much wanted to do, I will admit) he would simply throw me off of him and heal himself.

He chuckled again. "Oh come on, I could be worse. Come on," Potter held out his hand. "I can take you to my home, and we can get you something to eat, sleep, and relax. No one there will hurt you- I will make sure of it." I snorted, as much as a wolf could, and Potter looked at me sternly. "I realise you don't want to, but you don't really have another choice; do you? You're far to young and slow to catch anything out here- and you'd hardly like it. If you come with me, I'll get you anything you want."

I was still dubious of doing it, I didn't trust him, and he shouldn't trust me, even if I didn't look like the Dark Lord, his mortal enemy. Yet, he spoke the sad truth; I had nowhere else to go, couldn't hunt, had no access to water, and comfort. Maybe, if I went with him, I could learn about where he was staying to try and come back to attack when I was changed back. So, slowly, I walked up to the hand and sniffed it. He pet me on the head, and I felt a rumble in my throat, much like that of a purr (instinct I swear!).

Potter slowly picked me up, very gently, into his arms; almost as if waiting for me to bite him. I should, but then, I might not get any food, and I was really hungry. Potter petted my head a little more, and he walked back the way I had come, faster obviously. He said quietly, "Tumma Herrani." I raised my head, asking him to explain it with a slight turn of the head. He chuckled again, darkly this time, "Your new name. Tumma Herrani. Herrani for short." I rolled my eyes t him-a strangely friendly gesture that I was not use to. I did not need a name, but then it might arise suspicion if he called me Voldemort, or Tom if the Weasley girl or Dumbledore was around- let alone the fact that him calling me that insisted upon him knowing who I was.

Potter walked out of the trees at almost exactly where I had entered. I followed his eyes to the houses; we were looking at the spot between house eleven and thirteen. Harry mumbled quietly, "Welcome to my house, which is under a very strong Fidelus charm. Number twelve Grimmauld Place, also known as headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix, and a very strong safe house." He chuckled.

"Dumbledore thinks that he is the secret keeper, because Sirius let him use it before he died, giving it to him. However, it said in his will that the house was to passed on to me; meaning that while Dumbledore is a secret keeper for everyone else, I am now above him. I can move or take down the wards, and tell other people about this place."

I blinked owlishly. That was a lot to take in; and I could not fathom why he was telling this to a black wolf puppy that he picked up in the forest out of the middle of nowhere, yet here we were. This was very valuable information on the Order, and himself, why would he tell anyone? Especially out in the open? For all he knows, I could be a dark spy animagus!

Well his loss is my gain, I guess. He said, "Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, show yourself." And then numbers eleven and thirteen move over, not that any muggles seemed to notice the change. A door appeared, and Harry just walked up to open it. And that, is how Harry Potter ended up taking my puppy-sized wolf form, into The Order of the Flaming Chicken's Secret HQ.

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