Ichigo was thinking about Rukia. Again. He was wondering if she was going to come back. She was always on his mind. "why am Wondering about her? I got things to do." He sits up on his bed.

"Maybe I should pay Tatsuki a visit." He got up and headed over to her house. When he got there her mom let him in and said she was going out for awhile and that Tatsuki was in her room.

Ichigo went up to her room and opened the door. What he saw surprised him there was Tatsuki Masturbating. "Ichigo!" she moaned. She had her eyes closed so she didn't see him there.

She started to rub herself faster. "wow." He said. Her eyes snapped open.

"Ichigo!" she didn't stop even though he was watching her. "how long have you been there!"

"long enough to know how you feel." He walked over and slipped his finger in her.

"Ichigo!" she gasped. He put in another finger. He leaned in and kissed her.

"You're so wet Tatsuki." He leaned down and licked her. her hands went and grabbed his hair.

"Ichigo." She moaned. He started to lick faster and faster then she erupted. "Ichigo!" the climaxed.

He then got up and kissed her. she tugged at his pants. "You sure?" he asked.

"Yes just please I need this." Ichigo nodded .and took off his clothes. He took out his pole which stood at nine inches.

Her rubbed I t against her slit teasing her. "Just put it in!" she yelled. He still teased her. "I can't stand it just ram it all in Now!" she said but regretted as her listened and shoved his pole up her all at once ripping through her barrier.

"Ahhh!" she squeled. She was in pain but what she found weird is that she loved it. "faster." She said.

"are you sure it look painful a minute ago."

"Faster please." She said. "Pound into me with all you got, be rough as you wish, give me more." he nodded then backed all the way out and slammed back into her then went rampant. No rhythm just as fast and hard as he could.

Tatsuki was in a lot of pain and she loved every moment of it. 'he's so rough but I like it? I can't believe all this time I get off pain.' She started to moan louder.

"Ichigo I'm gonna."

"yeah me too"

"not on the inside!" she blushed. "on my face" she murmured.


"On my face spray it on my face." She said with a blush then she felt her climax wash through her body then Ichigo pull out the something hot and sticky hit her face. It wouldn't stop. But when it finally did Tatsuki was cover completely.

She looked at her self then took some on her hand and lick it, decieding she liked in she proceeded to eat the rest of the cum on herself. When she was finished she got up grabbed Ichigo and brought him into the shower.

They washed each other. Ichigo was trying to start a second round a few times by groping her but she slapped his hands away. When they were done they sat back on the bed.

"wow" Ichigo said.

"Yeah, Wow" Tatsuki said in agreement.

"What does this mean?"

"It means nothing." Ichigo gave her a look. "Don't look at me like that. It's not right Orhime she has liked you for some time and just doing this with you is a huge betrayal."

Ichigo wrapped his arms around Tatsuki. "I don't care what I have to do as long as your still with me. If I even have to Sneak around with you."

"Ichigo, It won't work I'll hurt, we'll hurt her. Unless you take both of us it won't work." He looks at her.

"That might work actually, I have a plan but you are a large part of it."

"What did I do to deserve this?"

Tatsuki went over to Orhime's house she knocked on the door. "Orhime I have good news. Ichigo wants to be with you!"

"Really!" Orhime said

'this is the worst plan ever.' "Yeah he's actually out there right now." Orhime blushed. "Ichigo Come in!" she yelled.

Ichigo got in the house the first thing he did was wrap his arms around Orhime and brought her close and kissed her. Tatsuki was a little jealous as the kiss became more passionate. 'I'm gonna be such a hypocrite for this.'

When they broke apart Tatsuki grabbed Orhime and kissed her. she brought her hand to her ass and squeezed it. She broke for air.

"Tatsuki what are you?"

"You see when I got Ichigo to be with you he had a condition." Ichigo snuck up behind her and slipped off Orhime's skirt without her noticing. "It was that he would have to have both of us." Orhime was going to object but she felt something warm hit her down there.

"Ichigo!" he had his dick out and was teasing her entrance with it.

"Orhime do you want this?"

"What yes of course its just with tatsuki."

"if you are to have me, I want to have Tatsuki with us too. Now to you want me?"

"yes Ichigo. Just stop teasing me and put it in!" she begged. He slipped himself inside her. some blood came out. she was going to cry out but Tatsuki Captured her in a kiss.

"Its okay Orhime I know this is your first time I'll be gentle." He started to slowly push the rest of himself in. Orhime broke the kiss with Tatsuki and rested her head on her shoulder.

"Ichigo faster I'm ready." He start to go faster slowly speeding up. He then picked her up and brought her to the bed thrusting still the entire time. Tatsuki got rid of her clothes and spread her legs near Orhime.

"Orhime please don't leave me out of this." She started to lick Tatsuki, sucking on her clit some times.

"I'm gonna!" Tatsuki said.

"Me too" Ichigo grunted.

"yes, Yes! Not on the inside though!" Orhime stopped only for a moment to say.

He pulled out and came all over her ass. Both of the girls released too. They collapse on Orhime's bed. Tatsuki then goes over and licks off the cum from her ass. "wow It tastes twice as good on Orhime's ass."

"Tatsuki's wetness tasted good as well." She said. She takes off her shirt and discards it. They then cuddle up to Ichigo and go to sleep.

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