By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: 500th fanfic, hell yeah! I guess making this about a similar trio of Pokemon would be great. Enjoy!

Meloetta, Gothorita, and Kirlia were all sitting next to each other on a wooden bench in the woods, where the trio of young female psychic type Pokemon were all complaining.

"I'm bored..." Kirlia commented as she placed her hands on her face.

Gothorita yawned loudly, lowering her eyes more. "I'm tired..."

Meloetta's stomach growled, prompting her to place her hands on her stomach. "I'm hungry..."

A working Gurrdurr appeared, walking towards the three females. "If you gals are complaining, why are you just sitting there?"

Gothorita raised her hand. "It's because we're women. We were born to be complainers of the high order."

Gurrdurr slammed Gothorita on the head with his red pillar, pointing at her, "Well then, go do something about it!"

Gothorita groaned in pain as her left leg twitched. Kirlia and Meloetta looked at each other, gulping as the Gurrdurr pointed at them, and then left.

Kirlia rubbed her arm. "Well... I guess I could watch you eat... how does that sound?"

Meloetta continued rubbing her growling stomach with her right hand. "I guess that sounds good... as soon as I get something to eat."

"Delivery!" Exclaimed a delivery boy Chingling, tossing a bunch of ripe yellow bananas at Meloetta and then heading northward.

Meloetta squealed with joy as she began munching down on the bananas. Kirlia smiled as she got intrigued at watching Meloetta scarf that many bananas down, while Gothorita technically snoozed in the state of being knocked out unconscious.