Once in a Lifetime

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Part One: The Ravenclaw Trio


Mark Lupin let out a long sigh as he gazed through the window as the light of the full moon shone through the window and he had to resist the urge to go down into the cellar to check on his son. He knew he couldn't risk his life and he found himself resisting the urge to find the damnable werewolf who caused this. Mark remembered the day his son was bitten as clearly as if it was yesterday and not almost six years ago. He remembered how frantic his wife, Emily, had been when Remus did not come home right away from primary school and so he went out to find him. When he caught the werewolf Fenrir Grayback attempting to kill his son after biting it, Mark saw red and attempted to curse the werewolf. The wolf was fast though and managed to avoid everything Mark tossed at him and Mark couldn't go after him because he had his son to think about. He managed to get Remus to St. Mungos in time but the healers, unfortunately, did not have a cure for lycanthropy and informed Mark that his son would have the disease until either a cure is found or the day he dies.

Lycanthropy was an incurable disease in which the victim would transform into a werewolf without a shred of humanity left within the victim on the night of the full moon. Mark had been horrified by this but he merely nodded and took his son home, despite their warnings that it would be dangerous to keep a werewolf so close to him and his family because he could kill them without thinking twice. However, Mark could not get rid of his son just because the boy had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Are you all right, dear?" Emily Lupin asked walking to Mark's side before gazing at him with concern in his eyes.

Mark sighed. "I'm fine, Em, I guess I guess I just can't help but think about Remus," he admitted.

Emily blinked in understanding. "It must be hard," she said softly. "At least you can visit him every now and then, Mark. Remember what you told me about your other form, what did you call it?"

"Animagus form," Mark said gazing up at the sky. "But I don't want to leave you by yourself up here. I've read in the Daily Prophet that there have been reported sightings of Death Eater activity near here." Mark knew all about the Death Eaters even though he's never seen them or You-Know-Who as the dark lord, Voldemort, was being called at the time. He knew the Death Eaters and their master hated half bloods and muggleborns witches and wizards, which was why he didn't want to leave his wife alone, especially since the wards around his home weren't strong enough to repel dark wizards.

Emily frowned. "Do you anticipate an attack? But why would those…Death Eaters attack us?"

Mark shrugged. "Who knows why they do anything?" he said. He placed a hand on his wife's shoulder before saying, "come on, let's get to bed. Remus should be back to his…human form tomorrow although he'll still be sick for a while."

Emily nodded.

When Emily had first learned that her son had been bitten by a werewolf and now was one because of that, she had taken it surprisingly well. Mark remembered that Emily had even threatened to find Grayback and stab him in the heart with a silver stake for what he did to her son. While he wasn't entirely sure if that would kill Grayback, Mark had to admire her courage.

If she had been a witch then she would likely have been a Gryffindor, Mark mused before he briefly wondered what house his son would be in. Remus certainly possessed a lot of courage but he was also intelligent and enjoyed reading and studying. Mark couldn't remember a time when he would walk into his son's room and not find him reading a book or working on his primary school work.

I wonder if that means he'll be in Ravenclaw, he wondered silently. He decided that his son would either be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor when he goes to school. Mark didn't care which; he had been in Ravenclaw when he went to Hogwarts after all.

"Good night, Mark," Emily said when they reached their room and Mark gently kissed his wife on the forehead as they lied down on their bed.

"Good night, Em," he murmured before he closed his eyes but it was a while before he fell asleep.

Remus Lupin felt horrible.

It wasn't anything new. Ever since Remus was a kid and got bit by a werewolf, he's been forced to transform into a bloodthirsty wolf without a single shred of humanity and always felt horrible the day afterwards. His parents helped him as best they could but Remus knew that it was hard for them because they had no idea of how to take care of a werewolf. His father had once mentioned that Wolfsbane Potion would allow Remus to maintain his human intelligence and emotions when he transformed to prevent him from becoming a bloodthirsty wolf but he wasn't a good enough brewer to make it. That meant that Remus had to deal with the pain by himself, which hurt his parents more than it did him.

"How do you feel, sweetie?" His mum, Emily, asked gently placing a bowl of chicken soup in front of him with a glass of orange juice beside him.

"Okay I guess," Remus murmured softly, his voice was hoarse and his skin was pale and looked sickly. He slowly ate but found that he didn't have much an appetite. However, he forced himself to finish because he didn't want his parents to worry about him. It was bad enough he had scars on his neck and arms from when he was a wolf and had to bite or scratch himself because there were no humans nearby. It was one of the things that worried his parents to no end and his father had to always have a supply of healing salves on hand to prevent the wounds from getting infected even if he couldn't get rid of them entirely.

Speaking of his father, Mark walked over to join him before gently placing a hand on his shoulder. "Are you done?" he asked.

Remus took another drink of his orange juice before nodding and allowing his father to placing the healing salve on his arms and neck. He winced when the salve stung but otherwise remained silent. Mark sighed as he put the salve away. "I'm going to have to get more of this stuff soon. We're running out," he said softly.

Remus nodded quietly and his father patted his shoulder before standing up. "Your grandparents are going to be visiting this weekend, Remus," he said. "And your letter is due any day now."

Remus glanced up, eyes wide and hopeful. "You got in touch with Professor Dumbledore?" he asked knowing that the Headmaster had to figure out some way to find a place for Remus to stay once a month every full moon if he agrees to even let Remus go to school at Hogwarts with his condition.

"Yes," Mark replied. "He's having the groundskeeper, Hagrid, build something you can stay in during the full moon and he promised to keep your condition a secret from everyone."

Remus felt relieved at that. It wasn't that he didn't like living with his parents but, recently, his magic has been getting out of control and he felt it would be better if he learned how to control it before he accidentally hurt his mum when his father was at work. He knew it was going to be hard for him to get through Hogwarts with his condition but his father assured him that he had the intelligence and the studious nature to make it through even with his condition.

Remus wasn't so sure but he agreed with his father anyway.

Mark smiled gently at him. "Why don't you go lie down for a while?" he suggested. "Then, if you're feeling better later, we can take a walk into the village."

Remus smiled slightly. "Okay," he said softly.

"This means I can finally get the items I wanted to get with my last paycheck," Emily said.

Mark raised his eyebrows. "Why didn't you just ask me?" he asked. "I could've taken some money out of my vault and converted it to pounds if you wanted."

Emily flushed. "I guess I didn't think of that but I didn't work eighty hours the last two weeks for nothing," she flared.

Mark smiled. "I know, Em," he said with a smirk and Emily glowered at him.

Remus chuckled at his parents' antics before he got to his feet and made his way to his room. He lied down on his bed and fixed his light brown gaze on the ceiling as he thought about the night before. The transformation had hurt and Remus remembered little to nothing about what happened during that time except the times when he bit and scratched himself.

Remus sighed before closing his eyes to rest them but fell asleep instead.

Later that day, Remus and his parents walked into the village before making their way toward a nearby store that was owned by a wizard but also sold muggle stuff. Buying the items Remus's mum needed took little to no time at all and Remus decided he would wait outside since he didn't like shopping. He shivered before wrapping his arms around his body and closing his eyes. He still felt sick but, at least, he didn't look too sickly anymore, or so his father said.

It was while he was outside waiting for his parents that the attack occurred.

Five people dressed in dark robes with silver masks upon their face appeared in the village and Remus immediately recognized them as Death Eaters, followers of You-Know-Who. He ran into the store to warn his family as the Death Eaters attacked and found them at the cash register.

"Mum, dad!" he gasped running to their side.

"Remus? Are you all right? What is it?" Emily asked quietly while the cashier examined him curiously.

Remus, knowing the cashier was a wizard, said, "There are Death Eaters outside, attacking," in a low voice so other customers wouldn't hear him.

The cashier immediately pulled out his wand and ran out of the store but not before casting a few wandless spells on the store. Mark dashed out of the store and Emily followed him with Remus just behind them.

Mark glanced at them. "Stay inside, both of you," he said before he pulled out his wand and joined the cashier in protecting the village from You-Know-Who's minions. Emily put herself in front of Remus before pushing him toward the store but a spell slammed into the building. The building was protected by the spells the cashier had placed over it and the spell ricocheted off the shields and would have hit Remus and Emily had they not leapt out of the way.

A Death Eater popped near Remus and Emily before curling his lip into a sneer. "Stupid muggle," he spat before pointing his wand at Emily. "Repellio!"

Emily was pushed backwards into Remus, knocking both of them down. Mark leapt over to join them before barking out a shield charm that blocked the next spell the Death Eater tossed at him. "Pick on someone your own size," he shouted before barking out a few spells that slammed into or was deflected by the wizard.

"Emily, take Remus and run!" he called to Emily casting a shield charm to block another blow.

"But dear…" Emily began.


Emily hesitated again before nodding and grabbing Remus's arm. "Come on, Remus," she said running.

Remus glanced over his shoulder just in time to see a curse slam into his father and send him flying to the ground motionless. The Death Eater glanced at the father before turning his gaze to Remus and Emily just as another being joined the group. Remus knew instantly that this man wasn't a Death Eater because, while he was dressed in a black cloak, he lacked the silver mask over his face. In fact, his eyes were the color of blood.

The blood-eyed man pointed his wand at Emily. "Avada Kedavra!" he shouted.

"Run!" Emily shouted just as the curse slammed into her body and her body flew to the ground motionless.

"Mum!" Remus cried but he listened to his mother's last order and took off running.

"Kill that half-blood brat," the crimson-eyed man sneered.

Remus glanced over his shoulder just in time to see a man he has not seen for five years chase after him with a snarl on his face. He recognized the man immediately as the werewolf who infected him; Fenrir Grayback. Behind him was another Death Eater that Remus did not recognize.

He swallowed before he turned and continued to run. A curse slammed into a nearby building causing it to explode. Granite and shards of glass flew in all directions and Remus ducked to avoid the pieces before ducking down an ally. He hid behind the remnants of the building the Death Eater with Grayback just destroyed.

"Come out, come out little pup," Grayback's voice snarled.

Remus ran away from the destroyed building before he neared the edge of the village. He didn't care of where he was running; he only knew that he had to get out of there. The wizard with Grayback barked out a curse that Remus couldn't hear and Remus let out a small cry of pain when the spell slammed into his arm, snapping it and sending him sprawling into the ground. He scrambled to his feet, using his good hand to push himself up, before he started running again while holding his broken arm.

Remus had no idea how much time had passed since his parents were killed. All he knew was that he was getting tired. When he left the village behind, he merely ran into the forest that lay next to the village and continued to run. However, his exhaustion forced him to slow down and he ducked behind a tree before glancing around it to see if he was still being followed.

However, the path behind him was empty and Remus let out a long sigh before gazing around with narrowed eyes. Where am I? He thought gazing around. He glanced at his broken arm before holding it in the hope he wouldn't make it worse than it already was. He decided that staying in one place wasn't a good idea so he started walking through the forest.

He didn't know how long he was walking but he started to feel tired. However, when he heard a noise behind him, he glanced over his shoulder and started to walk faster through the trees. He walked quickly over upturned roots and pushed low hanging branches out of the way as he made his way through the forest. Remus knew he would have to keep moving if he was to avoid getting caught by Grayback and the Death Eater that was with him even if he still had no idea of where to go.

I guess I could go find my grandparents, he thought. Now where did dad say they lived again? Remus quickly remembered that his grandparents lived in Manchester but he had no idea of how far Manchester was. He knew that he would have to keep moving quickly if he was to get out of the forest he entered and find his grandparents or someone else who would be willing to help him.

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