The confession

Gumball and Penny had known each other for 6 years. They were both in high school. Gumball and Penny were really good friends. They always sat next to each other at lunch, sat next to each other in class, and always walked each other in between classes. Mostly every one of their friends said that they were dating, that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. These were all lies. Gumball still hadn't told Penny that he had crush, still.

One day, the truth came out.

"Hey Penny," Gumball said nervously.

"Yes Gumball?" Penny said.

"We've been friends for 6 years," Gumball said "and I was wondering…"

"What? You can tell me anything." Said Penny

"Would, would you like to go on a date with me?" said Gumball. And by the look of it, it seemed like he was going to die of embarrassment because of this question.

"Gumball, I- I didn't know you felt that way about me!" said Penny "Yes!" said penny. Everyone in the lunchroom went quiet, and looked at the two.

"I knew this would happen!" Yelled Banana Joe.

All of Penny's, and Gumball's friends talked quietly to each other about this.

"That was a little embarrassing," said Gumball.

"People were betting on this?" Asked Penny.

"And just so you know, I've a crush on you science I was 12" Said Gumball, finally telling the truth.

That was my first entry on ! I hope you guys like it. Next chapter is called "the date" Bye!