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Chapter One: Today is a different kind of lesson - Sexual Education has its upsides?


Maka called out to her partner loudly, trying to get his attention. His eyes were closed as he sat in class, dreaming. His eyelids twitched and he yawned, his huge, soul-eating mouth opening wide. Maka giggled.

Soul looked at his partner with sleep-ridden eyes. "What? You just woke me up. That's not cool."

"Sorry, Soul." Maka tried not to laugh, looking into his blood red eyes with sparkling green ones.

"Yeah, whatever." Soul yawned again. "Who's teaching us today, anyway?"

"I dunno."

There was a slight disruption in the rambling of class chatter as the door bolted open. Black Star strutted into the classroom with Tsubaki in trail, laughing his manic laugh.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" He bellowed. "BLACK STAR HAS ARRIVED!"

"When will that idiot ever get over himself." Maka turned to see Death the Kid sighing dramatically as he examined his bangs, looking slightly cross-eyed. He brushed them around his forehead carefully, checking for the symmetry that he kept him sane. Maka giggled again. Sometimes she felt a little too hysterical around her best friends, almost as if the black blood was swallowing her once more.

"Well Kid, at least he doesn't obsess over symmetry..." Liz, the older of the Thompson sisters, rolled her eyes and continued to file her nails.

"I- I- ...Liz!" Kid stuttered. "You know perfect and plain that it is all about the symmetry. Beauty is balance, peace is perfection, harmony is...is..."

"Order! Yay!" Pattie, the younger Thompson sister, added triumphantly.

"No, no, no! Pattie, you're just teasing me. Stop!"

Maka giggled uncontrollably. "Kid, just relax a little."

Black Star and Tsubaki took their seats, and soon Professor Stein walked in. He began writing quickly on the chalkboard, kanji that all the students read with confusion. The board read "Class Dismissed".

Soul frowned. "What's with him? He's dismissed class every time he's taught us this week."

"Oh well, let's just go. We needed a break anyway, after yesterday." Kid shivered.

In turn all the rest shivered too, remembering their lesson with Miss Marie and Spirit.

Watashi no Kioku私の記憶: Maka

"Tsubaki, do you know what's going on?" Maka looked around the classroom. None of the boys were there, and Miss Marie stood at the front taking attendance.

"No, I have no idea. I really don't know how much this has to do with danger, though. Miss Marie looks ready to laugh." Tsubaki looked nervous.

The beautiful blonde teacher stood before the room, a determined yet amused look on her face. She looked at all the girls of the Crescent Moon class before her, smiling.

"Alright ladies, today we have an extra special lesson in store!"

Watashi no Kioku私の記憶: Soul

"Dude, this is not cool. Where the heck are our partners?" Soul looked around the spare classroom they were in. He hadn't even known spare classrooms existed at the DWMA before then.

"I don't know man, but this is awesome!" Black Star looked hyper as always. "I bet we're in here to get a super important lesson!"

Kid looked queasy. "What's wrong, Kid?" Soul asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh? What? Oh, umm... it's nothing, Soul."

Soul had never heard Kid's words limited so much. "You sure?"


Spirit had banged a hand down on the desk. Dramatic as always, Soul thought rolling his eyes. Wonder what this could be about.

"Alright boys, today we're going to be learning something that isn't necessarily your average everyday lesson at the DWMA. But we teachers and important people at the academy realized, with some guidance from Lord Death, that a whole lot of you have been lacking in this area. Not that that's a bad thing, per se, but we've decided if we leave you uneducated you'll get the information from, an, er...unreliable source."

"What's the lesson on, old man?" Soul smiled crookedly. Messing with Maka's creepy dad was one of his specialties.

Soul could see the pissed off look in Spirit's eyes. "Look, kid, I'm not fishing for your fooling around today. This is serious business."

Soul saw Kid gag out of the corner of his eye. He looked pale.

"Today, young sirs, we're here to talk about... girls."


"Miss Marie, what exactly is our lesson on?" Maka frowned. She didn't much like surprises, especially involving school.

"Well, Maka... all the DWMA's, ah, Alumni, if you will!" She paused awkwardly. "We've decided that some of you kids really need this lesson. Others of you, I'd rather not tell, but seeing as it would be a little weird to only tell those of you who need it..."

"But Miss Marie, you've never had any trouble giving extra lessons to individuals before." Tsubaki pointed out, and Maka nodded determinedly. She was definitely in for an extra lesson if necessary, though if this one didn't apply to her, she'd rather not waste her time. She could be making Soul stronger.

Maka was surprised to see Miss Marie blush at Tsubaki's words.

"Well, umm. Perhaps I can't really say this in a subtle way, so I guess I'll just be frank with you kids. See, when you get to be a young woman, there are new things you start to notice. One of the most important is, well...boys."


Soul's jaw dropped.

What...the...hell, Spirit!

"The other teachers think that you're a reliable source to educate us about girls, old man?" Soul felt his emotions riding high. "I've heard everything about you from Maka, I know the kind of cheat you are. You're the reason that all the normal girls are afraid of us!" All you get are whores! Soul thought it best to control himself. He realized he was standing up with both hands palms down on the table, leaning forward towards Spirit. He must have stood up while letting his emotions get the best of him. Panting heavily, he sat down in his seat again. Every other one of the guys was looking at him, recovered from their first shock of hearing the topic of the lesson, and now shocked at Soul's outburst.

"Look, Soul, I know I've made mistakes. But that's what makes me eligible to teach you boys not to follow in my path." I know you of all people never will, Soul Eater, because you've seen Maka when she's upset about me. I know you won't hurt her like I did.

Soul put his chin on his folded arms, resting on the desk grumpily. "Yeah, yeah. Get on with it."

"Kid, you look pale, are you okay?" Spirit asked.

Kid jumped in his seat next to Soul. "I'm fine, sir, just fine."

"Well, alright," Spirit sighed. "Okay, first off. The reason this whole thing started is because of Lord Death. He noticed some of you have been pining after some girl like a lost puppy, but you're too stupid to make a move."

A flurry of head movements meant to target a single person took place. Obviously each boy thought that every head would turn to that boy, but they each looked at other a different person;

Soul looked at Black Star;

Black Star looked at Crona;

Crona looked at his knees and blushed;

Kid looked at Soul;

Ox looked at Kid;

Harvar looked at Ox.

Tsubaki. Maka. Maka. Liz, Pattie. Kim.

Soul saw Kid looking at him out of the corner of his eye, and turned all around to see everyone looking at each other. He wondered if everyone was making assumptions about each other, just as he was.

"My point," Spirit said loudly, clearing his throat. "I saw that, you all looking at each other. Lord Death is not the only one who's noticed, then. No point in denying it anymore."

The guys all groaned internally.

"I'm sorry, Death Scythe," Kid said matter-of-factly, "But I know I don't have those feelings for anyone."

He still looks pale, Soul thought. Even more pale than before.

"Yeah, well, like I said, 'too stupid.' " Spirit replied. Kid blushed. "Anyways, I'm not going to tell you how to tell her, but I'm here to help you realize that you're interested in the first place. You guys have all been caught up in fighting the Kishin. You're too stuck to realize that you're in love."

Am I in love? Soul thought. Maka floated around in his brain. Her soft green eyes, the way she had fought Asura, her gentle touch. He remembered the way she had pressed her small hand to his chest over his scar, that time way back when in the alleyway after he had come to find her. She had run to Stein after feeling the presence of two witch souls in Death City. There was so much they had missed... But Maka had said she needed to "face her fear"... she had been afraid of him being hurt. She had saved him from the black blood. She...she...Maka.

"Soul, are you even listening to me, you brat!" Spirit's voice cut through his thoughts, and he growled.

"Yeah, sure. Not cool, man. Lower your voice."

Spirit frowned. "As I was saying, for some of you, fighting the Kishin brought you closer. Black Star, Kid, Soul. The three of you face Asura personally with your partners. You must have felt a resonance like no other."

"Wait, hang on, are you saying I'm in love with my partners?" Kid looked shocked. "Sir, I have two. Part-ners. That would bewrong!"

"Well, Kid, maybe your symmetrical brain has developed a need for two symmetrical ladies."

Kid just gaped.

Soul laughed to himself. It would be so like Kid to feel exactly the way Spirit predicted. Soul looked over at Black Star. The dude didn't look one bit confused. In fact, for the first time ever in a class that didn't involve hardcore fighting, Black Star looked as though the whole thing made sense.

Of course, thought Soul. Black Star has Tsubaki. Probably the only sane girl he'd meet in his life who had the patience and compassion to deal with his cocky ass. The two were perfect for each other in every way. Tsubaki; warm, kind, and gentle. Black Star; idiotic, big-headed, and strong. The way that their souls could fit together made no sense, but also made every bit of sense. Soul wondered if the look of comprehension on Black Star's face was because of Tsubaki.



Maka and Tsubaki made quick eye contact, both looking extremely shocked. Miss Marie was giving them all a grave stare.

"If it were up to me, I wouldn't be giving you this lesson at all. But Lord Death insisted."

Liz laughed. "Was Kid in on this? I can only just imagine the look on his face."

Miss Marie laughed, too. "Oh my, it was a sight to see! It was as if he'd been jumped by Excalibur!"

Everyone laughed. The mood lightened considerably. Well, no matter how awkward the subject, Maka thought, Miss Marie will make this comfortable for all of us.

"Okay, so basically Lord Death is trying to play matchmaker or something. I guess he just wants to spark the fire in the hearts of all his students so that the next generation can spring forth."

The girls all gaped at Miss Marie as if she were crazy.

"Okay, wait. I realize that's jumping ahead way too much." Think, think! "I think he just wants all of you to be happy with someone you love. Not to end up like me, with no husband." Marie pouted.

The girls relaxed. Maka thought about the phrase "someone you love". Do I love someone? Maka wondered. She'd been so focused on trying to save the world and make everyone happy. She had worked so hard with her friends and finally defeated the Kishin, Asura. She was now working hard to make Soul into a Death Scythe. She wanted to make him stronger than her Papa, wanted him to surpass every other weapon in the world. So far they had collected 71 Kishin egg souls. These souls were getting harder and harder to find after Asura's downfall, because evil was now afraid. Witches were now hiding in deeper and darker holes, and evil souls were staying silent in underground societies. Tsubaki and Maka had both agreed that they needed to locate one of these places in order to collect the souls they needed.

"You girls are all wonderful, all beautiful. There is someone out there for each and every one of you. I know it. Maybe I am lost, perhaps I'm forever husband-less..." Miss Marie sniffled. "But you ladies still have time! I'm determined to help you all!" Her eyes shone.

Maka saw Liz laugh and roll her eyes. "But Miss Marie, don't you have Professor Stein?"

Marie looked shocked, and then she blushed uncomfortably. "Right now, it's not my love life that's important." But all the girls saw her looking pleased. Maka smirked. She wondered what would happen next with Marie and Stein's relationship.

"Anyways, I wonder if any of you think you don't need to be in this class right now?" When Maka raised her hand immediately, Marie gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, Maka, but Lord Death said that you were one of the priority people that must be kept in this class at all costs."

...What. "But Miss Marie, my last priority right now is to mess with stupid things like love-"

Tsubaki cut her off, her usually sweet and serene voice sounding stern and determined. "Maka, love isn't stupid. Don't you love all of your friends? You know we would all put our lives on the line for you, we all love you, Maka. If that's stupid, then there is nothing in the world worth living for."

Maka, now struck speechless by Tsubaki's words, lowered her eyes and nodded. She remembered the way Soul, Kid, and Black Star had spoken for her while she was fighting the Kishin. She remembered the last few minutes of the battle, they had said such motivating words for her.

They told the truth for me, and here I am calling it stupid? I'm such an idiot.

But still, that's a different kind of love.

Or is it?

"Anywho, is there any of you who think you know everything about love, or sex, or emotions concerning boys?"

To Maka's surprise, both Liz and Pattie raised their hands confidently. Kim also raised her hand.

"Why would you say that, Thompson sisters?" Marie asked. Pattie just seemed so innocent.

"Well, as a lot of you know, we lived on the streets of Brooklyn in our bad days. We know everything there is to know about sex." Liz answered without embarrassment.

"Everything!" Pattie confirmed.

"Ohh. Err...Okay. I guess we'll have to educate you on love, then." Miss Marie looked a little concerned. "What about you, Kim?"

She shrugged. "I guess I've just had a lot of boyfriends."

That one wasn't a surprise. Kim was one of the most generally attractive girls at the DWMA, and had even cast her spell on Ox Ford, the nerdiest boy in their class. Everyone wondered who she would date next, as she was recently single. It was common knowledge that boys fantasized yuri about Kim and her partner, Jacqueline. Both girls were disgusted by this, of course.

Marie nodded. "Hmm. Alright! So really, Lord Death has noticed that some of you girls have feelings for some of your close friends... And he wants me to help you awaken those feelings!"


"Alright, men!" Spirit crossed his arms and gave each and every one of the boys a hard stare, eyes narrow. "To start off today we're going to be doing some role play activities! Crona, would you come up to the front of the room?"

"Wh-What?" Crona's pale, already blushing face got even redder. "Wh-Why? I've never gone up in front of a whole classroom full of people... I don't know if I can deal with that."

Mini Ragnarock sprouted out of Crona's back. That's still not cool, Soul thought, That little freak is so weird. "You idiot!" Ragnarock yelled in his pipsqueak of a voice. "Everyone knows you need help with this kind of thing. Just get your scrawny ass up there and do it!" Ragnarock began punching Crona in the cheek with his tiny fist.

"Ow! Stop it Ragnarock! You're a jerk! Stop hitting me!" He groaned and his hand grabbed Ragnarock's fist, stopping him. "Fine. I'll do it."

The intimidated look on Crona's face sobered up as he got out of his seat and shuffled up to Spirit. Once he got to the front of the classroom, Ragnarock had disappeared and his face was blank.

"Okay, now, here's the scenario. Crona is Crona, and I'm a faceless girl." Spirit stood standing completely straight and composed his face,. He ran his hand from the top of his face down to his throat, squeezing his fingers together in a poise-ready motion. "Boys, pay close attention! Now, Crona, tell me how you feel about me."

"Uhh... I don't really know how to handle you right now..." Crona visibly swallowed.

"No, idiot, tell her you like her!" Ragnarock squeaked in a mocking tone.

"Crona, did you have something to tell me?" Spirit asked in a high, girly voice.

"Umm... I find this situation to be very awkward... Why did you have to choose me? I don't have the kind of skills to deal with this!"

"Cronaaa..." Spirit crooned. "I don't know what you mean! Choose you for what? Skills? Hmmm, Crona?"

Crona just swallowed again.

"Maka Albarn, I love you!"

Crona and Spirit both froze, eyes wide. "... What?" Spirit asked.

Soul stiffened. Did Ragnarock really just say that?

Could he be saying how Crona feels?

"What did you say about my Maka, demon sword!"

Raganarock laughed. "Oh nothing, nothing! Crona's resonance has been weaker with me ever since the soul rejection caused by Maka. Maybe I'm reading his emotions incorrectly. Or maybe not..." He cackled joyously.

"Hey demon sword, shut the hell up!" Soul found himself standing again. Dammit, why was he being so emotional today?

Spirit cleared his throat. "Crona, why don't you go ahead and sit down? You too, Soul. Let's try something else. I want you all to pair up with someone and practice the scenarios."


"Miss Marie, I have a question." Maka raised her hand.

"Yes, Maka?"

"Did Lord Death ever stop to consider that if these feelings existed, we wouldn't have to awaken them?"

"Ah, I thought you might ask that, Maka! See here, think about it this way; think about Asura." The girls wrinkled there noses and rolled their eyes. "Yes I know, it's a bad comparison, but Lord Death told me to use this on Maka. Now, just because Asura was sleeping in a bag of his own skin doesn't mean he didn't exist. He was awakened, and he came to full power. His madness spread through the world and swallowed some people's sanity."

"I destroyed Asura." Maka said, and now there was a hint of fear in her voice. She didn't want to go back to the devastation of those battles, the one her and her friends lost below the school, the one in which Asura was defeated.

"Of course, Maka." Marie's soul wavelength reached out to her, calming her. "Love is sometimes destroyed, sometimes weakened. But it's always there, and it will always come forth in our hearts. Asura was revived from his sleep, and some didn't know he was even there, sleeping below the DWMA. He was destroyed. But there will always be those who want to become kishin, always those we need to watch out for.

"Love is the same way. Love will come forward, even when we do not know it's there. Maybe we've unconsciously closed the lid on it and tucked it away, avoiding it. If we face the love, it will thrive, or it will be destroyed. Perhaps the love does us good, maybe it does us bad. There will always be love, always be people we need to watch for, because they may be important."

Maka found herself being humiliated over and over again by her classmates and her teacher. Was she just rejecting this lesson topic because she had these feelings buried within her? Or was she really lacking love?

I am not heartless, she thought. If there is love for me, I will find it. It will be awakened.

Maka decided she would pay attention to this lesson, and she would work hard as always.


Soul immediately looked at Black Star, and Black Star looked back. Screw it, Soul thought. This might be awkward, but this dude is your best friend.

Eventually, when Soul looked around at the pairings, he wasn't surprised. Kid and Crona, Ox and Harvar, Hero and Bessmeff, and Ryoku and Kilik, him and Black Star. Everyone looked extremely uncomfortable.

"Okay! Now, I want you to start with the prompt; 'I have something to tell you...' There are no judgements right now. Let your feelings out!"

Soul paused and looked at Black Star. At the same time, they both said "You go first!" Then laughed.

"No worries, Soul! The Big Black Star will willingly oblige to going first!"

Once an idiot, always an idiot.

"I have something to tell you. I'm going to put on a show- YAHOO!" Black Star grinned nice and big. He stood up from his seat and took Soul's hands in his own.

Soul just gaped at him.

"Look missy. You've got a Big Star who will take care of you now and forever! See how lucky you are? You're set for life, no worries! Ha ha ha ha!"

Soul tried not to laugh for his friend's sake. Black Star's pride was unstoppable. He could imagine the look of shining happiness and acceptance on Tsubaki's face as Black Star said these words to her. Although on the inside he was sure part of her would be questioning the Star's sanity.

"So, what'dya say? Will you be my girl, Tsu-" Black Star tumbled over his tongue very briefly, but for the first time Soul had ever heard, and then said, "-Miss?"

"Oh BLACK STAR!" Soul mimed a high pitched voice, a terrible, nearly unrecognizable rendition of Tsubaki's. "You're the only one for me!"

Too late, the boys realized that everyone in the room was looking at them, dumbfounded. Only Spirit's face contained emotion other than complete and utter shock.

"Perfect, Black Star! Prodigy as always!"

Ox kicked Harvar in the shin.

"No fair, Black Star is good at everything! Why can't telling Kim be so easy?"

Spirit laughed. "Now, now, Ox. Don't be too discouraged. Sure, Black Star was brave enough to tell Soul of his feelings, but what happens when the time comes to confess it to a real-live girl?"

Yeah, except telling Tsubaki is going to be no problem, Soul groaned internally. There's no way she'd reject him. Why can't we all have it so easy? Maka floated into his brain again.

The room filled with practicing once more. Soul and Black Star decided to take a break and watch everyone else. Kid had his hands on both of Crona's shoulders, and he was looking down at the ground, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

"I... I..." He stammered.

"Stop shaking like that, you're making me shake too! I don't like it!" Crona shuddered.

Kid squared his shoulder and looked Crona in the eyes determinedly. "I have something to tell you, Liz! No, Pattie! No-" He dropped his head down again, groaning. "Spirit was right, the symmetry, it's...it's..."

"Making you lose the ability to form a complete sentence?" Ragnarock teased.

"Enough out of you, Ragnarock!" Crona scolded timidly. "He's trying to share his feelings!"

Kid turned away from Crona, and a shadow seemed to cross over his entire being. "I can't do this," he pouted. "I'm a disgusting, terrible failure. I don't deserve to be a reaper."

"Now, now, don't say that!" Crona tried to sound cheery, a kind of false imitation of Maka. "Maybe we should write a poem about it."

Kid's head shot up. "Poetry..." He sighed. "What beauty, what work! If every line is written with precision and perfect rhyming, ahh, what delectable art!"

Soul shook his head and Black Star snorted. They looked over to Ox and Harvar.

Ox had his arm around Harvar, and he was looking skyward in a dramatic fashion. He was not speaking.

Continuously silent, Ox stared into space with a dreamy look in his eyes. Harvar began prodding him.

Finally, growing sick of his partner, Harver poked Ox's face and yelled, "Hello! Anyone in there?"

Ox slapped Harvar's hand away. "Stop that! I'm taking a leaf out of Excalibur's book. One must stop and think, stop to consider. Kim will appreciate my wisdom! Excalibur gets all the girls, Harvar."

Harvar looked at him with a beyond exasperated stare. "You're an idiot." He said blatantly.

Ox turned to Harvar, his arm still around his partner. "Kim... Oh, Kim. How should I tell you this?"

"How about, 'Girl, I am seriously and creepily obsessed with you, and have been since the very first time I saw you. Let's go out!' " Harvar raised his eyebrows at Ox expectantly.

Without thinking, Ox started to repeat his friend's words. "Girl, I am seriously and creepily obsess- HEY! It's not creepy and it's NOT an obsession! I'm in love!"

"Yeah, man, whatever."

Soul and Black Star looked at each other and laughed. Soul felt a little less stupid now after seeing his classmates' struggles. He felt more ready to give it a try. Just don't slip up about the Maka possibility, he thought, Black Star would never leave you alone.

He turned to his friend and said, "Alright. I have something I want to tell you. Be cool, okay?"

"O-kay!" Black Star said, grinning hugely.

"Dude. You can't act all Black Star-ish. It's not cool right now. You gotta be, like...girly."

"Right. Okay." Black Star furrowed his eyebrow. He put his hands on his hips and leaned forward, pursing his lips at Soul in a kissy face. In a more high pitched voice than his normal one (which wasn't too much of a difference), he said, "Yes, Soul, what is it?"

Well, that's a little better. "Um, okay, well. I guess, lately, you know, I've been kinda feeling...different about you. And I kind of wanted to know, if you, like, feel any different about me too?"

"Oh, what a question!" Black Star batted his eyelashes and pursed his lips some more. "Tell me oh great Soul Eater, what do you mean by 'different'?"


"Oh, well you know, I...I like you. Ha."

Not cool.

"No, no, no, no, NO!' Spirit came over and pushed Black Star's ever-pursed up face away from Soul's blushing one. "You're being too shy, too timid, you need to be straight up about how you feel!"

Soul couldn't restrain himself. "Like I'm sure you were with all those women you used to cheat on Maka's mother with."

Spirit's face colored up. "We're not talking about me, young man." He said with gritted teeth. I just want the man to confess his love to my daughter properly, dammit!

"Whatever, old man." Soul waved him away. "Look, when the time actually comes, I'll figure this crap out. It can't be that hard, I'm good at improvising on the spot."

Spirit huffed. "Okay boys. This doesn't seem to be a very good simulation for us, so let's try something else."


"Okay, so since I know girls like to talk and share their feelings with others most of the time, I want you ladies to work together. Get a partner, preferably one of you with more knowledge than the other."

Maka had looked at Tsubaki, but then after hearing "more knowledge", she searched elsewhere. Then Tsubaki tapped her on the shoulder.

"I think I can help you, Maka."

Maka nodded. She looked around at her classmates. Kim and her weapon, Jacqueline, were paired up. Pattie paired up with Thunder, one of Kilik's weapons. Liz was beckoned by Miss Marie. A few other girls paired up with their friends, like Anacorda with Kanako and Anne with Lenny.

"Alright girls, talk freely, but remember to stay on topic."

Maka looked helplessly at Tsubaki. She smiled warmly, and took Maka's hands in hers.

"Look, Maka?" She sighed, and then smiled again. "This is something no one will ever understand, but... I know I have feelings for Black Star."

Maka nodded. It wasn't so much that this surprised her, but Maka was a little confused about how an idiot like Black Star could get a beautiful and skilled girl like Tsubaki to fall in love with him. Go figure.

"I wanted to tell you this because I want to share with you how I came about these feelings."

Maka nodded again.

"I've always had a deep respect for Black Star. Ever since our first day meeting at the DWMA, I knew Black Star and I would always be with each other. In my eyes, he really was what he says he is. I believe in him, and I haven't voiced it to him, but I will forever dedicate my life to help him. He means everything to me."

She paused. Maka smiled at her friend. She realized that the two of them really were cute together.

"Anyways, it wasn't really until after the battle with the kishin that I really knew how I feel about Black Star. I started to see it a little for the first time after he helped me defeat my brother, Masamune. In that moment, Black Star understood me better than anyone else ever has, even my own brother. I knew I could trust him then."

Maka squeezed Tsubaki's hand. She saw tears well up in her friends eyes.

"Oh, Maka, I hope that soon you can understand the gratitude and love that I feel for Black Star for yourself, with someone just as important to you. I know no one will ever understand my feelings for Black Star. But I don't care. After we fought the kishin, I realized in my heart and my very soul that no one would ever protect me like Black Star. And I recognized my wish to be with him, forever."

Maka didn't want to interrupt, but she had to know. "Tsubaki, have you told Black Star this?"

Tsubaki wiped her eyes and smiled. "No, Maka. But I know the time will come when I can tell him. And I know that he will put himself aside for a moment to listen, and I know that we will share that moment, cherish it. I've never felt more right about anything."

Maka felt herself getting teary-eyed, but she didn't know why. "Oh Tsubaki, I'm so happy."

Maka usually knew how to deal with her emotions. She had saved Crona, the prince of emotion issues, from his own little circle in the sand. She had befriended Soul, the lost and family-less musician. She had captured the heart of her ridiculous Papa. She had saved people from their fear of feeling. Why was she having her own problems now of all times?

"Maka, do you know why I'm telling you this?"

"Because... Because we're friends, me and you, Black Star and Soul. We've always looked out for each other. We're a team. And sooner or later you and Black Star will be even closer. I'll have to prepare myself." She smiled at Tsubaki, though she feared this. Tsubaki was her closest girlfriend, and she was much kinder than Soul. Tsubaki would always listen to her if she had something to say.

"That is part of it, but... I was hoping it would help you realize your own feelings, Maka." Tsubaki looked at her urgently, squeezing her hands.


Maka wondered what Tsubaki could mean.

"Think about the battle with Asura."

Why does everyone keep relating this to that damned Kishin? I don't want to think about him.

"What about him?"

"Not him, Maka, it. The battle. Your friends. Maybe closer than friends, who looked after you."

Maka thought about it.

She thought again about Black Star, Kid, and Soul.

Are these candidates or something, Tsubaki?

She decided to test this theory. "Tsubaki, I'm not in love with Black Star, that's you."

Maka bit her tongue after saying this, hoping her friend didn't take it as an insult. But Tsubaki just laughed. "No, silly. I don't mean Black Star."

Kid? Soul?


Maka laughed nervously and rubbed the back of her neck. "No, no, Tsubaki, you have this wrong. There's no way I'm in love with Sou-"

She tried to break off, but it was too late. Tsubaki looked satisfied.

"Don't try to deny your feelings so immediately, Maka." She said seriously.

"But- !"

Tsubaki shook her head, smiling. Maka "pfft" 'd and turned her face away. When she looked up at the sound of footsteps approaching, she saw Liz coming towards them.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" She waved.

"Good!" Tsubaki said, while Maka grumbled something that sounded like "Awful".

"Heh, I can tell. Hey look, Marie sent me over here to talk to Maka about something."

"Why is this lesson so 'Maka-oriented'?" Maka groaned.

Tsubaki and Liz both laughed. "Because you're the one who needs the most help."


"How much harder are you planning on working us?" Ox cried.

"Until you feel good and ready to let them know!" Spirit was getting frustrated. He couldn't even remember ever having issues with ladies. "Fine, okay. Looks like you boys need a little more education and inspiration."

Kid glanced up at the rhyme. Spirit rolled his eyes at the component of his lesson that finally got Kid into his comfort zone.

"What will you use to inspire us, Death Scythe, sir?" Kid asked.

"I want to get you guys thinking about the person you're interested in. Perhaps this will make it easier to create a plan of action."

By now none of the boys denied their feelings. They all had them, and they all wanted to keep it confidential. Looking for no further embarrassment on the account of Spirit or Ragnarock, they kept quiet. When Spirit realized there would be no arguing this time, he turned to face the dusty chalkboard behind him at the front of the room, smiling to himself. We've come this far, he thought to himself.

"Now, there are different kinds of attractions, boys. There are different levels of attractions. First I need to educate you about the most powerful, the most dangerous, and the most exciting... Lust." He wrote the word on the chalkboard in English in large, capitalized letters.

Soul scoffed. "You're full of it, old man. Everyone knows that's love."

"No, Soul, I'd like you to think this through with me. Think about the women in your life. Think about the people you live with or have lived with, think about those you spend a lot of time with."

It was Kid's turn to scoff.

"Soul, think about your little kitten you keep around the house."

Soul shut himself up. He felt his blush creeping up to his ears and turned his face away from the Death Scythe. How could I forget Blair? Soul asked himself. She's beautiful, and she's sure as hell got a better body than Maka...

"So does anyone want to share?"

What the hell?

Everyone has those moments when they look at their teacher and just stare, because the "smartest" person in the room had just said something unimaginably idiotic.

Black Star started to raise his hand, then lowered it when Soul and Kid both shot him glares.

"Er... Why don't you talk amongst yourselves, then?" Spirit said awkwardly.

Crona was looking around uncomfortably, eyes shifting back and forth like they used to when the black blood drove his mind and body to do and say strange things. Soul glanced over at him and said, "So, Crona, how about you?"

Crona squirmed around in his seat.

"What? What about me? I don't know... I don't know anything about love or lust. I can't deal with it, people are too hard to figure out. There's too much going on with them. It's hard enough to figure out my own emotions... "

Soul just looked at him, trying to create an empathetic look with his face. "Sure, sure, man. I just asked who you like, didn't need your life story."

But if you like Maka, you're going down.

Wait a second, Soul. You're confused now, do you like Blair, or Maka?

Dammit. So not cool.

"Okay, Black Star, you almost raised your hand just now. Who do you lust after?" Kid looked a little uncomfortable, but he was slowly settling in. Soul knew his type of lesson learning style. Sure, he didn't study, but Kid hit the books in his own time. He had to know something about this.

"Have you guys really not figured it out yet? Geez, Kid, you're still a hopeless idiot." Black Star grinned hugely to himself and leaned backwards on his chair, putting his hands behind his head. "I have it all figured out."

Great for you, Black Star. You've got the perfect woman right before you.

"Okay, then, what about you, Soul? Thought about your kitten?" Kid smirked, knowing full well the effect Blair had on him.

"Yeah, who do you have a thing for?"

"Are you interested in someone, Soul?"

"There's plenty of girls who are interested in you. You're lucky enough to take your pick."

"What do you want, Soul?"




"Marie told me to talk to you about Blair."

"What? What the hell does that little bitch have to do with this?" Maka sneered.

Liz snorted. "Exactly."

Maka was getting irritated. Everyone seemed to know how she felt better than she herself knew.

"How do you feel about Blair?"

Oh my DEATH! "Does Marie think I have a crush on Blair?" Maka's eyes were wide. "She's a cat! She ruined all the work it took to make Soul into a death scythe-"

Liz laughed harder than ever. "No, Maka, no. Slow down just a sec."

"Don't let your temper get the better of you, Maka." Tsubaki warned.

Easy for you to say.

"No, okay, what are your feelings about Blair, living in your house and all?"

Maka considered this. "Sometimes it's nice having a cat. She's interesting to talk to, but sometimes it's beyond annoying, since she can talk."

"What about her relationship with Soul?"

Maka was shocked by the effect this question had on her.

"Well... That's really beside the point, isn't it?"

"Not really."

Oh, no.

"Okay. Well it gets really annoying since she walks around trying to get in his face all the time. She never wears proper clothing, she's always in her underwear or never wearing clothes at all. The first time we saw her, Soul could barely even fight because his nose was bleeding all over the place. Come to think of it, he gets nosebleeds a lot around her. She's always trying to tease him, and he just let's it get to him. She takes up his attention and distracts him a lot. That idiot says she has a better body than me, too. What a jerk! You know, I'd really like to know what's so great about her anyway! Sure, she has big boobs and whatever, but really, why does Soul get so distracted? Ugh, that idiot-"

"Hey, Maka, we're talking about Blair here, not Soul." Liz interrupted. Maka came to her senses and noticed everyone staring at her. Had she been talking loudly? Her throat felt hoarse from saying so much all at once. Her heart was beating and she knew she had let rage take over. She frowned, trying to remember how this had happened so suddenly.

"So you hate any interaction between your two housemates, right, Maka?" Liz concluded.

"I...I guess so." Maka was confused, but it all seemed clear to her.

"You're jealous, then?" Maka looked around to see Kim giving her a knowing look. It made her uncomfortable, the way that this girl was analyzing her very emotions and telling her what they were. Everyone seemed to be doing that today.

"J-Jealous?" Maka frowned. Was she jealous?

"Okay everyone, finish your own discussions, leave Maka be." Marie's comforting wavelength interfered and saved Maka from the burning glances that surrounded her from all directions. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Really, though. Are you jealous of Blair, Maka?" Tsubaki asked with concern in her eyes.

Maka had to think some more. She bit down on her thumb, wondering. She knew the burning feeling in the pit of her stomach every time she saw Blair around her partner, touching him, attempting to seduce him, was definitely something. She had thought it was anger and annoyance at Soul, but now that she thought about it...

She looked helplessly at Tsubaki, knowing her friend couldn't help her identify jealousy. Tsubaki would never have to worry about that, because who on earth would fall for Black Star other than his compassionate and starry-eyed partner?

Maka blushed and hid her eyes.

"I think... I think it's a possibility."


The buzzing voices floated around him, and suddenly he wasn't sure if the voices were just him questioning himself, or if his classmates were really that interested. Then he opened his eyes and found a red-headed annoyance right up in his face.


"Get the hell away from me, you creepy old man!"

All of his classmates laughed as Soul pushed Spirit away. Spirit just grimaced at Soul and shook his head. He turned on his heel and waved a hand in the air.

"Alright, alright, you boys have a few more minutes for discussion. I won't get involved."

That damn brat, Spirit thought bitterly. I know my Maka wants to be with him! Why can't he see it?

"So Kid, you have two fabulous partners by your side! Who are YOU going for?" Black Star was almost as obnoxious as Spirit. Almost.

"Err..." Kid blushed a soft pink. "I'm a reaper, and I need symmetry to survive. I can't fight without both my weapons. I guess I'm just questioning how I will be able to commit myself to a single woman."

"Easy, Kid, get with 'em both. That would be totally cool." Soul smiled crookedly.

Kid looked flustered. "B-But-"

"Alright! Times...Up! Now, let me explain to you something about lust." Spirit gave them all a hard look.

Oh boy, here we go.

"Obviously today we don't have time to get into all that silly Sex Ed stuff , although this all boy gathering is going to become a regular thing. So for now, I will tell you that lust is not love. Lust doesn't lead to love. Lust doesn't mean treat that person like you love them. Lust is all about sex, touch, and no emotion. Lust is pining after someone because of the way they look or how they make you feel, physically. Ah, that's a good word, physical. Though love does make some chemical reaction thingy in your brain, lust is physical in many other ways. Of course, this all really depends on who you ask... But take it from a man who knows love and knows lust. I loved the woman you all know as "Maka's Mother". I still love her. All the women that you all know of as "the women I cheated on Maka's Mother with"? I didn't love them. I lusted after them. Does this all make sense, boys?"

Suddenly, Soul empathized with this man. Soul knew what Spirit had gone through. Soul understood.

He would never tell Maka, no way in hell. Not if you got him so drunk he couldn't walk. Not if Maka told him her deepest most profound secret. His sudden comprehension of Spirit's actions would never be told to Maka, or anyone else, since he knew just how many tears, just how many Maka-chops that would come his way if Maka ever heard of this betrayal. He would never be forgiven.

But Soul understood.

He understood because he loved someone. And he understood because he had lusted after someone.

However, there was a big difference between Soul and Spirit.

Spirit still lusted after these women even after he had married the love of his life, the woman who had turned him, a hopeless idiot, into a death scythe.

Spirit had broken the trust his wife had for him.

Soul understood.

There was a difference between the two of them.

Soul loved Maka. Soul would never hurt Maka. Soul would never lust after another woman after him and Maka declared their love for each other-


Slow down, there, Soul.

Soul would never lust after another woman if he found out Maka loved him, too. He would never lie to her. He would never break her trust.

Soul was going to tell Maka he loved her.

And if she loved him too, well, Blair would just have to find herself another place to live.