Kurt Hummel had never had a boyfriend. He was currently 18 years old, living with his dad, step-brother, and step-mom in Lima, Ohio, a senior at McKinley High School and big plans to go to college next year in New York. And he was completely alone. But, that did not make him desperate.

"Rachel, I am 18 years old. I am not going to join a dating website," Kurt argued his best friend, Rachel Berry. "Seriously, you act like there is no hope for me at all."

"You live in Lima, Ohio! Of course there's no hope for you!" Rachel retorted.

"Gee, thanks," Kurt answered, sarcastically.

"You know what I mean, Kurt," Rachel whined. "You're a wonderful person, and any guy would be lucky to have you a a boyfriend, but the problem is that there aren't any other gay guys around here. I just want you to find someone so you'll be happy."

"So I'll wait until I move to New York next year," Kurt shrugged. "I can survive one more year without a boyfriend, Rachel."

"I know you can survive. But you aren't really living. I've seen how sad you are, and the bullying hasn't gotten any better, and I just want you to have someone to help make it a bit easier on you. Someone to help share your load."

"I guess that's sort of sweet," Kurt admitted. "But I still don't know, Rachel..."

"Well, that's just too bad, because I already set you up an account on the dating website."

"YOU WHAT?" Kurt shrieked, not believing his best friend would go behind his back and invade his privacy like that.

"Calm down. Remember, I have your best interest at heart. Just try it. For me? And for yourself. Please? You never know who you could find. And you have nothing to lose."

"Except my dignity," Kurt grumbled to himself.

"Come on, Kurt. Just think about it. Here, I wrote down all your log-in information. I've already filled out your interests and stuff like that, so all you have to do is log-in and browse."

Kurt glared at Rachel for a few seconds before finally sighing and giving in.

"...I will think about it. No promises."

"Fine," Rachel huffed.


It wasn't until a week later that Kurt finally logged in to the dating website. He honestly hadn't thought about it at all since Rachel brought it up, what with glee club, filling out applications for college, and helping out at his dad's garage so he could earn extra shopping money.

But now it was a Friday night, and Kurt was stuck at home with nothing to do, so he thought he might as well check out what the big deal about dating websites were all about.

He logged in and noticed that Rachel had indeed filled out all of his information for him. 18. Male. Gay. Ohio.

She hadn't included a picture of him, though, thank god. At least she hadn't completely invaded his privacy.

"Okay... so where do I start?" Kurt muttered to himself.

He searched around the website and found a place where he could browse for certain people. He typed in the age, sexuality, and location he wanted, then hit the search button.

Only one result came up.

Blaine Anderson.

"Oh my god. There's actually a gay guy my age in Ohio."

Kurt skimmed over the guy's profile, which also didn't include a picture, when he noticed that the boy was online.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Should I? No. No, Kurt. Don't do this. This is a bad idea. Oh my god."

Okay. Fuck it. He could do this. What were the odds, after all, that there was actually a gay guy his age in Ohio? Like, one in a million, that's what. And Rachel had gone to all the trouble of setting up his profile, so he might as well, right? Right. He was going to do this. Oh my god.

Kurt typed out his greeting, then hit send.



Oh, okay. Blaine responded. Okay. Where was he supposed to go from there?

I'm Kurt.


Okay. So yeah... this was awkward. What were you even supposed to talk about on dating sites? Oh my god, what if this guy just wanted a random hook up or something? What if Kurt was doing this all wrong?

Ummm... sorry if this is awkward, I'm kind of new to all of this. My friend Rachel even set up this account for me... behind my back, I might add. I don't really know what to say...

Same! Well, I mean, my friend Wes set this up for me without telling me. In fact, I didn't even realize I was on-line until I heard your message ding on my computer. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Shit. Shit shit shit. Blaine hadn't set up his own account, so he probably thought Kurt was some kind of creepy stalker now for talking to him. Blaine probably didn't even want to date anyone. Oh my god, what if Blaine already had a boyfriend? Oh my god, what if Blaine wasn't even really gay?

Oh... Wes wasn't just playing a prank when he listed you as gay, was he?

Haha, nope! I'm gay. Are you gay?

Okay. Good. But why was Blaine asking if he was gay. His profile listed out all of that information. Oh well... maybe Blaine just hadn't had the chance to look at his profile yet.

Yep. I'm gay. I noticed your profile says you're from Ohio. Me too! What are the odds?

No way! There are a few gay guys who I go to school with, but it's still pretty rare outside of these hallowed halls.

You go to school with gay guys? In Ohio? How? What?

It's a private boarding school with a zero tolerance policy on bullying, so it's kind of a safe haven for guys like us.

That's so awesome, Blaine!

And, okay... so this was going pretty smoothly. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

So, since I'm on this dating website, even though it's against my will, I guess I should go ahead and take advantage of it, so why don't you tell me about yourself, Kurt?

Umm... okay :) Well, let's see. I am 18 years old, from Lima, Ohio, and I enjoy glee club and fashion.

Wow. We already have a lot in common!

Oh yeah?

Yeah! I'm also 18, from Westerville, Ohio, and I enjoy glee club and football.

Okay, so first of all... Westerville is only 2 hours away from me! That's so cool! And you're in glee club?

I am!

I wonder if we've ever competed against each other. I don't recall a school from Westerville...

Well, we are two hours apart.

Yeah, I guess that would be why. So tell me more about yourself, because right now you're sounding kind of perfect so I can't help but think you're just echoing what I tell you.

I'm not echoing on purpose, I promise! But hmm... I like the Buckeyes, and I board at school. Oh, I love Katy Perry!

Oh god. Katy Perry? I knew there had to be a flaw in there somewhere :p

Don't hate! You have to admit that she's a legend.

Barbra Streisand is a legend. Katy Perry is a pop-princess who can't hit a note.

Lies! Katy Perry is perfect! But I can't argue with you on the Barbra Streisand thing. You said you like fashion, right? My favorite Vogue this year was Marion Cotillard.

Shut up! Me too!

Now who's echoing who? :P

And the Buckeyes, huh? My dad loves them. So does my step-brother.

You and your mom not into sports?

Oh... well, my mom died when I was little. And my step-mother is kind of indifferent. She'd rather go shopping with me any day, which I love.

Oh, Kurt. I'm so sorry.

No worries. It was a long time ago. What's your family like?

They're fine. Supportive. I mean, they were all for me transferring to Dalton after I got bullied.

Dalton? Is that the name of your school?

Yeah. Dalton Academy. I probably shouldn't have told you that in case you're some psycho killer/stalker person...

I'm not. I know you have no reason to believe me, so I guess I'll just have to ask you to believe me in blind faith.

Oh, I can definitely do that. Story of my life.


Don't worry about it.

Were you bullied for being gay? (You don't have to answer that if you don't want to)

Yes. Freshman year at a homecoming dance. Three guys beat me up and I ended up in the hospital.

Oh my god, Blaine. I'm so sorry. Were you okay?

I survived...

I'm bullied, too. Not to the same extent that you were, but if it makes you feel any better, I get it.

You know... it does make me feel a little better. I mean, not that you're bullied. I hate that you're having to go through that, but I've never had anyone who understood what it's like before.


The two boys continued chatting for hours, asking each other questions back and forth, getting to know one another. Kurt couldn't believe how many similarities they shared. He just knew they easily would have been best friends instantly if they had ever met in real life.

It wasn't until Kurt could feel himself falling asleep at the computer that he glanced at the time and realized he had to get up in just a few hours to work at the garage.

I just realized how late it is. Almost 3 AM. We should probably go to bed.

Can we talk again tomorrow?

I would love that. Same time?

Talk to you then!

Sure enough, the next night, the two boys talked again for hours. They never ran out of anything to talk about. Kurt had never met someone who he related to more in his life. He had honestly almost forgotten that he met this boy on a dating website, but simply enjoyed this new-found friendship.

"Kurt, why do you keep checking your phone?" Rachel asked Kurt one day at lunch, a few weeks after Kurt came across Blaine on the dating website.

"Oh, no reason," Kurt blushed, stuffing his phone back into his pocket.

Rachel just looked at him with a raised eyebrow until Kurt finally confessed.

"Fine. I was just checking to see if I had any new e-mails."

"Okay...? And did you?"

"No... Blaine only ever e-mails me in the afternoon or night. Or early morning before school," Kurt sighed.

"Who's Blaine?"



"He'saguyImetonthedatingwebsite," Kurt hurriedly said, hoping Rachel wouldn't hear him.


Kurt sighed.

"I said... he's a guy I met on the dating website. He's 18, from Westerville, Ohio, and I'm pretty sure we're soulmates."

"OH MY GOD!" Rachel screamed, making Kurt flinch in his seat. "I knew this dating website would be a good idea! I just knew it! Oh my god, tell me everything."

So Kurt filled Rachel in on everything he knew about Blaine and how he was helplessly falling for him, while checking his e-mail every few minutes under the table, hoping that he would hear from Blaine. Yep, he had it bad.

Hi, Kurt :)

Hi, Blaine :)

How was your day? Any bullies whose butts I need to kick?

Hahaha. Nothing too bad today. Thank you, though.

I'm glad to hear that. Soo... do you think we could pick back up where we left off last night?

Oh god, I was hoping you would forget about that.

Okay, so after you called your guidance counselor 'bambi' and puked on her shoes, then what happened? ;)


They continued this on-line friendship for a couple of months before, one day, Kurt decided he really wanted to hear Blaine's voice. He was tired of having to wait for Blaine to get online every day. He just wanted to be able to text or call Blaine throughout the day whenever he thought about him.

Blaine... do you ever wish we could just talk all the time?

Of course! I love talking to you :)

Do you think we could maybe exchange phone numbers then?

Oh! Wow. Um... I would love to, Kurt. But I should tell you now that I don't really text. But I would love to be able to call you- hear your voice.

I would love that, too.

Less than a minute after Kurt sent Blaine his number, his phone started ringing.

"Hello?" Kurt answered.



"That's me. Kurt... I love your voice."

Kurt was in shock. Blaine had actually called him. Kurt had obviously wanted this, but he felt like he had no time to prepare, and now he was freaking out because he was hearing Blaine's voice for the first time. And Blaine sounded... perfect. God, why was everything about this guy so perfect?

"Thank you. You sound like yourself."

And wow, Kurt. That was very articulate of you.

"I sound like myself?" Blaine asked

"Yeah... you just sound like how I pictured you," Kurt explained, hoping he was making sense.

"Oh. Well, so do you."

"This is so crazy. I can't believe I'm talking to you on the phone right now."

"Me neither."

"I don't even know what to say right now..." Kurt admitted, after a few seconds of awkward silence.

"How about you just tell me about your day, like you would normally," Blaine suggested.

"I'd love to."

"Rachel, he called me," Kurt told his best friend at glee club the next afternoon.

"Who did?"

"Blaine. Blaine called me. And his voice is seriously dreamy," Kurt sighed

"Oh my god! Kurt! Are you guys dating now?"

"No, I don't think so. I mean, I don't even know what he looks like."

"So? From what you've told me, this guy sounds like your dream guy."

"Yeah, he really is."

"Hey Blaine?" Kurt asked as the two spoke on the phone one afternoon, a few weeks after they started calling one another.


"I'm sorry if this is too forward, but do you think you could send me a picture of yourself? I want to know what the guy I'm talking to looks like."

"Oh! Uhh... sure? I mean, I suppose it couldn't hurt anything."

"You don't have to if you're too uncomfortable. I promise I won't be offended," Kurt rambled, afraid he had crossed a line.

"No, no. I'll do it. Uhhh... tomorrow. Can I send it to you tomorrow?"

"Yeah. No problem! So how was your day? Warblers practice going well?"

"Yeah! We're definitely going to dominate at Sectionals. How about New Directions?" Blaine asked.

"Oh, we're totally going to kick ass. That is, if all the drama ever dies down."

"Oh no. Who broke up this week?"

"Rachel, he's gorgeous," Kurt greeted Rachel the next day, cutting her off in the parking lot the second she pulled up.

"Who, Blaine? You have a picture of him?" Rachel squealed.

"Yes! He's absolutely beautiful. He sent it to me this morning and I'm freaking out because he's absolutely beautiful. Like, it's not even fair how good looking he is. He can't be real. There's no way. He's got to be a 40 year old pervert who's married with a wife and kids and is a predator and just found this picture of a male supermodel online and is using it to lure me into his trap," Kurt rambled.

"Whoa. Kurt. Calm down. It could just be that Blaine is actually super attractive. Describe him to me!"

"Okay... he's short and thin, but with muscles, and curly, brown hair, a beautiful smile, and he was wearing designer sunglasses, which means he has excellent taste in fashion, even when it comes to accessories. And he's just perfect. Not just his looks, but everything he says to me," Kurt sighed, getting lost in thoughts of Blaine.

"Well, maybe you should meet him. Check him out and see if he's really all that," Rachel said, effectively snapping Kurt back into reality.

"No, Rachel! I couldn't do that. It's too dangerous," Kurt argued, shaking his head.

"Show up at his school. It's a public place, so that should be safe."

"That's... no, no. I can't do that. I don't even know if he's interested. I sent him a picture of me after he sent me his, and he hasn't said anything. I mean, I at least e-mailed him back and told him he was attractive. I mean, I didn't say it creepily. I just commented that he was very handsome. But he's said nothing about my picture. He probably thinks I'm too skinny, or doesn't like that I'm taller than him, or thinks my clothes are too out there, and oh god. I shouldn't have sent him a picture. I completely ruined it."

"Kurt, shut up. It's fine. Don't worry about it. I'm sure he's just too busy admiring your picture to comment on it. You're hot, okay? And anyone would be crazy not to like you."

"I'm sorry. I'm freaking out. It's just... this guy is literally perfect. I've fallen for him, and I've never even met him. He just seems so wonderful."

"Hello?" Blaine asked.

"Hey, Blaine. What's up?" Kurt asked into his phone.

"Oh, hey Kurt. Nothing much. Just getting started on homework."

"Oh yeah? I was just procrastinating."

"Oh, so now I'm just an excuse to get out of studying?" Blaine teased.

"You know you're more to me than that."

Silence. Shit... did he just make this awkward?

"Uhh... Blaine? I'm sorry, did I scare you off?" Kurt asked, worriedly.

"No! No, not at all. It's just... no one's ever said something like that to me before. No one's ever implied that they care about me."

"I'm not implying. I do care about you, Blaine. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," Kurt admitted.

"Don't say that."

"Why not?"

"Because you don't mean it. You can't mean it."

"I do, though."

"Kurt, I'm not good enough for you."

"That's crazy!" Kurt screeched into the phone, not believing that someone so perfect wouldn't think they were good enough. That was seriously just absurd.

"No, it's the truth. I'm... I... you just deserve better than me."

"No. I want to be with you."

"I want to be with you, too," Blaine whispered.

"So... Blaine and I might be dating now?" Kurt said as he was hanging out at Rachel's house that Saturday night.

"Oh my god! Kurt! What? How? Did you meet him?"

"No, I still haven't met him. But we talked on the phone last night and we both admitted that we want to be together. So... I guess we're together without actually physically being together."

"OH MY GOD! Kurt! I'm so happy for you!" Rachel squealed, grabbing her best friend into a hug.

"Thank you, thank you. I'm happy, too. Like, I didn't even realize what I was missing until I had it right in front of me, ya know? But now that I have Blaine... god, life is just so much better."

"You're in love with him!"

"...I think I might be. Oh god... I'm in love with a guy I've never even met. Rachel, what am I supposed to do?" Kurt groaned, collapsing into his best friend's bed.

"Meet him! That's what you should do! You know where he goes to school. Just go meet him, for goodness sake."

"I can't just show up at his school and surprise him... can I?" Kurt wondered aloud.

"Yes! You can! God, Kurt. Think of how romantic it would be. You guys have pictures of each other, so you could easily find him and he would recognize you and your eyes would meet from across the hall and time would stand still, and you'd run into each other's arms and kiss and be together forever and ever."

"Oh my god, why am I even friends with yo- Oh! My phone's ringing. That's probably Blaine. Do you mind of I answer it?"

"Not at all. Go talk to your man, lover boy," Rachel said, wriggling her eyebrows at her best friend.

"Hi, Blaine," Kurt sighed. "...Yes, yes, I'm wonderful. Just hanging out at Rachel's. How was your day?"

"I'm gonna do it, Rachel," Kurt exclaimed a week after their sleepover.

"Do what?" Rachel wondered.

"Meet Blaine. Tomorrow. I'm skipping school and driving to Westerville and surprising Blaine. I'm crazy, aren't I?"

"No! You're not crazy! Well, maybe crazy in love, but Blaine's gonna love it! I'm so happy for you!"

"Okay... I'm doing this. Oh my god, I'm so nervous. Okay, I can do this. This is Blaine. I know him. I can meet him. Okay."

Kurt skipped school the next day and drove the two hours to Westerville, just like he planned. He couldn't believe his eyes when he pulled up to Dalton. The school looked like a mansion. It was gorgeous. He was momentarily envious that Blaine got to go to school there, but he pulled himself together and wandered inside the school.

He signed in at the front office as a visitor who was touring the school, then set out on his search. Everyone here wore the same uniform, so it was hard to pick out a person in the crowd.

He was eventually lured by the sound of singing coming from down the hall. It sounded really good. It was a male acapella group, from what he could tell.

Oh my god! That must be the Warblers! Blaine was the lead singer of the Warblers. Which meant Blaine was right down the hall. Oh god, oh god, oh god.

Kurt pulled himself together, then followed the sound of the voices until he entered the large study room that was crammed full of people watching the spontaneous performance.

"You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream, the way you turn me on."

Oh my god. There he was. There was Blaine, exactly how he looked in his picture, sunglasses and all. Huh... he must really like those sunglasses to be wearing them indoors, Kurt pondered.

But still, there was Blaine. Kurt's Blaine. Singing lead of the Dalton Academy Warblers, standing front and center, doing the simple two-step back and forth in perfect synchronization, singing his heart out, sounding dreamier than ever.

And that's when Kurt knew for sure. He was completely in love with this guy.

The song ended and everyone broke out into applause, the guys in the group jumping on Blaine in a group hug. Once the group disbanded a bit, Kurt stepped forward, hoping to catch Blaine's eye.

Blaine didn't seem to notice him, so Kurt waved.

Blaine still didn't notice, so Kurt called out his name.

"Kurt?" Blaine gasped, glancing up. "What are you doing here?"

Kurt walked up to Blaine, who still hadn't moved any closer to him, until he was standing directly in front of him.

"I wanted to meet you... in person, that is. I hope you don't mind," Kurt said shyly, wondering why Blaine refused to look him in the eyes.

"No! No, of course I don't mind. It's just... a surprise." Blaine said, looking nervous. "God, I'm... I'm so sorry you had to find out this way."

Kurt looked at Blaine in confusion, having no idea what the other man was talking about.

"Wait, find out what? What are you talking about?" Kurt asked.

"You don't... Kurt... I- I'm blind," Blaine sighed, head tilted down toward the floor.

Kurt froze.

Oh my god.

That explained so much.

Why Blaine only e-mailed and didn't text. Why Blaine didn't comment on Kurt's picture. Why Blaine was wearing sunglasses inside. Why Blaine was staring just to the right of Kurt instead of right at him.


"Kurt?" Blaine asked, hesitantly.

"Sorry. Just... a lot to take in."

"I'm assuming you have a lot of questions."

Kurt looked up at Blaine, who looked so scared and forlorn, and he fell even more in love.

And that's when he realized, he didn't care that Blaine was blind. So what? He was in love with this man in front of him, and he wanted nothing more than to be with him.

"Yeah. Yeah, of course I do. So can we go out for coffee? I came all this way to ask you out on a proper date, after all," Kurt said, reaching out to take Blaine's hands in his own.

"Are... you can't be serious."

"About what?"

"You still want to date me?"

"Blaine, of course I do. I love you," Kurt confessed. "I know I've never said it before and the timing probably isn't ideal, but it's true. I'm in love with you. Just because you can't see won't change that."

"Kurt..." Blaine whispered. "Can I look at you?"

"Uhhhh... yeah?"

Blaine reached out his hands and slowly felt Kurt's face, starting at his eyebrows and slowly making his way down, over his cheekbones and lips then chin. Kurt's heart was beating out of his chest and his breathing sped up, feeling overwhelmed at Blaine touching him.

Blaine's hands went back up and cupped Kurt's cheeks.

"You're beautiful, Kurt," Blaine whispered.

And that was all the encouragement Kurt needed to lean in and kiss the love of his life.

A/N: I'm sure you guys have a lot of questions, which is why I'll be writing a companion piece from Blaine's POV and uploading it here. So if you want more, be sure to alert the story :)

I came up with this in a dream and have been writing it all day since I woke up. I almost didn't want to make Blaine blind, or write a whole bunch of chapters after this one in which he can miraculously see again, but sometimes, that's just how it is, and that's what happened in my dream, so I decided to stay true to that. So I think I'll keep this how it is and just leave it there. Hope you guys enjoyed!