Chapter 6: Everyone is more confused - Kid likes two cherries on top?

Soul awoke with his hands above his head, lying on his back. He yawned, trying to remember the dream he had just had; it had been extremely cool, and that was all he could decide. It was then he heard a soft voice next to him, and everything from the night before came flooding back, all of the tears and all of his desperation to show his love for her...


He turned his head and saw that she was lying on her side facing him, still sleeping. He wanted to touch her, to study her gentle and sleeping face with his hands, but he didn't want to wake her.

"Soul." He watched her whisper his name. "Soul."


Soul turned onto his side and reached a hand towards her face. He brushed a piece of hair off of her forehead and smiled. "I love you." He repeated this again. The more he said it, the better it sounded.

If only I could look into your eyes and say it.


A loud voice, seemingly high pitched and borderline obnoxious, interrupted his

He left his eyes closed, wondering why someone would possibly be disturbing his sleep so early on a Saturday. He rolled over onto his back lazily, attempting to recall his subconscious thoughts which played through his mind in pictures and words; always perfectly symmetrical, of course. Deciding his thoughts were straying too far off track, he covered his face with his hands, yawned, and considered going back to sleep.

"KI-ID!" He heard the voice again and sighed. Pattie.

Without warning, his door burst open and there stood his father and Pattie. Realizing that his blanket was tangled around his ankles, he quickly sat up to grab it and cover up his boxers and bare chest.

"Good morning, Kid!" His father entered the room, waving his large and gloved white hand in a peace sign. "How ya doin'?"

Kid gave his father an exasperated look, holding his blanket at his chin, blushing a lovely pink rose color. "I'm just lovely, Father. What's with the morning greeting?"

Pattie followed Lord Death into the room and pointed at Kid, giggling. "Symmetrical boxers!" She winked at him, folding her arms.

Lord Death turned to her, somehow forming a quizzical look on his mask. "Wha...?"

Pattie put her hands behind her back and stared the opposite direction, avoiding Death's curious glance. Shrugging, he turned back to his son.

"I just wanted to inform you that I'm leaving to meet with all the Academy professors today. I'll be out until evening, so don't wait up!" He held up his pointer finger at Kid, then gave him two thumbs up. Sometimes Kid wondered if his father knew how utterly ridiculous he was being.

"Father, I 'm confused. You've never exactly made a scene like this before just because you're leaving..."

Lord Death shrugged again. "I'll be gone most of the day, so I just wanted to make sure you know where I am."

Kid eyed him suspiciously. "Well, alright, Father. See you later, I suppose."

Lord Death waved animatedly and turned to leave, nodding to Pattie on his way out. She smiled and giggled, waving in return. When they heard the front door of the mansion close distantly, Pattie turned to kid, and there was business in her eyes. She moved towards him and sat down on his bed.

"Er, Pattie..." Kid started, but she shushed him.

"How'd you sleep?" She asked. An unusual question, Kid thought.

He leaned his head to one side, curiosity in his amber eyes. "J-Just fine?" It came out as a question, result of his sleepy confusion and early waking hour.

Pattie laughed her adorable laugh, then grinned at him. "Gee, Kid. Relax a little."

Frustrated, Kid decided to question her presence. "Did my father ask you to come in here? And did it ever occur to you that I might be half naked?"

Pattie pouted, her gaze sweeping from where Kid's toes should be to where his wrists were underneath the blanket, then back down again. She looked to his face. "You're half naked?" She gasped in pretend shock, winking and giggling some more. She tugged playfully on the blanket just to frustrate Kid further. Without warning, Pattie laid her head across Kid's lap and stuck her tongue out at him.

His eyes widened and he tried to protest. "P-Pattie! What is the meaning of this?"

Pattie slid her eyelids half closed, gazing up at him dreamily. "I'm sorry, Kid, your lap just looked so comfy!"

Kid squirmed around, trying to get Pattie off of him. "Where is Liz, anyway? You need someone to keep you under control." He complained.

"Oh, she's sleeping!" Pattie declared. "That means I get you all to myself." She licked her lips and smiled at him entrancingly.

Kid shivered, trying to control himself. "Pattie, stop this." He protested. "This is not the time-"

"But Kid!" Pattie looked up at him with huge, round eyes, batting her lashes, pouting her lips. "We never got to finish what we started the other night!"

He groaned. "Don't look at me like that, Pattie." Kid decided to play dumb with her. "And what are you talking about, 'the other night'?"

To his surprise, she just smiled. "Maybe this will help you remember."

She turned over and climbed up onto his bed on her hands and knees, reaching for the spot where he gripped his blanket. Before he could stop anything, the blanket was torn from his clutches and he was exposed, symmetrical boxers and all. He reached for it, confused and unsure of where it had gone.

"Pattie," he whined, "give it back! It's cold!"

She snickered. "Don't worry, you'll be warmer in a sec."

His golden eyes grew large as she leaned closer to him, eyes half closed once more.

She took a small hand and placed it on his cheek, feeling his perfectly soft skin and stroking his face. She slowly brought her fingers to his lips, tracing them lightly. Kid opened his mouth to her touch, shaking, nervous. Pattie felt his warm breath on his fingers, and smiling, she leaned even closer, touching her forehead gently to his. She looked up at him, fingers still on his lips, and watched him panting and flushed.

"Geez, Kid, don't be so nervous!" She giggled and placed both hands around his face lightly. He was looking down purposely, avoiding the blue eyes that would entice him, the child-like eyes he couldn't resist. "Just look at me, silly." She used her thumb to tilt up his chin gently. He was forced to see her big eyes, to drown in them, and he melted under her touch.

Somewhere in the back of his brain was the amazement at Pattie's sexual maturity. Kid had no idea how and when Pattie had learned these skills. Perhaps she was a natural. Perhaps Liz had taught her. Perhaps...

No, Kid did not want to believe that she had gotten this knowledge on the streets. These gentle, glorious touches and firework feelings could not possibly have been developed in dark bars and haunted boulevards. The streets of Brooklyn were not well known for romance, and Kid was certain that Pattie's actions were indeed loving and caring. He knew she would never take advantage of him, not anymore at least. Long ago, before Pattie, Kid, and Liz had all become as close as they were now, maybe the two sisters would have taken advantage of his every attribute. In this moment, however, Pattie was being sweet, she was guiding him. Every time she touched him he felt fuzzy and warm, felt like melting. He knew this was not a game, no matter how much the sisters made it seem like one.

And now, here he was, half naked and with a very attractive girl in his bed. Here he was, thinking. Thinking.

Pattie was watching him, and he blushed. He must have had some kind of expression on his face, because she looked amused.

"Kid, don't over think this. Just follow my lead. Kay?" She smiled. Kid nodded and gulped.

And she was moving, moving closer to him. She adjusted her lower body so that she sat with her legs straddled over his, and he was leaning back against the headboard of his rather large bed. She had not removed her hands on his cheeks, and now she was surrounding him with her smell and her touch. He was completely cornered.

"Don't move too much." She whispered, and before he knew it, her lips were on his.

She kissed him with grace and profession that again would not be expected from her child-like innocence. She was gentle, poised, and she allowed him to adjust before she moved her mouth gently against his. Kid knew that she was holding back, being careful, so not to scare him. He was frightened out of his mind; him, a Grim Reaper, scared because of this simple kiss. And yet somehow it wasn't really simple. She was on top of him, he was powerless. His own weapon taking control of him was something that wasn't exactly new, given that Liz and Pattie often would shout at him or convince him to do things that he hadn't planned before. But this, this power out of Pattie? This was different.

Stop thinking, dammit.

Kid was aching for more, and he knew his weapon was too. He didn't really know what to do with his lips, considering he hadn't really been past this simple gesture with anyone before, so he allowed his hands to settle on her waist, pulling very gently to send a signal to her that he was ready.

Pattie pulled a centimeter away, and Kid's breath caught, afraid he had done something wrong. Before he could ask, she leaned in and kissed his bottom lip, taking it in between her own and sucking lightly. He groaned and shifted a little, running his hands up her sides and back down. She pulled away and looked at him, a more serious look in her eyes. He knew she was appreciative that it wasn't all her work at the moment, so he continued to move his hands up and down her sides, occasionally around her back. She leaned in again and kissed him, this time running her tongue along his lip, asking for an entrance. He opened his mouth slightly, meeting her tongue with his own, and then allowed her to explore, responding with moans of appreciation. Her hands left his face and slid down his neck to his shoulders, then making their way into his hair. There, she tangled her fingers and kissed him deeper, more urgently. It got to the point where neither of them could breath, and when they broke apart, they were both extremely flushed and looking pleased. When Pattie looked into Kid's eyes, she saw wonder and anticipation there. She buried her face in his neck and he looked down, surprised, but didn't move.

"Pattie, are you alright? Did I do something wrong?" He took a hand and placed it on the back of her head uncertainly. He could feel her shaking it no and he sighed in relief.

"That look on your face is just too cute, Kid." Pattie laughed into his shoulder. "You just look so innocent and...and...unsure!" She nuzzled his neck and laughed again.

"Hey!" Kid frowned. "It's not my fault, you're just all over me, and I..." He trailed off as she started to kiss his neck lightly, and he remembered the ticklish and arousing feeling from a few nights ago. He groaned and tilted his head back to allow her more access. "Pattie..."

"Hmm?" She continued to kiss his neck, her hands on his chest, pushing him against the headboard. She started down, kissing his collarbone, then his bare chest, pausing to flick her tongue over his nipple, and his reaction to this was lovely. She giggled and he glared, though not too harshly, because he was way too far gone for anger. She kissed down his toned stomach, which was a creamy and pale shade, and reached the waistband of his symmetrical boxers.

She looked up at him and found that he was giving her another wide-eyed stare, anxiously anticipating her next move.

"Didn't I tell you not to be so nervous?" Pattie kissed his stomach again, trying to reassure him, but he only shivered and groaned, frowning at her.

"You don't make it easy," Kid raised his eyebrows, "and it's not like this is an everyday thing for me."

"It's not for me, either, but you don't see me with that look on my face, do you?"

Kid shook his head, trying to clear the somber look off of his face, and then looked at her again, still pouting. "But the way you look at me, it's..."

"It's what?" She teased, tickling his stomach lightly. Kid squirmed under her touch, grumbling in irritation. "Kid, calm down. You're being way too grumpy!"

"I am not," he whined, "you're making fun of me!"

"Sorry! It's just so easy." She laughed and fingered the button on his symmetrical boxers. Then her voice grew quiet, serious. "Kid, are you ready?"

He quickly averted his eyes, shaking his head. "W-What do you mean? Ready for what?"

"For something different." She licked her lips again, running her fingers underneath the waistband of his boxers.

Kid and Pattie were both unaware of the approaching footsteps, and as Kid's doors were perfectly oiled to not squeak when touched, they didn't hear it when someone gently pushed it open further.


Kid practically lept off the bed at the sound of Liz's voice. Pattie held him down, however, and turned to her sister. "Hey sleepyhead! Nice to see you awake!"

Liz stood in the doorway, unmoving. "What are you doing?" She exclaimed, sounding almost accusing.

Pattie giggled and beckoned her sister. "I'm carrying on from the other night!"

Liz rolled her eyes. "Without me?" She walked over to Kid's bed and lifted his chin with one finger, scrutinizing his face. "Oh man, Kid. Pattie really got under your skin, didn't she?"

"No, not yet, sis!" Pattie frowned. "You interrupted before I got the chance!"

Liz just laughed. "Pattie, that's not really what I meant, but okay."

Kid cleared his throat. "I'm still here, you two."

The two sisters looked back at him and tried not to crack up at the ridiculous look on his face. "Someone is getting impatient!" None of them had moved; Pattie still had both hands holding Kid down on the bed, and Liz still held his chin on her finger. "Look at you, so trapped and vulnerable!"

Kid groaned and pushed Liz's hand away, then struggled against Pattie's pressure on his chest. "Why are you guys being so mean to me?" He continued to try and free himself, with no success. "This isn't fair! I'm supposed to be the meister!"

Liz, who was rather offended by Kid shoving her hand away, decided to embarrass him in return. "Hey, Pattie, watch out kay?" Pattie nodded and sat back, and before Kid could escape, Liz held his face still in her hands. She ran a hand through his hair, gripping the back of his head. Without warning, she pulled his face between her breasts and held him there. For a moment, Kid was in frozen shock, and then he reacted.

There was a muffled sort of yelp along with a whole lot of struggling, and Pattie was rolling in laughter on Kid's bed. Liz determinedly kept Kid where he was, refusing to allow him to move. Kid struggled, shaking his head back and forth in his attempt to free himself from Liz's death grip. She definitely couldn't take his movement seriously and completely let go of her angry facade.

"Kid, stop it!" Liz laughed. "Do you even know what you're doing?" Kid didn't fail to notice that this got a reaction out of her, and he didn't stop. "Hey, Kid!"

Her grip slackened and he took this opportunity to look up at her with adorable golden eyes. She couldn't stop herself. She leaned down and pressed her lips to his, leaving the force behind.

Kid was completely intoxicated. The sudden awareness of the presence of these girls; two girls, in his bed, was driving him insane. He couldn't move or breathe; he simply allowed Liz to kiss him urgently, with less care than Pattie had.

Liz was just as insane as Kid. She had been curious for so long, curious to explore him. She guided Kid's mouth open with her tongue, entangling it with his, and her kisses were hungry, demanding. He was not responsive, and Liz needed a response, so she pushed further and moaned into his mouth, a moan which shot straight from Kid's ears to his groin, and he finally moved.

He took his hands from where they had been lying limp on the bed at either of his sides and placed them on Liz's waist, pulling her closer. She climbed up onto his bed, never breaking their kiss, and let one of her hands drop to his chest. There she stroked gently, lovingly, eager to touch him.

As it happened, Pattie felt rather left out and decided she needed to contribute. Liz was sitting on the edge of the bed next to Kid, so Pattie climbed over to his other side and watched the two of them for a moment, thinking. After a few moments consideration, she took a single finger and started at Kid's knee, then slowly and lightly ran it up his thigh. She felt his leg jump under her touch, but he didn't break away from Liz. Damn, she's really got him. She did little circles over the top of his thigh gently, and she knew he was starting to squirm in her sister's grip. He whimpered and grabbed Pattie's hand with his, holding her still.

"Oh no, you don't." Pattie used her other hand and ran her palm over the bulge in his boxers, applying just enough pressure to cause him to jerk away from Liz. He looked at Pattie with frustration in his eyes, and he was panting hard, cheeks red and lips swollen. Liz, knowing he was sensitive to every touch, stroked his neck and traced his jaw. Kid trembled and moaned.

"That's it, you two are going to kill me with all of this ridiculous foreplay." Kid narrowed his eyes and glared at the two of them. "Either get on with it or don't tease me like this."

The sisters made eye contact and smiled ruthlessly.

He has no clue what he's asking for.

"Oh , you want us to get on with it, Kid?" Pattie rubbed over his erection slowly, ignoring his "don't tease me" instruction.

"What would you like us to do?" Liz ran her tongue from Kid's shoulder up to his ear.

Kid gasped and moaned, completely breathless. He was starting to get extremely frustrated with his weapons. Yes, he wanted them to get on with it. He didn't have clue what they should do, because he had never really fantasized himself in this situation. He had always assumed he would be the one in control. A stupid assumption, damn these girls, Kid thought. All he knew is that he wanted more, and he didn't want to wait.

So he decided it may be best just to use his manners. He bit his lip and then spoke only one word.


It was simple, but Liz nodded and smiled. Pattie quickly flicked open the button on his boxers while Liz distracted Kid with her lips. Kid kissed Liz back with all the passion he could muster this time, and Pattie could sense the urgency that he felt, so she wasted no time in subtly wrapping her fingers around the base of his newly freed erection. She noticed him shift, though she also observed how tense he was.

Trying to keep himself under control, eh?

Pattie laughed silently to herself and gripped him harder, pulling up at a painstakingly slow pace. She reached the head of his impressive length, ran her palm over it smoothly, and stroked back downwards again. Kid arched his back and pulled away from Liz, looking down at Pattie timidly. She stopped with her hand back to square one again, looking back at him, searching for any masked emotion. Kid couldn't stop himself.

"What's wrong? D-Don't stop." He choked out.

Pattie grinned and resumed her stroking, this time at a quicker pace. Liz, knowing Kid was fairly entranced by Pattie's work, decided to turn her attention to his neck instead.

Overwhelmed and very new to this, Kid was soon completely blinded by the pleasure both these girls were inducing to his sensitive nerves. The two were experts, of course, and before long he was gasping their names and arching his hips up into Pattie's hand, any sense of control totally lost in the ecstasy of the moment.

"P-Pattie..." He breathed. "Liz...I-"

Before he could finish voicing his breathless desire, a very loud and imposing cacophony erupted from somewhere in the mansion.

Ding-dong, dong-ding.

Both of the girls stopped what they were doing and looked around. They looked at each other.

"Was that the... door bell?"

Ding-dong, dong-ding.

Kid was trembling and impatient, having been on the brink of completion, and was looking back and forth between the sisters as if he couldn't believe them.

"Since when are you two bothered by the d-doorbell?" He stammered. "Y-You never even go and answer the door!"

Liz looked back around at him, as she had been looking to Kid's wide-open bedroom door. "Uh, Kid. Since when have you not been bothered by the doorbell?"

He gaped at her. "Since you two made me a victim in my own bed, perhaps?"

Pattie laughed hysterically and gave Kid's ever upstanding cock a look of amusement. "Well, we should probably go and see who it is. You are kinda important, right?"

Kid whimpered and shook his head. "Whoever it is can leave a message."

Liz rolled her eyes. "Nope, I'm going to go find out who it is. We'll definitely finish this later, Kid." She stood up and walked over to the door, adjusting her hair and clothes on the way out.

Pattie nodded and stood up to follow her sister. "Don't worry, we definitely will." She winked and stuck her little pink tongue out at him. "Get dressed, Kid!" And she ran out the door.

As Kid stood up grumpily to suit himself up, he heard the far-off voices from the foyer where Pattie and Liz were talking to whoever was ringing his doorbell. He recognized Black Star's voice, a greeting.

Damn, that idiot, what does he want?

Then he heard Tsubaki, more urgent, talking fast. Kid walked over to the doorway to listen closer.

"...have to come quick, they won't answer the door. Not even Blair will. We tried contacting Spirit, but he's at some kind of meeting with Lord Death."

Kid heard Liz next. "Do you know if they went somewhere?"

"No, they can't have, why would they leave without telling us?" Tsubaki sounded very troubled. "There's something wrong, I can just tell. They're hiding."

"I should have just kicked down their door, honestly, Tsubaki." Black Star commented.

"No, Black Star, I told you, we need to be gentle."

"Didn't they have a remedial lesson last night? Or a makeup for missing yesterday?" Liz asked.

"Oh..." Kid figured Tsubaki was considering this. "Yes, I guess they did."

"Well, what if something went wrong with Maka and her dad?"

Kid heard Tsubaki gasp, and then he himself wondered what on earth would possess his own father to ascribe Maka to a solo lesson with Spirit.

Is something bad going on? He wondered.

"We need to talk to them, to figure out what's wrong."

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